Semantics and the MarkLogic NoSQL Database

A hands-on guide to begin using semantics in MarkLogic
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Describe what semantics is and how is it being used
Describe what triples are and where they come from
Load triples into a database
Enable a triple index
Write SPARQL queries
Combine SPARQL queries and search in a multi-model NoSQL database
Write path expressions to traverse a graph
Describe what inferencing is and perform inference using ontologies and rules
Update triples and graphs


  • Download but don't setup the virtual machine that will be used to complete the hands-on labs. We'll walk you through the setup of the virtual machine in the course.
  • https://mlu.marklogic.com/downloads/centos_64_semantics.ova
  • You should be familiar with MarkLogic and have completed the free "Fundamentals of the MarkLogic NoSQL Database" course on Udemy.


In this hands-on training course you learn about the world of semantics and triples while using enterprise NoSQL multi-model database MarkLogic as your graph database for storing and querying triples while using open standards RDF and SPARQL. 

In addition, learn how using a multi-model database allows you not only to create sophisticated queries against your triples, but also include other types of content, such as XML, JSON, and binary documents, in your real-time searches and transactional applications.

In this 8-hour course, you are provided with a free virtual machine that gives you the ability to do the entire course hands-on, at the same time as the instructor. As you go through the course hands-on, you learn how organizations are using semantics, where triples come from and how they can be created, the various triple formats, how to load triples into a MarkLogic database, how triples are stored in MarkLogic, how to generate a triple index, how to write SPARQL queries, how to write path expressions to traverse a graph, how to use inferencing to gain additional knowledge from triples, how to update triples, and how to integrate search and SPARQL combination queries within an application.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for developers with database experience. We strongly recommend that you first complete the free "Fundamentals of the MarkLogic NoSQL Database" course on Udemy.


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