How Entrepreneurs Turn Old Ideas Into New Possibililities
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How Entrepreneurs Turn Old Ideas Into New Possibililities

Radical Repurposing to turn your books, blogs, workshops and videos into automated, digital, passive income programs.
Highest Rated
4.9 (16 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
973 students enrolled
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This course includes
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  • 5 articles
  • 13 downloadable resources
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What you'll learn
  • Learn and implement a minimalist approach to teaching what you already know
  • Explore a process you can use to create re-sellable, digital versions of your live (in-person) work
  • Follow simple steps in a detailed manual for creating and delivering an automated, online subscription-based program
  • Re-use this same system to turn your books, blog posts, YouTube videos, or on-paper ideas into automated programs that sell while you sleep
  • Offer your best ideas in a bite-sized content format that makes it easy for virtually anyone interested in your topic to learn what you're teaching
  • A Wordpress Blog


Student Review

With concise, easy-to-follow steps, Akilah does a masterful job of explaining the process of preparing content for online delivery and expertly clarifies key issues in automating the process of content delivery for an online audience. This course is invaluable for anyone who wants to create successful information products in an online format. If you need an easy-to-follow guide for creating an automated, online information series you will find this course to be very helpful. - Tricia Francis Morgan


This system turns any idea of yours that can be broken down into steps, into a digital, automated, subscription-based program that you can create, upload, arrange, sell, and make money.

If you've ever:

  • written a book or ebook
  • taught a workshop
  • posted a video series on YouTube
  • created your own product
  • shared any "how to" skills on your blog

...or if you happen to be good at something at a level where you think you could probably teach it in a step-by-step format, my "Idea Selling System" may offer you a way to make money sharing your best ideas.

Turn your inspirational book or ebook into a subscription-based coaching series. Or you could turn your wellness workshop idea into an online-based series that's delivered to your clients' inboxes on the dates and times you schedule them to go out.

Your client is billed on whatever payment interval you set up and outlined on your product website (which I'll show you how to create), and the money goes directly to your Paypal or bank account.

Your idea-turned-automated-product now become what's known in the digital entrepreneur's scene as an “Evergreen," which is a product you make once and sell repeatedly without exchanging your time for money with each sale.

You make it, launch it, sell it. Then you water it on occasion by marketing, networking with others whose audiences might be part of your ideal target market, and you keep selling your existing product.

And this is a system you can duplicate and use for ANY of your ideas, existing or new ones. Once you know the system, you can apply it to

  • your books
  • your coaching programs
  • your workshops
  • your blog posts
  • your photography knowledge
  • any knowledge you can explain in increments
  • anything you can teach in a step-by-step format.

You don't need to have technical experience (coding, design, etc.) to do well with this course. If you've ever used Wordpress (or if you're willing to use Wordpress), and you want to sell your ideas in a step-by-step email process, you have all the prerequisites to take this course. Enroll today and get started turning your old ideas into new income!

Who this course is for:
  • Writers
  • Creative Entrepreneurs
  • High-level Hobbyists
  • Life Coaches
  • Bloggers
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Graphic Designers
Course content
Expand all 48 lectures 02:12:09
4 lectures 12:08

A brief welcome and an overview of what you'll learn during each lecture.

Preview 02:50

An overview of your instructor's experiences in content creation and marketing.

Who is Akilah S. Richards

The intention in this lecture is to convey the importance of using the Radical Repurposing Manual in addition to completing this course. The Manual is designed to allow you to slow down where you need to, skip what you can, and backtrack to cover your bases.

Course Materials

Though it's easy to wrap our minds around repurposing tangible household items, it's a lot tougher for most people to fathom repurposing intangible things like words or ideas or even philosophies. This lecture will help explain Radical Repurposing as a mindset and a process for success.

Preview 06:23
+ Your Idea Selling System Options
3 lectures 05:22

This lecture provides an overview of the system you will learn, and introduces the Wordpress (WP) plugin that may work as a great add-on to this system.

Preview 02:58

A brief note about my use of the terms "series" and "product" throughout the course.

A Note of Clarification on Our Interchangeable Terms

In this course, I'll define "Series" then walk you through the process from the front end.

Your Subscriber’s Process
+ Setting Up Your Core System
5 lectures 20:14

In this lecture, we'll explore what to create for your first system. We'll use the 5 Clarity Questions to help you define your offer.

Preview 04:59

This lecture will give you tips on creating a program name. You'll get examples of descriptive program names to get your creative process flowing.

Preview 05:13

This lecture give you some key tips for registering a domain for your series.

Commandeer (your domain name)

This lecture will walk you through your strategy for choosing an automated email delivery service. You will also get a list of the top email autoresponders, and a template for your welcome email.

Commit To A "Push Play" Strategy

This lecture will show you how to use create and utilize WICI (While I Create It) emails as convenient placeholders while you finalize your content.

Creating Placeholder Emails (WICI Templates)
+ Collecting Your Money & Managing Your Content
2 lectures 06:35

This lecture will show you how to use a Internet payment websites (such as Paypal and 1shoppingcart) to create your Buy Now or Subscribe Here buttons.

Collect Your Money

This lecture emphasizes the importance of a good web host, including a wiki link on how to choose the best one.

Choose Your Web Host
+ Communicating Your Message
6 lectures 14:12

This lecture will help you choose the words that best convey the value of your program. You'll use an easy-to-follow format to craft your marketing copy.

Chat Up Your Audience

This lecture will give you more help with crafting your marketing copy, including a recommended read for some plug-ins that may further simplify the writing process.

Chat Up Your Audience (with some help)

Use these two clarity questions to help decide how to further refine your marketing copy to grab your reader's attention.

Assignment PDF - 2 More Clarity Questions

This lecture will explain the significance of and process for creating the "Thank You" page, including identifying a common naming convention mistake and how to avoid it.

Craft Your Key Page

This lecture will walk you through the 3 most important inclusions on your "Thank You" page.

Your Key Page Contents

This lecture details the third "Thank You" page inclusion—bonuses you offered as incentives to buy your program, plus the one thing NOT to include on this page.

Preview 01:50
+ Creating Your AwesomeSauce
3 lectures 06:48

This lecture will provide insights and examples on organizing the contents of your series into bit-sized content for incremental, digital delivery.

Finalizing Your Series

This lecture will tell you exactly what to do after you complete your first lesson. This step will serve as the catalyst for your automated process, so we'll be covering this process in detail.

Post-Lesson Processing Steps

In this lecture, you'll learn exactly what to do to upload your content for the automated delivery system to your customers.

I made this lesson a pdf so you can go through this part in a Checklist format. I found it easier to emphasize the solutions for the points where people tend to get stuck by writing it out in detail.

A checklist review of your previous two steps
2 pages
+ Selling Your Series
7 lectures 11:03

This lecture serves as an introduction for the 6 ideas for marketing your series that we will explore in detail during the next 6 lectures.

Preview 00:57

In this lecture, I offer you ideas on how to use your blog to sell your series.

Idea #1: Blogging about it.

In this lecture, I offer you ideas on how to enlist your colleagues and community in helping you enhance your series.

Idea #2: Giving others a test-run of it.

In this lecture, I offer you ideas on how to use your postcards to sell create dialogue around your series.

Idea #3: Print postcards that promote it.

In this lecture, I offer you ideas on how to use initiate, seek out, and participate in dialogue around your series.

Idea #4: Engaging online and in person.

In this lecture, I offer you ideas on how to use short ebooks to bring your potential customers into your sales funnel, so you can sell your series.

Idea #5: Offering a free mini e-book on your topic.

In this lecture, I offer you ideas on how to use your YouTube channel to sell your series.

Idea #6: Posting YouTube videos about it.
+ The Wordpress PlugIn Option
2 lectures 02:00

This lecture will give you the overview of the "restaurant" selling system I mentioned earlier in the course. It's a Wordpress plugin that I think might be a great complement to your existing blog or site. I’m not going to do a step-by-step on how to use it, but I will tell you exactly where to get that step-by-step information for free.

Overview of “The Restaurant”
A Link to the Free YouTube Tutorial Series on the Plugin
+ Wrapping Up
4 lectures 01:06

This lecture offers a detailed explanation of the number 1 reason this format I’ll teach you works so well.

Preview 2 pages

The one thing I ask of you, if you received value from me in this course.

My Request of You

Here's an opportunity to request more related content. In other words, tell me what would you like to learn next.

Your Request of Me
Gratitude & Connection
+ BONUS VIDEOS (Added Nov 10, 2014)
4 lectures 10:16

This short video will give you an overview of the simple steps to turning your book or ebook into an evergreen download.

Preview 01:24

This short video will give you an overview of the simple steps to turning your existing workshop (or your workshop idea) into an evergreen download.

(Bonus Video) How to Turn Your Workshop into a Digital Series

This short video will give you an overview of the simple steps to turning your existing blog posts into an evergreen download.

(Bonus Video) How to Turn Your Blog Posts Into a Digital Series

This short video will give you an overview of the simple steps to turning your process for creating bath and body products into an evergreen download.

Preview 02:26