Self Management Skills Class 10

Self Management Skills Class 10
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Self Management Skills
Self regulation
Self motivation
Self awareness
Stress Management
Time Management
SMART method to set goals


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What is the meaning of Self-Awareness? Write a short note on Strength and weakness Analysis. Examples of Strengths and Weaknesses. Techniques to identify your Strengths and Weaknesses. Difference between Interests and Abilities (Strengths).

Meaning of Self-Motivation. Difference between Internal and External Motivation. A few lines about the qualities of self-motivated people. Various ways to improve or increase self-motivation or Write a note on building self-motivation

What do you mean by self-regulation? What is the importance of self-regulation? How to set Goals? What does SMART stand for? What is the SMART method to set goals? What is the meaning of Time Management? What are the four steps for effective time management? What are the benefits of time management? Tips for practicing the four steps for effective Time Management?

What is the meaning of self management? How self management is helpful to us? Name of the skills which come under self management skills. What is the meaning of stress management. What are the three steps to manage stress. What are various stress management techniques. Write a note on identifying stress. A note on ability to work independently. What is the meaning of emotional intelligence. What are the various steps to manage emotional intelligence.

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