self defense for Advance
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self defense for Advance

martial arts for advanced
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Created by Themis Koutras
Last updated 1/2020
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I stress the point even further that in anything in life we need to obey trust rely in GOD loving him too as well as loving our people around us and one another as JESUS CHRIST 1st loved us even from the very beginning of time even more for self defense reasons now my art is the art of the human way with all this said these artists out there doing animal moves would take a life time to master simply because we humans move differently then animal even more different to those animals who can move on 4 feet we simply can not do that by nature the human way is no different to any kind of martial art or self defense in techniques but it is the human mind intelligence that sets it apart please do beginners course before this advance course and after advance course in the pro course which i recommend you do i will take you steep by step in been able to do these courses which are about 16 belts here i divide the courses into 3 courses

Who this course is for:
  • curious beginer martial artist who want to Advance in lessons or those practicing self defense
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+ Introduction
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flexibility is most important to master for any sport activity so as for self defense or and practice so as warm ups in order to prevent injury for this reason the beginners the advance the pro and some master in this Is taught here in all these levels to all my courses because you need to do them from level 1 to master there will be a master level extra taught on the master course to warm up go for a walk for 10 m then jog for 10m then run for 10m then sprint for 10m them walk to cool of for 10m you can do 100 star jumps after this remember if you got more time doable the warm up.

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+ timing and acuracy self defence 1
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I stress the point that timing and accuracy is very impotent in self defense to practice this now take a tennis ball, strong string or strong thing rope, a strong wire, a pointed tool like a similar to a screw driver don't know its name but anything that can make a hole and make a hole center on the tennis bull coming out center on the other side ones this is done straighten the wire to your best make a small hook on one end of the wire just enough for the string or rope to fit in its hole put the rope or string 1/2 way in the hook of the wire and bend the rope or string and hold it on far end (about) where the string or rope meet up you have made a big needle and threat place the other end of the wire in the hole of the tennis bull all the way through the other end and pull it through with the string or rope with it ones both the wire and rope or string is in the tennis bull take off the wire tie a few notes on one end of the rope or string and put the ball all the way down to meet the not so it will not come out now hang the string or rope up high it must be long enough to the height you like it to be high to all the way down to ankle height you can u just the height of the target bull by moving it up or down tie-in notes under the ball to the height you like it alternative you can pull the rope up so the bull goes to the desired height tie the rope up high so it dose not get in the way if it is too long this will teach you timing and accuracy as you practice your striking techniques on it as the bull moves you now have a small target people may say the human body it is bigger then a ball and i can not miss the person in sparing like i do to the bull well true but you must understand 1 that good fighter move around and do not get hit easy 2 that strong people can not be hurt by just hitting them in anywhere on the body you need to hit certain parts of the human body to hurt them if needed so next you need to know where these curtain part of the human body are they are small targets and hard to hit them by just guessing to where these targets are i will show you in some videos next soon where these certain parts of the human body are this is compulsory to protect innocent woman and children against the strong bullies rapist mud-eras  so on sure they will know this too if some do this study but if i do not teach this the woman children stand no fighting chance against the strong or skilled bullies raspiest so on for a lot of these people can injure or kill innocent people even if they do not know the above that i teach you but by me teaching the innocent ones this well it gives them a 50% chance of defending themselves against the horrors of the wicket one's it can give even more % chance if you practice what i teach

timing and acuracy 1

To be able to train like i do in the Advance class you need to do the course on beginners 1st otherwise it be to hard if you have not done so look me up in the Udemy search engine under my name THEMIS KOUTRAS now here in timing and accuracy you need to strike the ball while the ball is moving where the ball will be after you hit it and not where it was before you hit it so as combat then it is all moveable you need to practice this 6 x day around 30m to 1h daily OK

timing and accuracy 2
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The purpose of this video is to be in absolute silence quietness when you are viewing it in order to pay attention visually so you are not been disturbed by other noise like speaking also in next video is the same thing exsept we use music because music can also help you meditate in thinking about what i am doing there in techniques also it is a sample you do not need to use the same equipment as i have but can if you want to or use other equipment or air training for the purpose of technique practice but after you muster that it is advisable to use 1 or more tennis bulls extended on a string from the ceiling and some football size targets good luck and do practice

training 1

This video uses music to help you meditate to think upon training and what we humans are doing we must know that hitting equipment like balls is OK but it is not OK to fight people we must be discipline in the arts to take out our anger on equipment like punching bags instead of people we must understand that evil takes place in this world wars fights so on we must show a good sample that we keep the peace in our own country and other countries we might go to so also we must think that man progress to the highest now with the space mission it is not relevant to this subject if Aliens exist or not but if they do what then should we create  universal war and destroy everything? well no instead we must keep the peace even if no Aliens we must not kill each other man had power to wipe out the earth so many times over will we ever learn? well it starts by people showing the way to prefer to hit punching bags or equipment in our anger rather then fighting people for we are human and all of us can get angry the better way is not to take our anger out on people it is to be discipline to never fight again to learn the art of not how to fight but rather the art of how not to fight is the go here

training 1 b

This video continues from the videos above as said we must learn the art of how not to fight in the videos above meditate on natures sounds like the birds on the back-ground it would be terrible if people put them all out to extinct how will people ever service without the creatures in the wild?  or all trees been killed? it be even more worst now when people fight and kill each other so we must also teach others the art of how not to fight and not just too ourselves when everyone learns then this world will not go to extinct by human power

training c
trainning 1 d

here in this video is a lesson you must practice contently from here all the way to master grade you will get great results even here in the Advance class if you stick to it and practice in many years for most people and not months but some may muster it in months

trainning 2

in all the guards i showed you on the video you need to use them as said but with the ready guard one's when you can put your guard on you can use any one of them that works best for you but if you practice this regularly you can make them all work for you and like said in the video contently permit your hands to be loose to move in different guards and move with footwork and understand combat as moveable not stationary a moveable target is and will be much harder to time with accuracy and hit it pin point then what a stationary target is thus: make your targets movable train to hit them right

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The video above is very impotent footwork is even more to move like a horse not like a kangaroo if you jump high like a kangaroo a good defender can time that easy and beet you to the defense or attack because you have longer time to get up and then down again gliding like a horse with little steps is the go they are harder to see because if you take big steeps a good fighter can see that by miles and take you down with the beat that is beet you to the draw when you are in horse stance your legs are not too far out or to close they are exactly like boxing footwork stance but find the correct distance apart between your feet that seem comfortable or natural or easier which will be your balanced way it takes a long time to move great like a pro boxer but stick to it and practice it will get you there

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In this video it shows a sample of my self defense art below at External Resources the whole book is given to you free with no extra charge do view it and practice its techniques on air 1st then on punch bag then on other equipment like roof to floor speed bull so on finally practice them on a roof to floor tennis bull extended from the ceiling with a string then go again on a punching bag the purpose of this because targets teach mostly on power and other qualities and little on timing and accuracy when you reach the level of the tennis bull you will gain timing and accuracy after lots of practice thus: before this when you hit bigger targets you most likely are not hitting pin point accurately even if you miss just a little to where you are aiming in sparing it can make lots of deference so after you master also the tennis bull method receiving lots of timing and accuracy you then go back on the punching bag for more power trainning but this time with  difference you be hitting pin point to where you are aiming on the punch bag and yes keep all targets and the punch bag moving preferred most times

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i can not stress the point that faith in GOD is the most important one of all not just in self defense but any subject he calls this to be done and it is done he calls that to be done and it is done no living being ever fulls down dead without his consent therefore by putting you faith in him praying for him to teach you and protect you and everyone gains his favor KING DAVID defeated a giant at 7 feet long build as and the most greatest warrior of the big army everyone in those days feared him due to his record of killing victory KING DAVID was just a boy 12 years old he defeated him not by been a master of combat like the giant was but by trusting in GOD as GOD course him to win by a miracle he also defeated a bear and another wild vicious animal protecting his sheep Sampson had the strength of GOD and defeated 1000 armed soldiers single handed with the jar bone of a donkey ye true people may say how can that be true? well i would say people believe in history don't they? well know that the holy bible is a historical book that is how they recorded history events in those parts of the world in the subject concerning what the whole holy bible says so how can some say the believe history yet doubt the holy bible? well they contradict themselves because they do not know it is a history book unless they find this info: and repent to start believing from now on.

People might say why did GOD create wars then? i would say the holy bible records that these enemies were creating crimes evil so on continuously and would not repent from it so at times in this case GOD can lead our nations to fight evil like he leads them to fight terrorists to stop them but it is better to teach them to repent and turn to the real GOD and to stop following the wrong evil god if we succeed in this for all people peace will come about if all terrorist are converted to holy Christians from now on but they never learned in the past if so off course we got to defend we can not let them kill our people so on so by us doing just like teaching them JESUS CHRIST way would benefit all people and stop all wars then GOD will be for that happy as so as all of creation

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I have placed a link in the resources section below to my courses some on martial arts or self-defense and other great courses for your study and practice progression I have also placed a free holy bible and a link to bible trivia site this site is free