Self Defense Epitome:The Ultimate Online self defense course
4.4 (14 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Self Defense Epitome:The Ultimate Online self defense course

Hand to Hand Combat Techniques to Help You Defend Yourself and Your Loved Ones From Any Physical Aggression
4.4 (14 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
103 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Achieve self defense techniques to defend yourself against any type of physical attack
  • Learn how to defend yourself against chokes, strangulations, kicks & punches, grabs and many more
  • Learn self defense techniques that you can use against knives and other weapons
  • With the increase in knife crimes including robberies and sexual assault at knife point, this course will give you the confidence and the necessary self defense skills to avoid, prevent and stop such attacks on you as well as on your loved ones.
  • Gain self defense skills to defend yourself against amermed attackers as well as Learn self defense to defend yourself from armed attackers as well as stronger and heavier aggressors
  • The will to learn
  • A training partner to help you practice the techniques

1. Introduction to why you need to take this online self defense course

If you haven’t thought about defending yourself using effective self defense techniques, it is then a fact that you are just a future victim of rape, mugging and other types of physical violence. Criminals such as serial killers, robbers, terrorists and rapists among others thrive on the fact that most people believe that a mugging, a robbery, rape or any other attack can’t happen to them. Many people have also pre-surrendered and believe that in the case of such an attack, they will be helpless and there is nothing they can do about it.  Some of the “self-proclaimed self defense experts” will advise you to run or surrender in the case of an attack. However, in many instances that won’t be an option. A terrorist will stab or shoot you whether you surrender or not. What if the attacker has blocked the only available escape route/exit and there is no escape or the attacker is too close? Do you think a rapist, terrorist, psychopath or mentally disabled person will spare you just because you have surrendered or complied? Running away is only effective when there’s that opportunity to escape. In most cases, you need to use self defense techniques to create that opportunity by disrupting or attacking the assailant. Other instances where running may not be effective include:

  • You can trip and fall while retreating backwards
  • By facing away to run you are giving the attacker your back and he may stab you
  • What makes you believe that you will run faster than the attacker? He may still outrun you.

Just like running, surrendering is only effective when the assailant is interested in your valuables but not to harm you. However, it may be difficulty to determine the true intention of an attacker because some attackers will rob you then rape you or even shoot/stab you.

There is also the other group that believes the ultimate defense is having your own gun. “The Glock” is their preferred answer to the question “what will you do if somebody attacks you”. To some extent this is true, particularly in those countries where owning a gun or carrying a concealed gun is allowed. Nonetheless, you can’t carry a gun everywhere and in many countries like the UK, Australia and most western Europe countries, you can't carry a gun and there are strong restrictions on knives.

Another reason why owning a gun isn’t the ultimate self-defense is deployment. If you are attacked within 3 feet, will you be able to draw your gun and fire? As a matter of fact, research done in the 80s by police sergeant Dennis Tueller of Salt Lake City police department proved that a trained officer requires about 1.7 seconds to recognize a threat, draw his gun and fire at the attacker. However, an average attacker charging towards the officer can easily cover a distance of 21 feet with 1.7 seconds. It is therefore obvious that you need enough distance and consequently enough time to draw your gun and operate it effectively before the attacker reaches you. This distance is referred to as the safety distance or reaction gap, that is, the minimum distance between you and the attacker within which you can effectively respond to the attack. If the assailant launches an attack within a distance that is shorter than the safety distance, you won’t be able to draw and operate your gun effectively hence you need to learn self-defense, particularly hand to hand combat. Additionally, you won’t be able to escape/run because the assailant will be on you before you can create enough space to escape. It is also worth noting that your reaction time will definitely be increased by factors such as fatigue and fear. Similarly, the attack speed of the aggressor can be increased by factors such as rage and drugs such as heroin. Thus the safety distance/reaction gap is usually extended to 30feet.

It is now definitely clear that you need self defense training because you won’t always have the opportunity to run, compliance/surrendering doesn’t guarantee safety and a gun won’t be effective when ambushed at a close range (within your reaction gap). 

It is hard to imagine being attacked, stabbed, raped or even killed by a stranger, but it happens every day all over the globe. Such attacks are fast, dynamic, and messy and the attacker will be trying to injure, rape or even kill you. The attacks occur without warning, and when you least expect. Even though this is a scary fact, any average person must take it seriously because it is real. There is no need for discussion. It is a fact that we need self-defense techniques in order protect ourselves and families against violent crime. What will you do when you find yourself in such a situation? I think this is a question every person ought to ask himself/herself. Imagine the agony your family will go through when you are killed or completely disabled due to stabbing. Although the government bears the greatest responsibility when it comes to protecting its citizens and preventing crime, it is upon you to protect yourself.

Nothing feels better than knowing you can defend yourself in all situations. Having knowledge in self-defense boosts your confidence and gives you reassurance. The confidence and reassurance can only be gained by undergoing self-defense training. However, when people think or hear the term ‘self-defense, what comes to their mind?  Years of tough training in practices such as Taekwondo, karate, jiu-jitsu, Krav Maga etc. Although this can be true, you are not necessarily required to undergo years of tough training to be able to defend yourself. Well, you can decide to challenge yourself by mastering a martial arts practice of your choice by undergoing years of training. However, defending yourself requires you to learn just the basic self defense moves. Moreover, online self defense training classes like this one are also available. Self-defense has one purpose and one purpose only, to survive. Hence, the simpler it is, the more the likelihood of survival.

So let me spare you hundreds of dollars in martial arts classes and years of tough training in martial arts. I will help you minimize the chances of you being raped, mugged, harmed or even killed. I will take you through a step by step guide to effective self defense. By the end of this course, you will be able to prevent, avoid or stop any kind of physical attack on you. In the write-up below, I have provided the fundamentals of self-defense and finally a summary of what has been covered in this self defense video course. The fundamentals include the principles of Avoidance, Awareness, and Prevention as well as self defense guideless for different attacks such as knife attacks, ground fighting, and many more. If you are a self defense expert, the techniques in this hand to hand combat course will definitely spice up what you already know. If you are beginner or you have no background in hand to hand combat for self defense, the self defense course will give you the confidence and skills to avoid or prevent an attack or ultimately defend against any attacker by inflicting serious damage to the him or her.

2. The Self defense principles of Avoidance, Awareness, and Prevention

Avoiding or preventing an attack is easy, and in most cases, it does not require physical self-defense or mastering martial arts. Thus, avoidance, awareness and prevention are the first lines of self-defense. For an assailant to attack you, he only needs three things: intentmeans, and opportunity. Therefore, the easiest way of preventing or avoiding an attack is to deny the assailant any one of the three things. The following simple guideline will significantly reduce the chances of you being ever attacked:

2.1. Avoid dangerous places and people

This is the first rule of self defense. If you avoid places where violence is likely to occur, then you significantly reduce the chances of you being attacked or even being considered a target. Such places include high crime areas; places where potentially violent people frequent e.g. drug dens, bars with no effective security measures and personnel etc.; poorly lit places; places where there are people who don’t like you or in places where people tend not to like your kind; and in-between places (places where people commonly pass through, but not too frequently, e.g. isolated lanes and corridors, jogging trails, etc.)

2.2. Be a high risk and low reward target

It is important to note that attackers select their target based on a particular conception of risk vs. reward, that is, what he wants to gain from the attack (reward), versus the chances of him being injured, killed arrested, etc. (risk). Although there exist some exceptions like the mentally ill, suicidal people and those under the influence of drugs, attacks from such people are few if not negligible.  Therefore, you can prevent an attack by increasing the risk and decreasing the reward for the attacker.

Attackers choose a victim that they can successfully attack with minimum risk. You can increase the risk by paying attention to the surroundings. Walking with earphones in your ears, talking on the phone, texting, being drunk in public among others shows the attacker that you are not alert, and they can successfully launch a surprise attack. Projecting a confident, attentive presence is an effective deterrent.

Identifying a physically fit person is easy. Thus, regular exercise will make you a high-risk target. The clothing you are wearing also contributes to the likelihood of being attacked. For instance, a robber will prefer to attack a lady in a mini-skirt and high-heeled shoes as opposed to a lady wearing a pair of jeans trousers and running shoes. You should wear clothing that allows you to move freely. Also wearing revealing clothing may be the right motivation to a rapist who is already looking for his next victim.

You can decrease the reward by not flushing valuables such as expensive phones, jewelry, cash money, laptops, and other electronics in public. Don’t wear expensive jewelry or carry an expensive purse when in high-risk areas.

Make your home a high-risk target by increasing the obstacles a potential intruder has to deal with. The obstacles may include visible CCTV cameras, window grills, motion sensing lights, and a barking dog among others. In this case, a potential robber is more likely to choose an easier target.

2.3. Be aware of your surroundings

Being aware and mindful has numerous advantages, not just for self-defense purposes. You should know what is normal in your neighborhood in order to identify any strange thing. Some questions to ask yourself: Why did those four men split into two groups but keep walking toward me? Why is that man’s hand held behind his back? Listen to your gut, and trust your instincts then use them to your advantage. If you don’t feel safe, please take action regardless of what others will say.

2.4. Pre-attack indicators

It is important to note that attackers usually provide easily identifiable pre-attack indicators hence it doesn’t take a psychic to see when an attack is imminent. For instance, it is common for an assailant to begin their attack with a barrage of swearing and verbal abuse. It may be that your would-be assailant is not overly sure of their ability to beat you and therefore the verbal exchange is an ‘interview’ of sort that will help them to determine the risk of engaging a fight. Either way, the important thing to note is that there is very likely to be some kind of verbal exchange before a fight begins.  Your assailant is likely to give a number of signals when their verbal aggression is about to escalate to the physical. Look for a change in skin colour, rapid breathing, an aggressive facial expression, a clenching fist, pointing, and a change in voice tone among others.

Other pre-attack indicators include;

  • While in isolated place you see a man leaning against a wall with a phone to his ear, and another is walking towards you with a phone to his ear, but none of them seems to be talking
  • A man doing a weapon check at some distance (either visually or doing a quick pat on his pocket)*A man is looking at you up and down nervously.
  • A person with one hand swinging naturally while another hand is unnaturally placed in concealment, or unnaturally immobile.
  • People standing, seating or waiting where they don’t belong

Note: Do not provoke people or allow a verbal conflict to escalate. Whenever you feel threatened and your life is in danger, you should immediately escape or create distance if there’s that opportunity, if not, deliver a precise and lethal strike to a weak point.  If bodily harm is threatened by surprise and you are caught unaware and unable to escape, especially when weapons are involved and the attacker is only interested in your valuables, comply and give up your valuables. If the threat is coming from a terrorist, a serial killer or a rapist, compliance won’t save you. In this case, use the self defense techniques learnt in this self defense class to increase your chances of survival.  

3. Why Self Defense Is Important in the Modern Society – Why You Should Have the Ability to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones

It is worth noting that crime can happen to anyone at any time and this is the reality. At some point in life, you will be attacked, and this may come from a person you least expect. Knowing that you are able to fight to protect yourself and knowing exactly how you can do it ahead of time not only boosts your confidence but enhances the probability of successfully defending yourself. Having self-defense knowledge and mindset will enable you to identify the possibilities of flight or fight before the attack happens. Remember that in the case of an attack, the winner will normally be the first to act. The following are some of the benefits of learning self-defense:

3.1. It builds confidence

The society is filled with a lot of negativity making people feel unprotected. Practicing self-defense will help you to control your aggression and defeat your fear, thus making you experience internal peace and at the same time, boost your levels of confidence.  It feels great to have the reassurance that you can defend yourself from anyone, anytime and anywhere.

3.2. It improves your balance

Self-defense training improves your balance which allows you to focus on your target while you control your body. If you don’t have proper body balance, it’s hard to protect yourself.

3.3. It develops self-discipline

In order to develop effective self-defense capabilities, you need to be self-motivated and dedicated to the practice. Self-defense is known to have positive effects on the mind as its training requires determination. This eventually develops self-discipline.  

3.4. It improves your physical and mental strength

Undergoing self-defense training will keep your muscles healthy and strong hence enabling you to gain balance, speed and body coordination. This will give you the necessary physical and mental strength when faced with an assailant.

3.5. You will be more aware of your surroundings

Violence is an ugly affair, and it is better prevented or avoided. With self-defense training, you will be alert and aware of your surroundings enabling you to identify an imminent attack easily. This gives you the ability to act fast, to either flight or fight.

3.6. It teaches you self-respect and trust

Practicing self-defense usually requires a partner. There must be mutual trust between the two participants that they won’t hurt each other. Generally, self-defense training is centered on trust and respect which is useful in life. The moves taught in self-defense challenges participants’ brains and bodies and this leads to a better understanding of oneself and the world, greater self-esteem, a better sense of control over one’s life, and a broad-minded perspective toward other human beings.

3.7. It gives you a warrior spirit

When attacked, the last thing you would want is to get into the attacker’s car or allow him to take you to another location. Self-defense teaches you how to survive, and with a warrior’s spirit, you will make up your mind that “I am going to survive here, not down the road.”

3.8. It gives you a fighter’s reflex

Our bodies are designed to respond to changes in the surroundings in a particular way. This is a normal reflex. However, you can’t stand and wait for an attacker to make another move for you to respond. Remember action is always faster than reaction. Gaining a fighter’s reflex will enable you to act quickly and end the fight.

3.9. It will help you with setting and achieving your goals

When practicing self-defense, you need to set goals which may include; working out to achieve a certain level of fitness, regularly practicing a certain move in order to master it, etc. This goal setting can be effectively transferred to your daily life including your career. 

4. Course Summary: Self Defense Classes - Self Defense Epitome

In lesson 1 of this self defense class, you will Learn Self-Defense Techniques from a Seated Position or on a Wheelchair. Lesson 1 is meant to give you self defense techniques to use to disable, break or even kill (if the situation demands) any assailant who attacks you when in a seated position. Attacks when seated are common and can happen to you when you least expect. This can be in a bus, in your office chair, on board a plane, on your subway ride and many more cases. This self defense lesson is also very useful to guys confined on wheelchairs because of physical disability. More self defense techniques while seated are provided in lessons 15 and 16.

In lesson 2 of the self defense class, self defense techniques against different hand strikes while grabbed are provided. It is worth noting that hand strikes are the most common types of attacks including punches, slaps and elbow strikes. These strikes become extremely dangerous when the attacker is grabbing you (either by the throat, lapel or hand). When you are grabbed, the strikes land more accurately and with destructive force. The self defense techniques provided in this self defense lesson will give you the skills, ability and confidence to respond to such attacks with lethal moves. You will be able to do serious damage to the attacker regardless of his size, strength and height. There are also other self defense lessons in this self defense course that take the hand to hand techniques learnt in this lesson to even a higher level by considering situations where the attacker is grabbing and pushing you on the wall or obstacle as he simultaneously launches a devastating strike on you. These extra techniques will give you the ability to humiliate and destroy such attackers using simple but lethal moves. By going through these self defense lessons, you will learn how to counter, control and damage such attackers. The self defense techniques are provided in lesson 2, lesson 3, lesson 4 and lesson 5.

Lesson 9 has hand to hand combat techniques that address bear hugs and throws. Bear hugs and throws are attacks of choice for attackers who want to control you for a follow-up attack like rape. The self defense techniques provided herein will enable you to free yourself from the hug and simultaneously deliver a lethal blow to the attacker’s vital points.

 There are also lessons that provide self defense moves that can effectively be used to defend yourself against kicks. You should know that the leg bone and muscles are relatively much stronger than the arm hence making kicks extremely dangerous. Learning these self defense moves will enable you to fiercely defend yourself against kicks by throwing the assailant to the ground head first and breaking his knee, neck or hand on his way down.

Lesson 17 of this self defense course equips you with deadly self defense moves to counter strangulations and chokes. You should know that strangulations and chokes are extremely dangerous and can turn fatal if the attacker maintains the hold even just for a few seconds.  By taking this hand to hand combat course, you will learn how to avoid chokes and strangulations. If the attacker manages to initiate a strangulation or a choke, you will still be able to escape the attack, gain control of the attacker and dismantle him within a split second. 

This course also provides self defense moves that you can use to free yourself from hair grabs. These self defense moves are provided in lesson 18 of this course. If you have long hair and get involved in a fight or you are physically attacked, the attacker will definitely opt to grab and pull your hair in order to control you into more deadly strikes. Learn to escape from such grabs while at the same time executing fatal strikes to vital points such as the throat and the groin. You will be able to control the attacker into deadly strikes without much effort.

5. Knife Self Defense

The self defense class also addresses self defense moves against knife attacks. Knife attacks can be very unpredictable and are extremely dangerous. As a matter of fact, knives are even more dangerous than guns because criminals can easily acquire and conceal them. In addition, a criminal doesn’t require any skill to use a knife. Knife attack cases have been on the rise in most countries. In the UK, statistics from Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that by June 2017, the total number of knife attacks within Wales and England had increased by 26% to a whopping 36,998 cases reported!!!. The statistics are even more alarming when we narrow down to London which had 13,000 cases of knife attacks within the same period, 142 of which were rape or sexual assault at knife point. Similar trends have been observed in Canada, USA, and even ASIA. Moreover, the knife has become the weapon of choice for terrorists because it is easily concealed. Terror attacks using knives have been witnessed in the UK, France, Israel and many more countries. It is thus obvious that everyone needs to take knife fighting classes in order to gain best self-defense techniques against knife attacks and consequently defend himself/herself and family against knife attacks.  

 Since a knife is used at close range, it is more deadly because the stabs are accurately aimed at vital organs. It is also important to note that knife attacks are usually ambushes and are executed with quick, short, repetitive stabs at close range hence making it difficult to draw your gun and operate it effectively. The more you are stabbed, the higher the chances of a vital organ being hit resulting in death. Although many people have survived knife stabs, you should know that it only takes one stab to a vital organ to die!!

When confronted with a knife-wielding criminal, you need to be calm so that you can size up the opponent and determine his real motive. This will enable you to take appropriate defense move to guarantee your safety. You should know that unless the attacker is a mugger, compliance shouldn’t be an option. Also, in most cases running won’t be an option. Knife attack victims tend to fall as they retreat trying to escape the attacker. Run when there’s a clear opportunity, else, create the opportunity by using the self defense techniques provided in this online course. The self defense lesson on knife defense gives you the techniques to use to defend yourself from different knife attacks. Learn self defense moves that you can use to disarm the attacker and at the same time fatally damage him in order to save life. 

The knife self defense lesson provides a step by step procedure to follow when attacked by a knife. The first step is to quickly size up the attacker to know his motive. You can do this by asking questions. Ask them why they are attacking you and what they want from you. Ask them what you can do to for them to stop attacking you. During this conversation, you should indicate that you are fully compliant and they should know that you are not a threat to them. However, you should be prepared for anything and you should be ready to use brutal force when need arises. You may be dealing with a terrorist, a person under the influence of drugs, a rapist or any other criminal who wants to eliminate you. You should try to identify the motive as fast as possible because it will determine which self defense decision you will make, whether to run or fight to survive.

If the attacker is a mugger, it easy to deal with him by simply giving up your valuables. However, you should still be alert and prepared to fight back just in case the mugger decides to eliminate the chief witness, that is, you. If you identify the attacker to be a terrorist or a mentally unstable person, it will be quite difficult to talk him out because will be extremely unpredictable. However, you should still try to talk to him in a calm and soothing voice while evaluating your best self defense decision; escaping, creating the escape opportunity or fighting using self defense moves to save yourself. You might also be able to pick a weapon of fortune to enhance your self defense decision. Weapons of fortune that may be within your reach include metal pipe, a chair, a lamp, your belt, an umbrella, your backpack and many more

 6. Ground fighting for self defense

I am very sure that most of the fights you have witnessed end-up on the ground. I have witnessed hundreds of fights that ended up on the ground and most of them were extremely ugly. The aftermath of a ground fight includes a broken nose, missing teeth, unconscious guy, deep cuts on the head and many more. Any person who knows the importance of self defense must take ground fighting for self defense seriously. You definitely need to experience the ground for you to know how to defend yourself when pinned on the ground. Maneuvering on the ground while the attacker is compressing your lungs, grinding his knee against your ribs and simultaneously striking your face is scary. Furthermore, if you are defending yourself from the bottom position and the attacker has accomplices around him you should expect some of them to stamp on your head or even hit you with blunt objects. Even if you are in a winning position (on the top of the attacker) you are still not safe. If the attacker has accomplices, you should expect a bottle, a stone or a bar stool landing on your head with a thud. Thus, the first rule of ground fighting for self defense is to get off the freakin' ground as quickly as possible. Martial arts styles such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo have numerous techniques that you can use in ground fighting. However, you still need to remember that it is all about surviving, not fighting. Your main aim should be to get out of harm’s way as fast as possible. If need be, use brutal force and proper self-defense techniques to create the escape opportunity. This is course will equip you with the techniques you need to quickly end such fights and guarantee your safety.

7. Conclusion

It is now clear to you that violence is not just a reserve for women and children, but to all of us. It can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere. It is not a matter of ‘if it happens,’ but ‘when it will happen.’ Take the right decision by taking self-defense lessons. Enroll with us and let's get started. 

Important to note:

Although it is accepted universally that a person may be required to defend himself against physical harm, there are circumstances where the action can be regarded as a crime. Self-defense is simply the right to prevent violence by using a proportional or sufficient level of counteracting force. However, it is sometimes difficult to determine the magnitude of the proportion force. Legally, self-defense is quite complicated. Every state/country has its own rules that define what constitutes self defense and what level force can be used in self defense. It is therefore important to familiarize yourself with the relevant laws so that you don’t find yourself on the wrong side of the law. The general guide is to avoid unnecessary physical confrontations. Only use brutal force if it is the only way to save your life. A student of Mine called Peter (second named withheld) 2 years ago found himself in a situation which later landed him in jail for man-slaughter. A gang of 4 men attacked Peter’s neighbor one evening. With the self-defense I taught him Peter managed to rescue his neighbor.  The gang ran away but promised Peter that they would be back for him. He reported the matter to police but the police never took it serious. True to their word a week later the gang returned ready to take on Peter.  Peter fought back with his all and in the event of that he accidentally killed one of them.  He got arrested, charged with manslaughter and jailed for 6 months. I felt that this was unfair to him. He was only trying to defend himself. Anyway, it happened and the world is not a fair place at all. For this reason, it is therefore upon you to find out what your state elaborates about how far you can go to defend yourself.

 As mentioned, the exact rules differ between states, but the considerations are largely the same.


Who this course is for:
  • Everyone: men and women of all ages as well as children
  • Everyone who is aware of the fact that we are all vulnerable to violent attacks such as rape and even murder. The attacks may even be from the people we trust.
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