Self-assessment of COVID19 based on common and rare symptoms

Self-assessment of COVID19 based on common and rare symptoms
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How to self assess if you are COVID19 positive based on common and rare symptoms


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By now, I am sure most you know about the common symptoms of COVID19 like fever, dry cough, tiredness, breathing issues etc., however many of us are still not aware of the hints our body gives us before developing clinical symptoms. In this session, apart from common, less common and severe symptoms of COVID19, some of the rare symptoms based on which one can self-assess whether they might have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 virus or not are described.

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  • Anyone who are interested to make themselves aware of common and rare symptoms related to COVID19

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  • COVID19 common symptoms


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Hussain Basha Syed
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Syed Hussain Basha is an independent gene to drug discovery researcher and an entrepreneur. He holds a bachelors degree in Biochemistry and masters degree in Biotechnology. He is passionate about Biology, Computers and Technology; loves to solve bio-related problems, especially novel drug discovery using computational approaches and strongly believes that future will be at the intersection of Biology and Technology. He has 20+ international peer-reviewed publications so far to his credit.

As part of the work at Innovative Informatica Technologies, he is been part of multiple drug discovery projects related to anti-cancer and anti-viral drug discovery with collaborators from reputed universities from India, USA, middle east countries etc.,. Few of the identified lead compounds of which are currently under biological / clinical evaluations. He is constantly in look out for adapting new technologies to integrate in drug discovery, as part of which Next Generation Sequence (NGS) , Whole Genome / Exome sequence analysis for novel mutations identifications and implications of the same on the structural and functional aspects of protein to their effects on novel drug discovery is one of the niche areas of his core research interests at present. Apart from his regular research activities at Innovative Informatica Technologies, he is also the Managing Editor of Journal of PeerScientist and an invited reviewer for the articles from various publishers including Elsevier, Bentham Sciences, Taylor & Francis etc.