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Computer Hacking and Security is one of the biggest job gaps in history, with a shortage of 3.5 million skilled workers needing to tackle a problem estimated to be worth $6 trillion. This is one of the biggest opportunities in history.

When I was at university I did a lot of security courses and to be honest I was pretty frustrated at how they were taught. The concepts and their importance captured my imagination but I knew it could be taught in a better way... so I created a few YouTube videos on the topic. They were very well received... So well received that after a few years working in industry I decided to make this lesson for you to know secrets of hacking to know what other Hackers don't want you to know.

Welcome to - Secrets of Hacking: Beginner To Expert Course!

This course that's to say, people with no prior training or knowledge in hacking and cybersecurity. The aim of this course is to give you the education about secrets of hacking where you will be brief on how to become good at hacking . we take you from the basics of ethical hacking through to mastery, giving you the training you need not just to hack, but also to topics you need to cover to be a proficient hacker .While the theory is important, we understand that it can also be dry and uninspiring. For this reason, this course is just to explain  three main secrets hackers don't want you to know.

Throughout, you will know why you need to start learning hacking from doing lot research, More than just hacking,

This approach gives you the foundational education that you need not just on secrets of hack ing any given system, The course covers six main areas:

Who this course is for:

  • People Who Wants to Hack in The Future
  • Begginers and Professional Hackers Too Included


Cyber Expert , Hacker , Pentester and Film Maker Expert
Mr.Isaac Osei Asante
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Mr. Isaac Osei Well Known as Dr.Don Meccy or Famous Pentester is a Penetration Tester with over 7 years of experience in Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security. As a self made hacker that started from a young age he has learned it all from Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security to Online Privacy and How To Become Anonymous Online.

He has worked and discovered vulnerabilities for multiple companies and governments including Netflix,Melcom and Cazoo and Banks accross the world . He also worked as a freelancer that tested private web applications. He believes that Online Security and Privacy is something valuable but also that it doesn't get enough attention as many cyber attacks are being executed every single day! No System is Safe and that is why we are here to discover vulnerabilities and secure them before the bad guys attempt anything malicious.

His main goal as an instructor is to teach the foundations of Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security to anyone who wants to pursue this as a career or wants to learn it to protect themselves online. Cyber attacks and online security is something that changes really fast so we as hackers must always be ready to learn new things in order to better protect Networks, Websites, Machines .. and also people!

Apart from Security aspect . He has Passion in Film Making and Photography. He has Produced tow short films including short advert videos for schools .

Mr Isaac is a Jovial and Kind person to be with and he always welcome everyone into his space.

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