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This course will help you create a well-organized portfolio. Here we will dive into the details and use of the portfolio.
We will look at the structure of the portfolio, its purpose and benefits. Let's analyze the existing types of portfolios and their characteristics.
Here we will provide all the tips on how to make a well-organized and informative portfolio, which can prove to be a useful tool.
During the course, a couple of different internet resources will be provided that may prove to be quite useful in the making of a portfolio.


  • In terms of requirements, I highly recommend that you guys take the time to write down some notes on this subject. Also, it is highly recommended that you are proficient with using different types of apps and Microsoft office. Other than that, no previous knowledge is required for this course.


Hey there! If you happen to have about 30 minutes of free time, then I highly advise you to come check out this course! What is it about? Well, here in this short time span we will talk about portfolios and their importance in the field of your professional career. Spend this time learning all the information and details on the types of portfolios, how to effectively compile one together, and what to do with it!

In the field of jobs and professions, the ability to put together a weill constructed portfolio is a skill that may drastically help you with your chances of finding a suitable job or appealing to any of your future employers. So if you are ready to get started and out together your first professional portfolio, then I will be happy to see you at my course!

What you will learn:

In about 30 minutes, this course will help you get started with understanding the importance of the ability to construct a well-organized portfolio. So you’re probably wondering… what is a portfolio? Is it some sort of resume? Well, here we will take a deeper dive into the details and uses of a portfolio.

In this course, we will take the time to breakdown what a portfolio presents itself. We will look at the structure of a portfolio, it’s purpose, as well as the benefits that it may bring you. While at the same time, we will take a further analysis of the types of portfolios that exist and their characteristics.

After breaking down the portfolio and all the different variants, the task of making one may seem to be quite daunting. This is where we take the time to show you how to make a portfolio. Here we will provide all the tips on how to make a well organized and informative portfolio that may prove to be a useful tool for your future professional endeavors.

During the course, a couple of different internet resources will be provided that may prove to be quite useful in the making of a portfolio.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is mainly targeted toward anyone who is a professional looking for a way to appeal themselves to potential employers. Other than that, this course is perfect for absolutely anyone, due to the fact that making a portfolio is a useful skill for absolutely anyone.


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