Scratch coding and related oddities.

How to code in Scratch without injury.
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Basics of Scratch Programming


  • No prerequisites really, but if you are in elementary school, you might want to have an older person to help at times.


In this course you will learn basic coding concepts while creating some cheeky projects in Scratch. Scratch is a block style visual programming language that makes it easy to create games, and animations. Throughout the lectures I throw in a "Geek Of The Week'' whenever a historical character can shed some light on the current lesson's subject matter. Games are certainly fun to create in Scratch, and we will pursue that, but I don't want you to limit your ideas to just games. Any kind of interactive, or visually interesting project is worthwhile. Some of those types of projects are my favorites in fact.

There is just a bit of cartoon gore in these projects. It is gratuitous, I admit, but it is really very very little, and quite goofy. My kids were amused, for what it is worth. For many of the projects here, you will be stealing and “re-mixing” starter projects that I have created for the class. The Scratch community is full of projects for you to remix, and you can also become a contributor by sharing your projects. Once you pick up some Scratch coding chops here by following these lessons, you can send people links to your projects and become the talk of the town.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone new to programming that wants to make something goofy.

Course content

1 section8 lectures1h 57m total length
  • The stage and a bad bear.
  • Gliding, exploding and the bird of peace.
  • Control blocks and gore.
  • Clones and quicksand.
  • More clones and a flaming sheep.
  • Gravity and a bad bat.
  • 2.5 Dimensions and a dapper frog.
  • The Pen and the stamp.


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Ted Skolnick
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Ted has been a coder since the 1980s.  That really is a long time ago.  He has developed software for a variety of industries, even garnering 15 minutes of fame in the gaming world, along with his brother, for their game Bad Milk.  In recent years Ted has been teaching after school technology classes at the local elementary school.