Hypnosis: Advanced Hypnosis Seminar 1

It’s close to REAL mind control! Now you can have your clients think and feel anything you want them to …
Rating: 4.6 out of 5 (141 ratings)
5,598 students
Hypnosis: Advanced Hypnosis Seminar 1
Rating: 4.6 out of 5 (141 ratings)
5,598 students
Use conversational hypnosis in any conversation and hypnotise subjects and clients on the spot without any fuss


  • You should have a brief understanding of hypnosis and an open mind to learn this revolutionary style taught by Scott Jansen


An extremely rare opportunity to see conversational hypnosis in action with world renowned therapist Scott Jansen. 


Is This Your Time To Ascend To The Next Stage Of Hypnosis Evolution?? It’s close to REAL mind control 

Now you can have your clients think and feel anything you want them to …Should this unconventional style of conversational hypnosis be available to just any Hypnotist ? … You be the judge.

The Hypnotic System That Will Remove YOUR Mechanical, Clunky And Awkward Approach To Hypnosis And Have You OUT-HYPNOTISING Even The Best In Field, With Little To NO Effort.

Welcome To An In-depth Training Into Spotting Unconscious Moments LIVE For Hypnotherapy. Live Coaching From Scott Jansen ( Himself ) The Advanced Hypnosis HACK Made So Simple.

Welcome to a once in a lifetime hypnosis training that will have you being coached through a variety of hypnotic scenarios and interventions.

Consider this ….. What would you discover about yourself as a professional hypnotist if you were restricted from using any hypnotic language, methods or techniques ?

How impactful would your hypnosis be if this were the case ? ….. Now you may be thinking that you would fail, and you would not have the power or ability to influence the unconscious mind that will promote change in your client.

Now this would have been true …. If you had not uncovered the power of spotting unconscious moments for hypnotherapy in a sequence that Scott Jansen will reveal to you in this very training.
If you were to fast forward to your career 30 yrs from now. You would find yourself in this very position as a hypnotist. We are just cutting through all the years of heartbreak and frustration and giving you the system NOW.

If you could see yourself 30 years from now you would be astounded at your ability. Your hypnotic instinct would be so strong, your effort so little, and your trances so deep and profound …. And the secret is due to your OWN unconscious ability to run all your sessions for you.

We know our clients must change unconsciously, NOW ITS YOUR turn to flick the switch and grow your hypnotic instinct to the levels of pure genius.

Introducing The Spotting Unconscious Moments For Hypnotherapy Program: The ultimate System For Cheating Your Way To Becoming A Hypnotic Guru

With the Spotting Unconscious Moments Program, you finally have a road map for getting to the level of conversational hypnosis only ( 5 – 10 % ) of Hypnotists will ever reach. 

This is a bold claim, but it’s also a truth that will become so obvious throughout this program it will reshape the way you become a Hypnotist ( if this doesn’t get your heart racing, you better check your pulse )

And believe it or not, this program was never designed to be released to the public. The premise was to invite 15 Hypnotherapists and give them exclusive access to a raw, unedited and unscripted conversational hypnosis event, that even shocked us with the uncommon results and techniques taught by Scott. 

We could never have imagined that this was even possible.

  • How else could we have achieved such a high level of success without the utilization of real issues, with real emotional attachments? Meaning we asked the students to be involved in spontaneous Hypnotherapy interventions, to reach out, explore and illuminate the very nature of using unconscious moments as the only vehicle of hypnosis expertise.
    From demonstration to demonstration you will see the raw and unedited emotional roller coaster the students are out through while mastering an uncanny ability that almost seems that arrivals are being created.

  • This training was designed to not follow a linear approach to hypnosis. Nor to conform to the traditional rules and strategies of hypnosis. Why do we decide this? We felt that this approach had been discussed and explored enough and no evolution was being created. Thus the unlimited power of hypnosis was being lost in translation, with no new territory being explored, this would continue on into infinity. Instead, we assess the level of the Hypnotherapists on the day and navigated through this training based on the issues, concerns and lack of skill live in the moment
    And this did something we never could imagine. This created a no rules strategic advantage and speed up the unconscious competence of the students, so in 2 days they had knocked off years from their study time to reach a level of mastery that we knew existed ( from watching Scott ) but had no idea it could be replicated so efficiently.

  • With spotting unconscious moments as the base for this training, this meant we had access to a diverse tool, that could be demonstrated in a multiple of ways, based on what the students desired at the time and for each specific ailment.

    1. Spotting unconscious moments: The very use of using natural trances to induce hypnosis through conversation. This tactic alone reveals how actually using less created techniques and more on the spot ( as you see it ) natural hypnotic cues, you gain a lot more miles from hypnotic principles

    2. Hypnotic principle vs technique: The very use of traditional techniques was restricted to diversify the need for developing a hypnotic instinct, to spot natural trances and to become so creative in your execution you never have to think again of what to say and do. This was about creating a relationship with the unconscious minds of the students, so they could rely on it when they needed it. 

    3. Exploring the basic and advanced tactics:. To prove the diversity of hypnotic principles we tasked each student, from each demo with a specific tool they had to include the live intervention, as their only fallback strategy. This opened up a world of possibilities and allowed more of a casual and effortless conclusion to use conversational hypnosis.

    4. Integration of specifics: Once the blueprint had been created a more freestyle approach was included to avoid alerting the conscious mind of your hypnotic scheme ( this is one of the biggest issues, Hypnotists will come across ). By taking out the obviousness of hypnosis and almost hiding the skills inside a natural and fluent conversation without language patterns, traditional strategies or even hypnotic protocol. you get immense unconscious influence.

    Think of this style as hypnosis without hypnosis. A style that can be replicated anytime and anywhere regardless of the context, the personality of your clients or audience and best of all, a style that can be adapted to you and your approach.

  • Principles executed: Natural trance cues, created trance cues, pausing, extended pausing, utilizing hypnotic voice through speed and delivery, process instructions and timing of instruction, instruction methods for conscious interference, repetition of unconscious moments with meaning, spontaneous metaphors, adverse reaction strategies, eye contact with intention, hypnotic phenomena, working with resistance, testing, advanced testing, integration strategies and much more.

But Getting To This Level Won’t Come Easy Unless You Are Prepared To …

Let go of the classical rules. And if you can do this long enough you will arrive at some intense ah ha moments, as the dots gets connected, the fluency becomes natural, and the place where you always wanted to visit with conversational hypnosis but found most techniques to be too good to be true is waiting for you.

This is not a training in what to do with specific clients and problems. Instead, it’s a training in how to execute the perfect hypnosis session regardless how intense the problem seems to be and how desperate your client wants it fixed. We let the cat out of the bag with this one … We are putting the conversation back into conversational hypnosis and bypassing all the usual blocks and stagnant pitfalls.

1. Advanced Conversational Hypnosis With Simplicity

Everything you’re about to learn is based upon over 17 years of clients experience with Scott Jansen. It is from the experience that we can break all the rules and deliver such a diverse event, previously unseen by the public. All Hypnotists believe the true power of the unconscious but never rely on this fact when using hypnosis as a therapeutic tool.

2. We put you in the front seat

Where else will you find an event, where mistakes are made, slip ups are common and confusion is embraced. Meaning that this raw footage is constructed from live coaching as it happens. It’s spontaneous and unrehearsed.

3. Exclusive access to an event that never happened

As stated previously, this was not meant for public viewing. This invite-only event was only to be accessed by the participating students. But after careful debate we are bringing it LIVE to you.

4. The backbone of the greatest Hypnotists

Who else wants to know how the greats do and have done what they have done so flawlessly? Well, now you can. By excluding whats is said to be possible, and prove what is during the demonstrations, you get to see and hear conversational hypnosis in a style like no other.

5. Created with the Hypnotist in mind

It was crucially important not to create another one size all fits the program. It’s not to say that these do not have their place, it’s just to say we wanted to shake things up a bit. By releasing never before taught strategies devised by Scott, used by Scott and honed by Scott, you get to see what really works based on experience. These are things that are intangible, and can not be taught by reading a text book.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn conversational hypnosis without scripts

Course content

2 sections • 5 lectures • 49m total length
  • Introduction To Spotting Unconscious Moments


Owner of The Conversational Hypnosis Academy
Scott Jansen
  • 4.2 Instructor Rating
  • 832 Reviews
  • 9,808 Students
  • 34 Courses

Welcome the Conversational Hypnosis Academy, and your trainer Scott Jansen owner of the Academy.

Scott Jansen formally found hypnosis from buying old VHS tapes of Dr. Milton Erickson from a garage sale, only later to find out that the seller was a personal student of Milton Erickson. These tapes provided a glimpse of the power of conversational hypnosis and the uniqueness of hypnosis Scott had never witnessed before, and he was instantly hooked.

To only 12 months later ( at age 17 )  seeing his first paying client who opened up a career for Scott, from the success of the session, to spreading the word about a 17 year old kid. Within that following 12 months, Scott was so inundated with clients that he needed to refer them on to other therapists, which created a friendship and professional approach to the industry and other working Hypnotists.

Following the next 18 years. Scott becomes so well requested that his session rate was triple the average Hypnotist, and only acquired bookings from the socially elite, that could afford his prices.

This ranged from International celebrities, singers and entertainers, Australia Idol contestants, NFL and NHL sports stars, Business men and women, and even current and ex-Olympic athletes.

After a flourishing career, Scott's attention turned to giving back to the industry and opened an Academy to fill in the educational gap of hypnosis trainings, to within 2 years having personally certified close to 3000 students ( 2015 – 2016 ), indirectly trained over 35000 students through home-based courses worldwide, produced over 285 hours of audible content.

In addition Scott Jansen is the author of Spotting Unconscious Moments For Hypnotherapy, the 6 stage conversational hypnosis formula and an intro to Meta Mind Analyses,

Owner of Australia largest hypnotherapy training company which has traveled globally to teach students in over 35 different countries and been invited to speak internationally. 


Scott Jansen and the Academy strive to create unique and powerful courses, that are accessible on our training platform, YouTube and a multitude or face to face courses. The goals of these programs, is to teach, train and inspire Hypnotists around the globe with conversational hypnosis and a no script approach to hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Programs available :

Online Hypnotherapy Program

Stop Smoking Mastery

Storytelling Mastery 

Emotional Trance Method

Spotting Unconscious Moments INTRO

Spotting Unconscious Moments LIVE ( DVD )

Working With Resistant Clients

Introduction to Meta Mind Analyses 

Ericksonian Suggestions 

Secrets Of Conversational Hypnosis DVD

Strategic Hypnotic Interview

Hypnosis For Sales

For any further information please contact our team