Scams Against Seniors

Learn about current scams and how to avoid falling victim to them.
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You will have an awareness and understanding of some prevalent current scams and frauds against older people, and learn how to avoid becoming victim to them.


  • No prior knowledge is required


The course - Scams Against Seniors -  is part of my mentorship of the Facebook Group 'Generation:Boomers-Aging Fearlessly'. It is designed to give an overview of current scams against elderly people (although victims are found in all age groups), with suggested ways to avoid becoming a scam victim. The course is free (no cost involved) and requires no previous knowledge or skills. At the conclusion of the course you should have a reasonable understanding of scams and how they affect older people.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone of later years, or caregivers to them

Course content

4 sections16 lectures50m total length
  • Scammers Are Criminals
  • Seniors Are Targets


Caregiver Mentor Generation:Boomers-Aging Fearlessly
Ron Simonsen
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Founder & Moderator of: Generation:Boomers-Aging Fearlessly Community

We are about taking the fear out of aging, helping others who stress and have anxieties about growing old and death. We want to show it's a natural process and not to be feared. Being old can be a joyous time. We are going to teach you how to grow old without fear.

Above all, I am passionate about caregivers!! Especially those (children) who are looking after their aged parents, few of whom are adequately prepared for the role. They are largely overlooked and unprovided for in their role, often without help, either physical or financial.

Although they may be doing it for love, they get little support or encouragement. It's a difficult and often unrewarding legacy. Through inexperience, or unawareness of safety risk and prevention, they face potential disastrous consequences both for themselves and their loved ones.

I want to help them. I want them to know they are not alone!! They are a key part of our aging process.

I’m now an ‘old’ man - an elderly person - I’ve graduated!! And I’m happy in my old age.

I can talk from personal experience about the process of aging

I’m passionate about living life in a positive, joyful manner, with the understanding life is not fair, and rising above the challenges along the way.

I survived lymphatic cancer (aka Lymphoma) at age 57.

I was a primary carer for 7 years to my late wife (2004 -2011)

I have more than 20 years experience in the health care industry

So, I can advise about health and lifestyle matters

I have founded 10 businesses in my life to date, been a co-founder in others - some hugely successful, some modest, and some absolute failures: learning from each. My last business (Mobility Rentals & Sales Pty Ltd) I started at age 68 (2008): this is now owned and operated by my son, Dean.

So, I can claim some knowledge of entrepreneurship and marketing.