Advanced SAR Training

Theory and application practices for InSAR, polarimetry and compact polarimetry.
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (117 ratings)
2,685 students
Advanced SAR Training
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (117 ratings)
2,685 students
Remote Sensing, Interformetry, Polarimetry, Compact Polarimetry


  • Basic to intermediate knowledge levels of SAR concepts

About this course

This course will cover important fundamental SAR concepts (image formation, sensors, data types) and progressively work towards operational processing and interpretation of SAR imagery and products. The course will cover theory and application examples for InSAR, polarimetry and compact polarimetry.

Course Instructors

John Wessels, Senior SAR Scientist, PCI Geomatics

Mr. John Wessels studied Math and Physics at the University of Guelph and developed a strong foundation in core principles required for SAR image formation and processing from early on in his career, having worked on processing systems for several airborne Side Looking Airborne Systems (SLAR) such as the Convair 380, and the Star 3i. He has been a key scientific lead and technical architect of SAR technology toolkits for private companies over the course of his career, most recently with PCI Geomatics where he has led key technology development projects for SAR Sensor support and development of user intuitive workflows for InSAR, polarimetry and compact polarimetric processing. Mr. Wessels is passionate about designing high quality, high performance software tools that make SAR imagery accessible to end users.

Who this course is for:
  • Intermediate remote sensing students eager to learn more about the important fundamentals and concepts of SAR.
4 sections • 34 lectures • 3h 33m total length
  • Why Radar?
  • Radar Issues
  • Basic Radar Concepts and Definitions
  • SAR Sensors
  • SAR Considerations - Part 1
  • SAR Considerations - Part 2
  • SAR Products - Part 1
  • SAR Products - Part 2
  • Influences on the life of a pixel
  • Electromagnetic Scattering
  • Sensor Design
  • Processors and Image Products - Part 1
  • Processors and Image Products - Part 2
  • Information Extraction
  • Application and Commercial Development
  • SAR Aquisition Modes
  • X Band Senors
  • C Band Sensors
  • L Band Sensors
  • Dual Frequency Sensors
  • P Band Sensors
  • Essential InSAR processing steps
  • Let's Combine Two Coherent Signals
  • Generation of Interferograms
  • Interferograms Baselines
  • Interferometric Phase
  • Baseline Geometry
  • Image to Image Coregistraion
  • Flat Earth Phase
  • Consistency of Target Scattering - Part 1
  • Consistency of Target Scattering - Part 2
  • Topographic Phase Correction
  • Surface Deformation
  • Orbital Modeling

Executive Director, Marketing
  • 4.4 Instructor Rating
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Kevin R. Jones has worked in the field of Geomatics since 1996, and currently holds the position of Director, Marketing and Communications at PCI Geomatics. Mr. Jones has been involved in the acquisition, processing, and dissemination of information products derived from Earth Observation imagery throughout his career. Mr. Jones previously held the position of Project Manager for several large international development and commercial projects (ranging from $50,000 to
$5,000,000), and has worked with subcontractors, government partners, and local project partners to deliver innovative and practical solutions that leverage the use of geospatial imagery and technology. Mr. Jones also has extensive experience in bringing technology to market including product design, development, testing, evaluation, and  commercialization.

In 2009 joined PCI Geomatics to lead the Marketing and Communications team. Mr. Jones has successfully rebranded PCI as the provider of scalable, high speed image processing solutions, and played a key role in developing and supporting business partner relations with Esri, Blackbridge, MDA, RapidEye, and over 30 of PCI's International resellers. Mr. Jones implemented the use of social media and the created PCI TV, which has helped to reinforce PCI Geomatics as a leading supplier of software solutions to the global market. In addition, he has lead web seminar production and delivery, international tradeshow strategy/presence, organized and hosted domestic events, and worked with top level executive staff within the company to implement  numerous internal and external programs.

Specialties: Earth Observation, Remote Sensing, Image Processing, Project Management, Marketing, Product Development/Management, Social Media, Video Production, Corporate Communications, Photography