SAP SD Interview Questions

This course is a point-to-point Q&A on the most frequently asked questions in SAP Sales and Distribution.
Free tutorial
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (593 ratings)
9,761 students
SAP SD Interview Questions
Free tutorial
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (593 ratings)
9,762 students
Have a good understanding of some of the basic concepts in SAP SD
Understand how to answer an interview question in SAP SD
Changes your perspective on how interview questions could be asked
Understand tricky questions in SAP SD


  • Knowledge of SAP Sales and Distribution

** Disclaimer ** -  

  1. I do NOT do Live Training. SAP is a registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and many other countries. I am NOT associated with SAP.
  2. SAP software and SAP GUI are proprietary SAP software. Neither Udemy nor me are authorized to provide SAP Access. You can officially get SAP Access to practice on SAP system from SAP's website. I am not allowed by Udemy to place a link here. Please google "SAP Access" and you can find the URL for the same.

Interview questions are meant to test your real-time project experience. This course is designed to provide you that practical knowledge and understanding of some tricky subjects in SAP Sales and Distribution.However, this course only explains point to point questions and assumes a basic knowledge of all the configuration and customization aspects of SAP SD.

The core focus of this course is to make you answer an interview question in the best way possible.

Who this course is for:
  • SAP SD students who just finished an SD course and looking for more focused information
  • SAP SD students who want more Q & A type of learning
  • SAP SD learners looking to get into the market and get a job
14 sections • 61 lectures • 3h 50m total length
  • Overlap
  • What is Product Hierarchy
  • Where is Product Hierarchy Defined ?
  • How do you Customize Product Hierarchy ?
  • Product Hierarchy Notes
  • What is Material Group ?
  • When do you use Material Group vs Product Hierarchy ?
  • Material Group vs Product Hierarchy notes
  • What is a One Time Customer ?
  • What is a Rush Order
  • What is a Cash Sale ?
  • What is the difference between a Rush Order and Cash Sale ?
  • Why is "Usage" used in item category determination ?
  • How is "Usage" used in item category determination ?
  • What is PGI ?
  • What are the accounts updated in PGI ?
  • What is movement type ?
  • What is invoice cancellation ?
  • How to cancel an invoice ?
  • What happens when you cancel an invoice ?
  • Can you cancel an invoice that is not posted to accounts ?
  • Invoice Cancellation Notes
  • Where does Credit Check Happen in SAP ?
  • How do you control credit check during Order , delivery and PGI ?
  • Notes
  • What are the structures (SIS Structures) updated by SAP in Credit Management ?
  • What do the SIS Structures S066 and S067 contain ?
  • Why does SAP update SIS structures in Credit Management ?
  • How do you configure updates to SIS / LIS Structures ?
  • How does SAP identify the amount/value to be used for Credit Management ?
  • What is a Credit Reorganization ( Re-org ) program ?
  • Notes
  • Manual Flag in Pricing Procedure vs Condition Type
  • Scenario 1 - Text Determination
  • NOTES -- Scenario 1 - Text Determination
  • Sales Order Processing Tables
  • Document Flow Tables
  • Customer Master Tables
  • Material Master Tables
  • BOM Tables
  • Status Tables
  • Partner Data tables
  • Contract Data Tables
  • Most Commonly used Tables - Notes

SAP Trainer and Consultant
Siva Prasad
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I am an SAP SD/MM functional consultant with roughly 12 years of experience in SAP. Teaching has been my passion since a long time and I have been teaching SAP since 2009. I have worked on countless projects in SAP in the US and the rest of the world. I have worked with major companies in the US like Apple, Wal-mart, Adidas, Adobe, Johnson & Johnson etc.

All along, I have worked with numerous SAP consultants with skills that range from absolute rookie to SAP platinum consultants. And the one thing that I found lacking in many beginner level consultants is a lack of proper training. They were just 1 step away from being a good quality SAP consultant. This gap can be easily be filled with high quality training.

SAP, just like any other packaged software can best be learned by example. This has been the focus of all my trainings - Examples and correlating them to real-time scenarios. Once you learn how to co-relate a particular piece of configuration with a real time example, you can become as good as an experienced consultant.