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In this course, I share common Salesforce interview questions and best approaches of how to answer many of these.
I also cover how to fully prepare for different types of interviews, whether onsite, remote, or on the phone.


  • You ideally need to complete the first nine courses in this Bootcamp series before starting this one.
  • The previous courses in this Bootcamp series of courses lay some of the groundwork that we will leverage in this course.
  • Some understanding or background with Salesforce will be helpful.
  • You do not have to have any Salesforce Certifications - this series of Bootcamp Courses actually makes a great supplement to your certification studies.


In this course, I share common Salesforce interview questions and best approaches of how to answer many of these. I also cover how to fully prepare for different types of interviews, whether onsite, remote, or on the phone. I provide many sample Salesforce job interview questions and also cover best approaches on how to answer these questions.

We discuss the typical job interview cadence. I also address strategies for success when faced with various types of interviews, whether phone interview, on a web-cam, or in person with a single person or a panel.

Prior to working as a Salesforce Developer and Consultant, I worked for 15 years as a Technical Writer. The nature of the work in my 20+ year career has been typically going from one contract to the next. This means that I have participated in literally hundreds of interviews.

This course is the result of learning things the hard way across those hundreds of interviews. Over the years, I learned to improve my interview performance and go from fearing being interviewed to looking forward to it. I now look at job interviews as a fun and learning experience and I can help you do the same.

Your confidence and comfort level during interviews will translate well in your favor.

This course is the tenth course of my Salesforce App Portfolio Bootcamp Series of courses - there are a total of 11 courses in this series. This course builds upon the work we performed in the previous courses in this Bootcamp series. I recommend that you take these courses in sequential order.

Who is this Bootcamp Series For?

This Bootcamp Series and this course, the Salesforce Job Interview Success Pack, is intended for someone that is trying to land their first Salesforce job and has been told that they lack the appropriate level of experience. No certification or prior Salesforce experience is required. 

This Bootcamp series helps you expand and deepen your knowledge of the Salesforce platform. You will also come away with real-world applications that you can use in your own life – whether in an existing job, or helping you land you first, or next, Salesforce job.

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring Salesforce Professionals
  • New Salesforce Administrators
  • New Salesforce Consultants
  • New Salesforce Business Analysts
  • New Salesforce Developers
  • Anyone wishing to supplement their Admin or App Builder or Salesforce Certification Studies with more hands on experience
  • Anyone who wishes to learn how to build apps on the Salesforce platform.


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I teach Cloud Computing.

I am passionate about helping you become a 'Creator in a Consumption World'

I gravitate towards tools and tech that empowers the non-technical to build and create amazing things online.

That is why I was drawn to amazing tools and platforms, such as Salesforce, AWS, Wordpress and more.

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Before discovering Salesforce, I worked as a Technical Writer, Trainer, and built blogs using Wordpress. Once I found Salesforce, I saw it as the quickest path to building world-class web and mobile applications for businesses and consumers. I've attained 6 Salesforce Certifications along the way: Salesforce Developer (retired), Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Advanced Administrator, Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant, Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant, and Salesforce Platform App Builder.

I am the founder of Mike Wheeler Media, where my mission is to Train, Inspire, and Equip YOU for a Cloud Career.

Feel free to connect with me through the various social profile links on my profile here. 

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I am a Video Editor, Animator and VFX Cleanup Artist. I have worked on projects for ESPN, BMW, National Geographic, GE  & Cheetos. I have obtained my Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) certification in Premiere Pro CC and am currently working towards certifications in Photoshop CC & After Effects CC as well.

I have been working full time in video production for over 4 years now and have gained valuable insights into the production pipeline & workflow. I use the Adobe Creative Cloud everyday, specifically working in Premiere Pro, After Effects & Photoshop. 

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