Essential Sales Skills for Beginners - or Refreshers
3.7 (37 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,899 students enrolled

Essential Sales Skills for Beginners - or Refreshers

This sales course teaches you the essential sales skills and mindset to succeed in sales and add value to your clients.
3.7 (37 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,899 students enrolled
Created by Stephanie Bosch
Last updated 11/2018
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What you'll learn
  • You'll get an overview of the necessary sales skills needed to get you started in sales.
  • You'll understand what it takes to sell a product - from client targeting and acquisition to after-sales services.
  • You'll learn how to build long lasting client relationships with your clients and not only a one time sales.
  • You will learn the sales skills needed to become a great seller - with practice, practice. practice.
  • You will not only learn the essential sales-skills (that can also be used for B2B Sales) but also get the right mindset for sales.
  • Sales people are made - not born. Just like lawyers, Designers etc.
  • Sales and selling can be fun!
  • Students need to have a product / service they want to sell.
  • Students should have a piece of paper and a pen ready to perform the exercises immediately. As long as the impressions are fresh.
  • Students need a laptop or a computer, internet access and a speaker function to listen to the videos.

Hello there and welcome to "Essential Sales Skills for Beginners - or Refreshers"! Lovely to meet you - e-virtually at least :)

Thanks for taking the time to checking out this sales course! My name is Stephanie Bosch and I'm a sales person myself with more than 10 years sales experiences in various industries and roles (Banking, Management Consulting, Recruiting, Luxury Retail, Entrepreneurship). I have B2C sales experience (sales to customers) as well as Business to Business sales experience  (B2B sales and Business Development). In this essential sales skills course I will share with you sales tips so you will learn the essential sales skills needed to get started in sales. Actually, there is not too much of a "magic pill" in sales - every so often even most experienced sales people need to go back to the sales basics and freshen up their sales skills. Therefore this sales course can easily be used to fresh up your sales skills - even when you are already a sales person.

Main target group for this sales course are new sales people though who'd like to learn the essential sales skills. This sales course is NOT FOR EXPERTS who are looking to advanced their already existing sales skills! :)

What are you going to learn? 

  • Get the right sales mindset to successfully sell to your clients - start solving problems and build long-lasting client relationship

  • How do you prepare for your sales visits at your clients

  • Client interaction - how can you uncover your customers needs and solve problems for your client by using your sales skills and empathy

  • Learn how to sell.

  • Learn how to handle objections in a sale

  • How to close the sales

  • After sales and keeping in touch with your customer

This sales course. This means my goal is to support you in becoming more confident  in you as a sales person and in the use of your sales skills to close more sales. 

This sales course won't deliver on the "hard selling" philosophy as this is not something I live.

This sales course does rather focus on how to build long-lasting, fruit-able relationships with your clients. Obviously, I love to close a sale and sell - not by pushing it though. I'd rather solve problems, deliver great service and add value to my client relationships. This way I can build trust and rapport and form sales relationships that are relevant for a long time. This course was created with exactly this mindset.

There are a couple of preview videos which you can access for free. Please feel free to check them out to see whether you like this sales course, my teaching style etc. Below are also some student reviews.

I'd love to see you in this sales course :-) Please note, the course has also a 30 day money back guarantee - so no risk or strings attached for you. Like it and keep it or dislike it and toss it.

Thanks a mil for taking the time to checking out this essential sales skills course,



What others say about this essential sales skills course:


Great and powerful course in teaching the basics and the details of selling. The course teaches you how to become a great in the sales process and even if you have no experience. The course talks about mindset and attitudes that you can use in-order for you to be successful in sales. Thank you so much :D


A great short course to learn the basics in Sales. I liked the short sequences covering different major topics - gives a solid overview about the key facts and skills to start your first experience in Sales!


The course delivered exactly what it promised - basics in Sales from research until the finished sales deal, with great and helpful tips regarding each step during the sales process. Would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in Sales and new to the field to get a good overview and some helpful little tipps to sell succesfully.


Overall she is amazing at explaining things thoroughly. I was someone who didn't have a clue about sales and well I know my stuff now! This course is super effective at guiding you through the process of making a sale and how to present yourself and your company as a whole when it comes to making sales. My only complaint would just be that the videos need a little bit better editing just because there were a few videos that just simply cut off towards the end but besides the point. Snag yourself this course if you're a beginner like me, it will help you out tremendously!


The presentation has been extra ordinary and picks the points that really a sales person should know.


Concise, valuable, to the point! A good course for beginners like me who wants to learn sales! Thank You, Stephanie!


I found the speaker clear in the description with a great plan from prospecting, to closing the deal (and after). As a beginner, I learnt some tips and tricks. (I'm a consultant guy going to presales world). What could be improved ? Well, I assume I would be happy to have a recap like a timeline or something and on each step the 2/3 advices. I recommand this course.


Nicely presented and interesting. However, some visualisation would be even better. Now we only see the teacher, no graphics or text slides. Apart from some parts that are to be read, this could just be an audio book. In fact this is the way I used most of the later videos, just listening.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is an introduction course to the basics of selling. Therefore students will come ideally from a non-sales background and are keen to learn the basics of sales.
  • This is a basic sales course. This course is not for students with a lot of sales experience.
  • Equally this course is suitable for everyone who wants to freshen up their daily sales routines.
  • This course is for people who do not consider themselves (born) sales people but want to solve problems for their clients.
Course content
Expand all 34 lectures 01:33:13
+ Introduction
4 lectures 25:11

Quick introduction video of what to expect from the course and why I dare to create a course about selling.

Preview 07:03
11 Habits of Successful Sales People
The Psychology of Sales
+ Preparation before Selling
7 lectures 22:41

To successfully sell we need the "right" mindset and attitude to succeed. This lecture will go over the balance of listening vs speaking when you we are in a client interaction. Something we need to remind ourselves regularly. 

Sales Attitude 1

Before pitching your business, product, service or yourself to a potential prospect we need to get crystal clear on the value we deliver. This is something we can easily prepare and then access when needed.

Sales Attitude 2

When going in for a sales it's important to have a clear vision what you want to achieve and to also understand what your customer is most interested in to achieve.

Potential customer goals could be:

  • A problem to be solved
  • A need to be fulfilled
  • Reducing "pain" - negative emotions like boredom, fear etc.
  • Security seeking 

Can you think of any others? Do you know any goals your customers had when coming to your shop / web page etc.?

What are your goals?

Do you have given KPI's or activity targets? Do you have set sales targets to be achieved to hit bonus?

What other goals could you think of? It makes sense to be clear on your goals - at any given time. Getting into the habit of daily goal setting - yes, I am talking about goals, not only to do's, you are very likely to be more motivated. Why? Because goals you set for yourself will help you be more committed, taking more action and therefore be more motivated.

This can be big goals like: "I want to serve 1 Million customer." 

As well as smaller goals: "I make 10 people smile today."

What are your goals you want to achieve? Take a moment and get clear on what you want and write it down - regularly, not only on new year.

Sales Attitude 3

Selling doesn't mean being quickest closing the deal - this might be a great goal to have but only as long as it has no negative impact on the underlying relationship with your customer. We want to build long-lasting, fruitful client relationships..

Sales Attitude 4
Remaining Lasting Client Relationships While Selling

In a world that is as connected as ours through social media it should be a no brainer that we take care of our reputation. However, it's sometimes is not.... Have you googled yourself? Which pictures did show? 

Sales Attitude 5

We only have one chance to make a great first impression. Dress for success is therefore something that shouldn't be underestimated.

Sales Attitude 6
The right mindset for selling
3 questions
+ Client acquisition and your sales pitch
6 lectures 08:34

Alright, so we did the bits and pieces of preparation to set our mindset correctly and are dressed for success ready to talk to our clients. Now it's time to acquire clients and get into the sales pitch. Which problems are you exactly solving?

Preview 02:51

Resulting from the question in Lecture 8 "Which problems are you solving" we can now define your exact customer. Who are you solving the problems for? Who is the right person to talk to? This is essential as we want to be as efficient as possible in our acquisition . 

Preparation: Who is your customer?

Great, you now know who your customers are - but how do you find them? Where is the best place to look for them? The easiest way to get in touch? Time to determine this to make your life (and your client's life) a little bit more convenient.

Where do you find your customer?

Our product / service contains usually of diffenret features - that make our product / service simply amazing. However, to efficiently sell to your customer you want to address the benefits your product / service has. What can the product do for your customer? How does it solve his / her problem? As this is pretty important the exercise will give you the chance to create your own features and benefits toolkit for your product / service.

Difference between features and benefits

OK, so, we now got all the features and benefits. How does your product differ from the competition? Why should I buy with you? The exercise will give you the opportunity to prepare your pitch - without the pressure of a customer waiting for an answer.

Exercise: What differentiates your product from the competition? Benefits!

Great, we already differentiated your product / service from the competition. Now we go one step further. Why should I buy from you and not your colleague? What makes you the perfect person of contact for your customer? 

Exercise: Why should the customer buy from you? Define your USP!
Client acquisition and sales pitch
2 questions
+ During the sales - selling benefits and handling objections.
8 lectures 15:25

Congratulations! We did the bits and pieces to get our prospects interested in your pitch, product and yourself. Now it's time to actually sell your product / service. First of all, we want some information of your prospect to qualify whether the person is the right person to talk to. As well as to determine whether there is a need and how urgent it is. 

Gathering information

Open questions are an awesome technique to help you gather as many information as possible in an efficient way.

Open questions

Active listening

We all communicate and listen day in, day out. However, we most often do not listen actively.

Active listening means to pay full attention and not only understand what's been said but also the whole message. Including the parts of the message that aren't said. 

Active listener can engage the other person in speaking so that they are confident sending their messages. You therefore want to show the other person that you are listening. 

There are 3 steps in the process of active listening:

  1. Comprehending
  2. Retaining
  3. Responding

1. Comprehending 

Full-attention to what is been said - without any distractions. Do not think about a response yet but rather try to fully understand the message been sent.

You can do this by

  • paying attention
  • look at the other person - hold eye contact
  • lean forward to show interest
  • nodding
  • smiling
  • saying "hmmh" or something similar

2. Retaining

Remembering what has been said - you could do this by taking notes.

3. Responding

You provide feedback to the person on the other side and show that you have listened and understood what has been said. You can do this verbal and non-verbal. For example by summarising the message in your own words.

When you want to encourage the person to talk further you can signalise that you are listening and encourage further speaking by doing things like: 


Think of a situation you have told someone a story and felt very comfortable. What did the other person do that made you feel comfortable?

Think of previous client interactions - what did go well and what could be improved? 

Active listening

When we are face  to face with our client, in a direct interaction, our body language is very important. Our body, and face can transfer non-verbal messages we might not be aware of or do not want to send at all.

Direct interaction: Body language

You might ask "OK, great but why is this relevant for me? I communicate only on the phone." - Well, it still is. Here are some tipps and tricks for indirect interaction on the phone that will make your life easier and increase your likability by the person on the other side.

Indirect interaction (phone): smile! Make notes!


Sales objections are questions or statements or arguments customers use not to buy.

 "Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust.” Zig Ziglar 

These objections can sound like:

  • "Just send me some information"
  • "Call me back in 6 months"
  • "This is too expensive" or "we don't have any budget for this"
  • "We already have a partner" or "we work with your competition"
  • "We don't need this" 
  • "That's not a priority" 

Let's get into a bit more detail.

Typical Objections

No matter how amazing you are on the phone everyone is busy. Therefore you are pretty likely to end up in the situation in which a customer or prospect is "throwing" objections towards you. You will want to be prepared to have an answer and maintain professional. 

Handling Objections

Sometimes customer won't tell you directly that they are ready to purchase. Sometimes they only send you non-verbal, indirect buying signals. Here are some typical signals so you know what to look for. 

Buying Signals
3 questions
+ Closing the sales.
3 lectures 07:18

Well done, you successfully determined who your clients are, you pitched successfully and sold your product / service and yourself. Now is the essential part - to actually close the deal! Otherwise you didn't make a sale.  Lecture 22 will talk about getting your customer's purchase confirmation.

Purchase Confirmation

Close it! 

Closing the Deal

After you have closed the deal you do not want to miss the opportunity to thank your client. This is an important step in the selling process.

Why do you want to thank your customer for their business?

  • Showing your gratitude for their business and trust
  • Create a memorable brand experience (and increase the chance for a recommendation or repurchase)
  • Positive impression management and a purchase confirmation by valuing your customer
  • Creating an even better customer experience, which can eventually have positive financial consequences

When you work on a retail shop floor or sell any products face-to-face you could do this by handing over the purchased product and say "thank you" with a smile.

When you are in consulting or something similar you could add a "thank you for your trust" with a handshake.

When you sell online products you could send out thank you notes - personalised ones! 

You could send out handwritten cards or notes.


Which ways can you think of to thank your customers for their business?

Thanking the Client for his / her time and business
1 question
+ After the sales - after-sales service and cross-selling.
4 lectures 12:06

Congratulations! You did it! And now it's time to run? NO WAY!! Become a hunting farmer and take care of your clients. This section will cover what it takes.

"Sales done - that's it?" -NO! Absolutely not!

Haven't heard anything from your client? He / she didn't complain? Great - no reason to give them a call, right? NO! Let's take the chance and pick up the phone and follow up. Get some feedback and bond with your client. 

Feedback call - great opportunity to follow up!

Hunting farmer .... we want to be in touch with our clients, regularly. You want to stay on top of your client's mind when they have a problem you could solve. 

Catching up regularly.
After sales
2 questions

It's time to say thank you!! Thanks for your time to take this course. I hope you enjoyed it and could bond a bit with your innere sales person. Here are some Do's and Don'ts for selling for you. 

And if nothing helped - then don't think of "selling" but solving a problem! :)

Summary - DO's & DON'Ts when selling and THANK YOU!