Sales skills training: practical sales SKILLS CRAFT SYSTEM
4.3 (192 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
3,013 students enrolled

Sales skills training: practical sales SKILLS CRAFT SYSTEM

Sales skills training: PRACTICAL sales skills - sales gurus best sales skills & sales techniques (Sales skills system)
4.3 (192 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
3,013 students enrolled
Last updated 5/2020
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This course includes
  • 4.5 hours on-demand video
  • 5 articles
  • 1 downloadable resource
  • 1 Practice Test
  • Full lifetime access
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  • Certificate of Completion
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What you'll learn
  • Proven 7 STEP Process for selling ANYTHING to ANYONE
  • Master body language and rapport to build relationships
  • Sales gurus' best practices: From Grant Cardone to Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street
  • How to find prospects in a time-efficient way
  • Mastering the cold call
  • Feel confident preparing for a sales meeting
  • Asking the right questions so that the prospect sells himself
  • How to handle ANY objection
  • Close deals with confidence
  • Enjoy selling by mastering it
  • Master sales quickly: this sales skills training system is structured in a way that no prior sales knowledge is necessary.
  • "This was an excellent course since i got to learn so many new skills. Also the bonuses were a great resource to work upon and refer to it later on" - Rahul Bhattacharjee

  • "I love Stefan's no bullshit approach and attitude!" - Allison Arthur

  • "Cool and authentic"  - Patrick Tauber

Sales Hacking - the fastest way to double your income: Essential sales skills, sales strategies and sales techniques to sell just about anything! Learn the world's best sales techniques from the biggest sales experts of all times: Grant Cardone, The Wolf of Wall Street - Jordan Belfort, Brian Tracy, Jeb Blount, Mr. Inside Sales Mike Brooks and many more.

This cutting-edge sales training course is exclusively available on udemy and only for a limited time - it teaches you only what works in sales and persuasion. It synthesizes thousands of dollars worth of world class sales guru advice into a simple template for success.

  • "Easy to understand for beginners as well as for pros wanting to improve their performance" Kai Fahnster


Imagine yourself going into the marketplace having completed this course, fully equipped with strong sales and persuasion skills including

  • Finding prospects 100% of the time (the fast way)

  • Mastering the cold call

  • 7 STEP sales presentation that works for any product & service

  • Which questions to ask to let your prospects sell themselves

  • Closing: two main techniques with over 20 variations

Consider the difference it would make if you knew exactly what to do in any sales/persuasion situation:

  1. How would you feel? 

  2. What effect would it have on your confidence?

  3. What are the first results you would expect?


This sales course is made for you if you want to improve your sales skills and to learn sales techniques not usually taught  on udemy but only in expensive signature sales courses by some of the big sales gurus out there - Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall street), Grant Cardone, Brian Tracy, Jeb Blount, Mr. Inside Sales Mike Brooks etc.

If you are looking for a more general, theoretical or motivational course then STOP - this sales course is not for you. Instead, it contains only practical sales techniques that have been proven to work  across different countries and industries.

  • "Super Informative and unconventional teaching methods. Relatable and simple to the point!" - Kevin Tang


This training course is unique in the way that it synthesizes the tools of two different schools of sales advice - one focusing merely on "what to say" and the other one focusing primarily on "how to say it". This is why you are going to learn

  1. Exactly what to say - word by word

  2. When to say it - understanding that this is a process in which timing is crucial

  3. How to say it using the right tonality and body language in order to build strong relationships

This course contains a 100% satisfaction-money-back guarantee - so the risk is minimal BUT THE UPSIDE POTENTIAL ON YOUR NETWORTH IS HUGE.

  • "Many thanks for the amazing course. Really worth watching" - Vlada Komarenko

  • "This is one of those courses where the price really doesn't matter anymore. He personally guides me in my cold calling as well. Generous being and a wonderful mentor." - Shiva SS

Who this course is for:
  • Entrepreneurs who are starting and growing their business
  • Sales professionals in all industries
  • Anyone with a great idea - who needs to convince others of it
  • IT specialists are increasing their net worth
  • Product managers - understanding sales makes them unique
  • Marketing managers understanding sales makes them unique
  • Anyone with little time available
Course content
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+ Basics of selling and prospecting
7 lectures 25:40

Hello and welcome to the fastest way of improving your sales skills and techniques regarding selling, negotiating, closing and persuading.

Preview 03:09

In this segment, you are going to learn how to handle the objection "I'm not interested". It is a quick fix version for you to increase your cold call success from the first minute of learning this material.

Preview 03:25

In this segment you are going to learn how to prospect effectively.


In this segment, I am going to present you the idea of a special tool that will 10x your leads within hours of using it.

Preview 01:43

In this lecture, you are going to learn about some of the key functionalities of this leads tool.

10X leads tool functionalities

In this segment you are going to learn the basic 3 rules of selling.

Basics of selling

This quiz tests your knowledge on the three rules of selling

3 rules of selling
1 question

Keep this attitude checklist close to you and check in every month, week and day where you are on the attitude scale in order to improve your inner game and with it, your sales skills and techniques. An add-on for this sales training.

BONUS 1: Attitude checklist
+ The cold call from A to Z
12 lectures 01:22:59

This segment outlines an easy, yet powerful process to follow and helps you get your priorities right in order to deliver a great cold call.

Process and goals of the cold call

The first 5 seconds are crucial in the cold call. They are the make or break moment. In this segment you learn how to master these first 5 seconds.

The first 5 seconds
BONUS: training with student Dennis - first 5 seconds

Practice the three most important aspects of the first five seconds - coming across as smart, enthusiastic and an expert. Using your smart phone's front camera, practice your first five seconds. Use a timer as well. Alternatively, sit in front of a mirror and practice. Be critical with yourself: Would you keep listening to someone who has just called you like that? Feel free to submit a video to your instructor to give you advice.

Practice test: first 5 seconds
3 questions

Leanr the key tonalities of rapport, body language and active listening skills

Creating rapport

In this segment, you are going to learn exactly what to say in the cold call, and more importantly: which tonalities to use to be successful in this call.  This is a key segment that needs to be studied in detail.

Preview 08:52
BONUS: training student Dennis part 2

After watching this video, you are going to understand how and why to ask great questions during this mostly overlooked and underestimated step in the sales process.

Qualifying & Fact finding

I know how you feel. Sometimes it‘s tough. Stick it out!

Motivational message: stick it out

Objections will come and you are better ready for them. This segment teaches you strong techniques on how to answer the most common objections.

Handling objections in the cold call

In this quiz, you are going to drill and repeat how to answer objections in the cold call

Handling objections in the cold call
3 questions

In this video, you are going to learn 3 secret techniques that only the masters know on how to make sure you get a solid appointment and that the prospects are actually going to show up for it.

3 secret techniques for closing a solid appointment

This BONUS contains the complete cold call script for success in any cold call.


This is a special offer from me for everyone who finishes the course 100% - for a limited time only

The bridge story
+ The sales process from A to Y
12 lectures 01:15:14

This segment lays out the 7 step technique for sales success and deals with deals with the biggest mistakes along this process.

The most effective sales process: 7 steps to success
Preparing for THE call

In thi quiz, you are going to rehearse the main elements of the 7 step process and get you ready for the call

Ready for the call
2 questions

In this segment, you are going to learn how to get you attitude and inner game working for you in the sales game.

Step 1: Introduction - attitude and inner game

In this segment, you are going to learn how to deliver a strong greeting and introduction to the main sales call.

Step 1: Introduction - greeting and outer game

In this segment, you are going to learn how to ask great questions in the qualifying with the goal to find out the biggest pain points of your customer and also with a view to helping the customer sell himself on the idea that he needs a solution for his problem.

Step 2: Qualifying & fact finding

In this segment, you are going to understand the key elements to a sales presentation, that impresses your prospect.

Step 3: Delivering an outstanding sales presentation

After learning this segment, you will know how ready to buy a prospect is and how to bring him from not ready at all to fully engaged and ready to buy.

Step 4: Testing the buying temperature of the prospect using trial closes

In this segment, you are going to learn how to segway from presenting and trial closing into the negotiation and write up phase. It will give you three exact word tracks of how to negotiate and overcome buyer resistance.

Step 5: Write up & successful negotiation techniques

This segment prepares you mentally for the boot camp by explaining what objections are and what techniques can be used to deflect them.

Step 6: Handling objections - theory
Biggest mistakes in handling objections

In this intensive course, you will be taken on a powerful boot camp of how to answer to buyer objections

Step 6: Handling objections BOOT CAMP

Make sure that you are studying and rehearsing the material before going to the next section

Boot camp review
1 question
Humble request
+ The close
25 lectures 57:14

This segment teaches you how to regain the lost art of selling, the non-plus-ultra in selling and persuasion. Without a good close, there is no sale.

Step 7: the lost art of closing

There is no reason not to close...or to do this now!

The "no reason not to" close
The simple agreement close

The 3 agreements and then - close

The triple agreements close
The scale from 1-10 close

This quizz asks you to list and study your favorite closes so far

Review of closes so far
1 question

To increase your closing ratio, you need to tailor your sales communication to different personality types. Here is a big picture description how to do this.

Break-out session: personality types and how to sell to them
The Benjamin Franklin close

This video contains stall closes: "I need to talk to my wifethe CEO/my manager"

The stall close

The famous puppy dog close and how to deliver it.

Preview 01:14
Motivational message: secret door

This segment is about an unavailable part (see stall close above), when they insist on that person's approval

The contract term close

This quizz asks you to list and study your favorite closes so far

Review of closes
1 question

The minor point close

The minor point close

There is never a best time, let's face it. Use this "time close" to close more prospects.

The time close

This close is to handle the objection and close when someone says: "I need to think about it"

The "think about it" objection & close

This close you can use when someone says "I'm going to wait"

The waiting time close

This close provides the buyer with different options.

The inventory-option close
The alternative choice + stall close

The scarcity close

The scarcity close

I know exactly how you feel..I have felt the same way until I found...& close

The feel-felt-found close
The flattering close

This close taps into the psychology of carpe diem by telling the prospect that it is better to live rich than die rich.

The carpe diem close

This segment rounds up the closes section

Closes: round-up
Your favorite closes
1 question

This script contains all the closes you are learning in this course.

BONUS 3: The closer's script

Eye accessing cues are a powerful method, originally discovered by NLP, to read someone's body language (and connect with them).

+ Congratulations and additional BONUSES
6 lectures 01:45:13

In order to help you study, learn, rehears and create your own study material, I decided to upload the entire course word-by-word as a raw material you can use to help you create your own studying material.

BONUS 5: complete course word track (cc)

The following are the 6 major tools of persuasion. Robert Cialdini has first uncovered them and grouped them together. This article contains their theory and application.

BONUS 6: PERSUASION principles
BONUS 7: How to grab anybody's attention
BONUS 8: Clarification on the sales process with student Dennis

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BONUS 9: Supplements for motivation