Sales data analysis in python, Urdu/Hindi

Indian sales data analysis, data analysis using seaborn and pyplot in python, Data visualization in python, urdu hindi
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How to analyze large dataset in python
How to visually see important components of data
In-depth knowledge of patterns of seaborn in python
Graphs handling through matplotlib


  • No programming experience is required. If you understand python a little, its a plus point


Hi, videos of this course is recorded in Urdu or Hindi language and written lectures are in English language. You can view total English version of this course of mine in my account as well.

Programming language in this course: Python

We will be using an Indian sales dataset. The dataset contain almost 10k rows of data with many columns like customer name, costumer id, product customer bought, amount he spent, number of orders he made and a few more.

What we will do in this course:

  • Clean our data

  • Analyze it

  • Extract some patterns in data

  • Extract product giving good result economically

  • Extract the type of audience interested in shopping

And much more! gear up!

It is advised that you should practice the codes as well with us. This will create a strong base of yours in the field of data science and analytics.

This course is for you for you if you want to get started or in field of data analysis. We will go advanced in data analysis through graphs in python.

We hope you are already familiar with the language 'English' just. Yeah! Even if you are beginner you can start this course and will hopefully enjoy it!

In this course we will be extracting meaningful information from a large dataset with 11k data points.

Good luck for your journey!

Who this course is for:

  • a person who want to boost his/her skills in data analysis and visualization in python
  • a person who started his journey as a data scientist and want to boost his skills


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Harman Waheed
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Me Harman, data scientist am 19 years old passionate about AI, ML, NLP and neural networks. I have been practicing my skills from 1 year.

My majors are: 


Neural networks

Convolutional neural networks

Natural language processing

Data Analysis


I have great experience of teaching my skills online to students from different origins including Kuwait, Malaysia, Pakistan, Canada.

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