Safeguard Your Cryptocurrency Legacy 2020

Get-it-done Virtual Retreat
Rating: 4.8 out of 5 (2 ratings)
1,914 students
Safeguard Your Cryptocurrency Legacy 2020
Rating: 4.8 out of 5 (2 ratings)
1,914 students
You will create best practices for how you manage exchanges, security measures, next moves, tracking, maintaining and storing your crptocurrencies.
You will develop a game plan and evolving strategy to move towards your cryptocurrency desired outcomes.
You will learn how to integrate secrets to success into your everyday life.
You will get your backup system for your hardware wallet in place.
You will create documents to leave for your loved ones and professionals to be able to pass your cryptocurrency legacy behind.


  • You own cryptocurrency.
  • You have a hardware wallet.
  • You may need to purchase some items depending on how you would like to create your backup system.

In this virtual retreat you’ll create a customized security and management system of your cryptocurrency assets. Starting with integrating your very best practices into how you transact and manage your assets regarding using exchanges, security measures, next moves, tracking, maintaining and storing your cryptocurrency assets. You’ll come up with your game plan and ultimate desired outcome(s) in cryptocurrency and develop a game plan of moving in that direction.  You'll discover your secrets to success that will allow you to bring your best self to your crypto game. You’ll get your backup system in place of your hardware wallet(s).  And, you'll create a way your loved ones and professionals will be able to access your cryptocurrency if you die or something happens to you where you can not.

This virtual retreat is intended for you if you are a retail cryptocurrency investors/traders. This means you’re are acting as their own bank which means you need to make sure you’ll be able to access your funds in a variety of ways given any situations. Leaving your cryptocurrency legacy behind needs to get put into place or there is a risk of those not being distributed the way you’d like. Even though there is no guarantee they will be having these documents in place and creating a will/trust will (not part of this retreat) will at least give you a much better chance of happening than it you don’t have such a plan in place.

This course is for you if you are striving to hone in on sharpening your cryptocurrency skills; best practices, game plan and secrets to success, security backup system and way for your loved ones and professionals pass down your cryptocurrency legacy. This course is to motivate you to get into place those things that will allow you to be more successful by creating positive habits and protocols, knowing what you are going for in the cryptocurrency space, learning to become more resilient and accessing your rational mind, knowing your backup system is in place and knowing your loved ones will be able to get your legacy passed down to them or distributed the way you’d like. This will allow you to be more freed up to focus on projects you would like to invest in and how you’ll build your legacy and in a more relaxed and enjoyable way, knowing you’re playing at the top of your game.

This course does not offer financial advice or legal advice.

Who this course is for:
  • Cryptocurrency retail investors
  • Retail cryptocurrency traders and investors
  • Cryptocurrency traders and investors
  • Beginners in cryptocurrency
Course content
7 sections • 18 lectures • 1h 53m total length
  • Introduction to Safeguard Your Cryptocurrency Legacy
  • Who I Am and Why I Got Involved in Cryptocurrency
  • What Brings You Here?
  • Introduction to The Four Pillars
  • The Four Pillars
  • The Cover Sheet and The Four Pillars
    1 question
  • Introduction to Pillar One - Best Practices
  • Pillar One Best Practices
  • Best Practice Checklist
    1 question
  • Introduction to Pillar Two - Game Plan and Secrets to Success
  • Pillar Two Game Plan
  • Pillar Two Secrets to Success
  • Pillar Two Game Plan and Secrets to Success Tools
    1 question
  • Introduction to Pillar Three - Backup System
  • Pillar Three Backup System
  • Pillar Three Backup System Checklist
    1 question
  • Cryptocurrency Checkup List
    1 question
  • Introduction to Pillar Four - Leaving Your Cryptocurrency Legacy Behind
  • Pillar Four Leaving Your Crypto Legacy Behind Overview
  • Pillar Four Leaving Your Legacy Behind
    1 question
  • The Initial Letter to Loved Ones
  • The Initial Letter to Loved Ones
    1 question
  • The Second Letter
  • The Second Letter
    1 question
  • The Master List
  • The Master List
    1 question
  • Resources
    1 question
  • Get-it-done Checklist
    1 question
  • My Cryptocurrency Journey Guided Meditation
    1 question
  • Congratulations!
  • Join My Facebook, Twitter and Youtube Groups!
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Crypto Enthusiast, Believer in and Optimizer of Life!
Christine Roslund
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Hey there!

My name is Christine Roslund, a dedicated crypto investor, believer and hodler taking my life to the next level - financially and in all aspects!

Working for about 15 years in private practice as a psychotherapist and a certified life coach in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve come to realize new ways of reaching my  financial, and life goals.  Currently, I’m a certifed EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitivation and Reprocessing) practioner, a certified NLP practioner and a certified Science of Happiness practioner, too. My goal is to help people reach their goals on all levels of their life.

In late December 2017 I was introduced to my new favorite hobby, cryptocurrency, and this has provided new possibilities for my future in a way I could never have imagined. Ever since I’ve been learning about cryptocurrency my life hasn’t been the same! It reminds me of when I got my first computer. I knew when I  first got in that it was going to be a game-changer in my life.

Discovering cyrptocurrency gave me a new sense of hope for the future. First, on a personal level, in regards to the financial investing opportunity available and the potential of shifting my financial situation dramatically. Then, on a global level, I saw how blockchain technology offers life transforming features that will change the world and make it healthier, more fair and equal for all.

Being an early adopter in Cryptocurrency can be an incredible and powerful opportunity for you to create financial freedom in your life. It’s very early in this environment (2018) still and will be over the next 5-10 years! I am so excited about this opportunity I just had to make a course sharing it! My first course give you the I the nutshell version of what cryptocurrency is, what all the hype is about and how people are making so much money from it. It will help you decide if you if  want to give it a go, and if so, how you can get off to a positive start.