Stereochemistry II : Plane, Center, Axis and AA of Symmetry

Stereochemistry II : Symmetry Elements in Organic Chemistry with 3D models By S.K.Sinha Sir , Kota.
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Symmetry Elements
Asymmetry , Dissymmetry and Symmetry
Plane of Symmetry
Center of Symmetry
Axis of Symmetry
Alternating Axis of Symmetry


  • Basics of Chemistry
  • Knowledge of Molecular Structure


S.K.Sinha , Master of Stereochemistry here explains the concept of Symmetry Elements in very simple and illustrative manner. Symmetry elements are the most challenging topic for the students to learn . Unless one has a deep understanding of the concepts and the 3D view of the models , it is very difficult to learn and control.

S.K.Sinha a well known  renowned faculty of Kota India, has his own way of teaching. Here he uses 30 different models in 3D to illustrate the concept of plane of symmetry , center of symmetry , axis of symmetry and alternating axis of symmetry.

In this course Sinha Sir has used all this teaching experience of 25 years , the technological knowledge acquired over the years as well as the latest hardware to make the concept life. Anyone can be a master in itself without any external help. In the last section 10 questions have also been given along with answer and solution to test the learning . Sinha Sir has also used questions of various types in between the lectures to highlight the nature of question asked on this topic and the methods to solve the questions.

This "Stereochemistry II : Plane, Center, Axis and AA of Symmetry" is the 2nd part of 6 part Stereochemistry Series . Some parts are yet to be published.

Stereochemistry I:  Chiral Carbon , R-S, D-L, Fisher and Dash-Wedge Projection System.

Stereochemistry II : Plane, Center, Axis and AA of Symmetry [ All Level]

Stereochemistry III : Conformational Isomerism. [ All Level]

Stereochemistry IV : Geometrical Isomers and Counting of Stereo Isomers (Geometrical as well as Optical) [ All Level]

Stereochemistry V : Typical concepts: PseudoChirality, non SP3 stereogenic Centers [ Not for Basic Students]

Stereochemistry VI : Stereochemistry of Organic Reaction (Introduction) [ Not for Basic Students]

Who this course is for:

  • Students preparing for MCAT, OCHEM,Olympiad
  • Undergraduate in Organic and Biochemistry


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Shailesh Kumar
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S.K.Sinha , Professor of Chemistry at Resonance Eduventures ,Kota , India. Teaching Chemistry since last 25 years  for IIT JEE and NEET. Have produced thousands of IITians and NITins over the year. Now developing 3D tools and  techniques to make Chemistry more simple and visible.

Worked  as  academic coordinator at JNV Bundi (Resonance -Dakshana ) school project since 2009. I am recognized for my 3D works in Solid State, Molecular Orbitals, Coordination Compounds, Stereochemistry , Reaction Mechanism and many more areas.

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