Three Hour Cyrillic

Learn how to read and pronounce Russia's Cyrillic alphabet in just a few hours!
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By the end of Russian Alphabet Mastery you will be able to read and pronounce any Russian word.


  • No prior knowledge of Russian is needed. A notepad is optional.


    If you find the Russian alphabet intimidating, or feel it's probably too hard for you, then this is the course for you. You're about to discover just how easy Russian can be to read when taught the right way!  There are two unique features to our Russian Alphabet Mastery: 

    * The course uses the modern learning technique known as 'Contextual learning'. With this method, you will learn effortlessly, without having to memorize anything. 

    * Each time you learn a new Russian letter, you will be shown actual Russian street signs and billboards that you can read and understand. By the end of the course you will have read and understood hundreds of Russian signs. 

    Although total video time is two hours, it's recommended that you spread your viewing time over a few days, to maximize retention. 

Who this course is for:

  • The course is for complete beginners. Absolutely no prior experience with Russian is required. This course is for anyone trying to learn the Russian language, but is also recommended for anyone planning a trip to Russia or Ukraine.


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We are a group of language teaching professionals with decades of experience between us. Our mission is to teach the major world languages using modern language learning techniques like contextual learning, pattern recognition, construction branching, S.L.T. and more. The two principles of the Language Mastery Group are:

MARK THOMSON: A native New Yorker and lifelong instructor, first of guitar and later of languages. Mark is a self-taught, fluent speaker of Russian. He created the popular Russian Accelerator online Russian course, along with numerous other Russian courses including Russian Alphabet Mastery, and the Russian Made Easy podcast. He also created English Mastery Method in which he teaches English to native Russian speakers, and many other more advanced English courses under the Master Fluent English brand: Speak Fluent English, Understand Fluent English, and numerous Live Conversations courses. Mark's expertise is in detecting and explaining the patterns of grammar within any language, along with teaching it efficiently. Mark resides part time in Virginia, and part time in Ukraine.


GREG TORKELSON: Originally from Arizona, Greg is a self-taught speaker (and reader) of Japanese. He has been living and teaching full time in Japan for over a decade. Greg is the creator of a variety of Japanese courses including Japanese Mastery Method and Kanji Krusher. One of Greg's specialties is in clearly explaining the complexities of Japanese grammar, especially their system of linguistic particles. Perhaps his greatest expertise is in his ability to break down the complex Chinese characters known as kanji into recognizeable and memorable visual images.

Greg is also a co-founder of the Master Fluent English brand of adanced English courses.

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