Running A Dojo
4.4 (90 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
584 students enrolled

Running A Dojo

Learn how to start, manage and grow a successful Traditional Martial Arts School without feeling like you must sell out
4.4 (90 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
584 students enrolled
Created by Adam Mitchell
Last updated 1/2016
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This course includes
  • 9 hours on-demand video
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  • 2 articles
  • 18 downloadable resources
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What you'll learn
  • You Absolutley can run a traditional dojo without selling out.
  • You will acquire some of the best fundamental business systems adapted and used by successful traditional martial art school owners.
  • You will learn enrollment, marketing, communication & retention systems specific for a traditional Dojo
  • You will learn how to how to correctly use conventional & alternative profit centers
  • You're going to learn how to correctly use culture & tradition to grow your Dojo
  • You'll learn tuition, curriculum, class-time management strategies.
  • You're going to learn how to set up your ultimate Dojo and maximize your space appropriately.
  • Access to a TON of FREE bonus gifts, mauals, templates and other stuff you'll disvoer in the course.
  • No egos allowed and no self appointed masters. We are all students.
This is the course that all traditional martial art school owners and training group leaders should take if running a successful Dojo is a goal. This course is designed for those who understand that success is something much deeper than a profit and loss statement.

In Running a Dojo, you will be provided with:
  • First steps and Core Concepts: You're only as strong as your basics. In these instructional videos you will discover what sets the traditional martial art school business model from the modern model. This is mind blowing stuff that will change your paradigm!  Get ready to build your Dojo without feeling as though you must sell out your integrity to pay the bills.
  • Crucial Documents: These are the 'absolute must have' files for administrative functions of a strong Dojo. As well, every document download has a training video to help you understand how to build and maximize systems into your Dojo program. 
  • Running A Dojo Radio Archives: Download and listen to hours of training on building your traditional martial arts program. The topics are always new and updated weekly in crystal clear audio.
  • The Keeping it Real Sessions: 16 video modules taken from Adam Mitchell's 2010 program Keeping it Real. Hours of video training that will help you build a framework you'll be proud of for your Dojo and your students. 

The Running A Dojo course will take roughly 3 months to complete, but new content will be added regularly in tandem with Adam Mitchell's Running A Dojo podcast and blog. As well, Adam Mitchell will be available to engage in topic discussions and brainstorming for your own initiatives and host a monthly live workshop for all members each month.

OK, I sure didn’t do this to get on any VIP list at the next martial arts trade show in Las Vegas. Infact, this program is going to upset a few people. After spending 14 years listening to business gurus, spending over $250,000 on consulting programs and high-dollar seminars where I rubbed elbows with the most successful school owners in the world, I’m convinced .. The great majority of these self-titled martial arts business gurus don’t know the first thing about running a real Dojo. Period. To serve those trying to do it right, I created Running A Dojo to blow-the-lid off the nonsense the martial arts industry is feeding well intended Instructors hoping to offer the best resources for their students.

I'm going to show you exactly how I created a successful Dojo with hundreds of students from all over the world by simply studying my martial arts more intently and keeping it real!

“Adam is one of the most forward-thinking people in the martial arts industry. I’ve seen with my own eyes as top-billed, big-name advisers in the biz were influenced by Adam’s actions. While I believe he would do the same in any business environment, I’m thrilled that he’s been so helpful to me personally, and to the industry in which I work. I always enjoy hearing his thoughts about what will happen next … and if you hear those ideas, pay attention.” Mr. Peter Steeves, International Training Director of the Guardian Angels, and Martial Arts School Owner. Los Angeles.

If you’re not totally satisfied with everything I’ve created, I’m going to refund your investment 100% AND you can keep all of the files I’ve provided. That’s a promise. There is absolutely no risk at all.

I truly look forward to working with you and helping your Dojo meet it’s success.

Adam Mitchell

Who this course is for:
  • This course is designed for anyone running a traditional Dojo of 2 students to 200+
  • Martial art enthusiasts who want to one day open their own Dojo and keep it real.
Course content
Expand all 70 lectures 15:30:57
+ First Steps
3 lectures 35:16
Defining Success for a Traditional Martial Arts Dojo

 In this quiz, you'll be able to determine how well you retained the information taught in this sections.

Accomplishing your First Steps
10 questions
+ Support Documents
6 lectures 33:16
Support: Accessing document downloads
Dojo Call Log
Liability Release
Enrollment Agreement

In this video, I am going to break down how I created my nafuda for easy use and tracking of student attendance. As well, I've included a support file for you to edit and use based on your own program. Here's how this file should be used:

  • Download the file and open the spread sheet in Excel.
  • Follow along with the included video and understand the flow.
  • Make your adjustments on the file according to your own student rank progression.
  • Save it.
  • Print the necessary number of sheets on decal paper, bought at any office supply store.
  • Cut and place on the back of nameplates.

You'll notice that the file I include is for White and Yellow Belt and there are 'stripe' levels on the right side of each template in the file. I put these there for an example to use if you have a striping system on your belts for kids or adult classes.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Setting Up a Nafuda
This is a support document that will assist you with making a more robust and comprehensive Student Manual. Feel free to cut and paste this material into your own manual, but most importantly is to make sure you have a student manual. It is vital to the long term health of each student at your Dojo that they clearly understand the expectations of you, their teacher and the martial arts and culture they are committing their self to.
Martial Arts Student Manual Template
10 pages
+ Running A Dojo Radio Archives
5 lectures 04:49:40
Applying your curriculum effectively
The days of the resistance to change are over and traditional martial art school owners must pay close attention to how their martial art, their Dojo and their own personal reputation is represented online.

What an episode! While hauling ass through the Bronx, Adam Mitchell introduces listeners to the changing landscape of communication and information and how it will affect you and your Dojo. He presents why you must consider your online reputation to be an absolute priority, one that serves your students, your heritage and your own personal goals.

Toward the end of the episode, Adam introduces some First Steps for traditional martial art training group leaders who want to start a Dojo. The absolute FIRST STEP is to PLAN... Fail to plan, then plan on failing! In this episode he discusses how planning your calendar year can serve your growth, sales and expectation fulfillment of your students and how you are positioned in your community.
Preview 48:13
Alternative Profit Centers for Your Dojo
Start the New Year with a Great Enbu
+ The Keeping it Real Sessions DVD 1
9 lectures 01:20:07

This Module will cover one of the 3 “Pillars” of the KIR Program. This Module is meant to reaffirm your goals as a Budo teacher and address issues that we often take for granted. For those who have wandered off into the turf of the Industry Money Machine, this module is meant to re-calibrate your position as a leader of your Dojo.

Budo is war?

The second Pillar of the KIR Program is meant to reaffirm your position in your Dojo as well as your place in the Budo you train. This is a must before we go any further. Often times we take this position for granted and it can cost us countless resources and even ruin our Dojo. It is about expectations and fulfillment, and combined will generate strength in your Dojo.

Preview 03:52

The third pillar of the KIR Program addresses the product we are creating in a Budo Dojo. Mastery is something that we all strive for, it is not something self-proclaimed and this module is meant to give you a clear idea of how to communicate the goals of your Budo to your students. This alone will help you to keep students indefinitely.

Menkyo is earned?

The first instructional module will address fundamental areas to the success of your Dojo. Teaching from your “Core” versus your “Shell,” Running a Personality Driven Dojo versus a Curriculum Driven Dojo and finally, defining the “Sell-out.” This Module is packed with details that will help you to change, add or tighten up areas of your Dojo to make it more fulfilled.

Breaking the shell
Personality driven vs curriculum driven
No need to sell out
DVD 1, Closing and review
Complete Keeping It Real DVD 1 Download
+ The Keeping it Real Sessions DVD 2
13 lectures 01:57:59
Keeping your relationship with your students within their expectations is critical to student retention. Crossing boundaries will only create challenges in your Dojo. This module clearly details the course you need to take for long term student retention. It’s quite easy to keep a student for many years, but it’s just as easy to lose them forever. This module will teach you to prevent this from happening in your Dojo.

Shin Gi Tai Ichi and the teacher
Shin Gi Tai and your core
Shin Gi Tai, what you see is what you get
Being the product on the mat is everything. This module is rich with detail on how to make sure your students have a clear understanding of the direction they are going and what they are reaching to attain in their pursuit of Budo.
Shin Gi Tai, Sensei & Deshi
Shin Gi Tai, you are your martial arts
5 Levels of Success, Intro
5 Levels of Success, teacher training
New students are the life-blood of any Dojo. This module offers step-by-step methods of recruiting new members that will train hard and respect their Dojo. Also, this module will offer methods of recruiting new members with unconventional methods not talked about among the Industry Gurus.
5 Levels of Success, student prospecting
This is where the rubber hits the road. Enrollment can be one of the easiest functions at your Dojo if you inform your prospective members correctly. It can also be the most damaging and uncomfortable function at your Dojo. This module will help you make each enrollment process easy and gratifying while pointing out some important points to pay close attention to.
5 Levels of Success, student enrollment
5 Levels of Success, summary
DVD 2, Closing & Review
Complete Keeping It Real DVD 2 Download
+ The Keeping it Real Sessions DVD 3
11 lectures 02:04:08
To run a successful Budo Dojo, simplicity is key. Forget the add-on programs, upgrade packages and Black Belt Clubs. Offering all sorts of choices and overburdening your students with choices does not create opportunity. This module will show help you plan on running a streamline system at your Dojo that will get you to your goals.
Keep it simple (part 1)
Keep it simple (part 2)
The most valuable part offering Budo to your students is that it’s real. Now it’s our job to keep it this way. This module is going to detail for you how to keep a high sense of value within a simple and traditional program of authentic martial arts. No longer do you need to offer “The next cool thing” to pay the rent, when you already have it in your Dojo.
Keep it real (part 1)
Keep it real (part 2)
Keep it clean (part 1)
Keep it clean (part 2)
Keep it safe
Keeping training central to your Dojo is what your students want. This module will help you to layout a Dojo that is based on top notch training and recognized as such in your community. Also, making certain that the values within traditional martial arts are illustrated within your students training will help keep your Dojo filled with hard training and dedicated members. This module will take you through some of the secrets to doing this.
Keep it about training
DVD 3, Closing and review
Complete Keeping It Real DVD 3 Download
+ The Keeping it Real Sessions DVD 4
22 lectures 04:00:17
Defining your student tuition
Do you need contracts? This is a question that every instructor and new student asks. This module is going to teach you exactly how you will make simple Membership Agreements that will help protect your assets and future as a result of mishaps. Module 13 is also going to detail how a Membership Agreement works mostly to the benefit of the student, without a forced continuity billing system.
Student contracts
A Massive Module! These are the raw business details that you will need to help you run a simple, hard training and goal oriented Dojo.  From creating a rotating curriculum where one person can teach a hundred students with ease, to a very traditional and formulated means of rank progression, this module alone is worth so much.
Scheduling (part 1)
Scheduling (part 2)
Scheduling (part 3)
Curriculum development (part 1)
Curriculum development (part 2)
About teaching (part 1)
About teaching (part 2)
About teaching (part 3)
Student rank and progress (part 1)
Student rank and progress (part 2)
Student rank and progress (part 3)
Make sure your students get the training equipment and gear you require, but make it affordable and easy to get, without wasting space and time in your traditional Dojo. Selling stuff to your students is important, because they want to buy from the Dojo and support it. This module will show you a simplified way to maximize your retail sales to your students without setting up a store in your Dojo!
Retail and profit centers
Alternative profit centers (part 1)
Alternative profit centers (part 2)
Kids Birthday Parties
We’ve saved the best for last…Well not really, but it is an important topic to address. Unruly members include students and family members who choose to not follow the guidelines set by you in your Dojo. This module shows you exactly how to field these issues without compromising your integrity.
Handling unruly students and guests
DVD 4, Closing and review
Complete Keeping It Real DVD 4 Download
The contract debate & why you must have one