Rune Casting and Rune Magic
4.2 (10 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Rune Casting and Rune Magic

Take back your fate by learning to read the runes and channel their magic
4.2 (10 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
77 students enrolled
Created by Micah Blake
Last updated 4/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Rune Readings (like tarot sort of)
  • Rune magic
  • Different ways to cast runes and lay them for information
  • Hand magic
  • Talismans
  • An open mind and willingness to learn

  We go through a lot of change in life and just like taking a map or gps on a road trip its nice to see what is ahead in life. Runes help us see the situation with more information, more knowledge of what is going on. They don't tell us what to do or seal our fate. They allow us more information to make better decisions about life.

   In this course we will be looking at the Elder Futhark. It is a set of 24 runes. We will look at their historic meanings but also how to develop your own personal meaning for them.

   Using those runes we will learn how to do several different readings.

  • single rune readings

  • three rune readings

  • 24 rune inner journey reading

  • yearly forecast

  • Traditional Valknutr reading both 3 and 9 rune

Another side of the runes is not using them for divination but using them for magic. Whether you need extra help with wealth and money magic, defense, grounding, or meaning to life the runes can guide you and make your path smoother.  This can be as simple as focusing on their energy to no longer be bothered by harassing co-workers, to creating complex talismans for any purpose you have. We will go over some basics of magic in three categories.

  • Energy visualization (Most practical for everyday use)

  • Talismans

  • Hand magic

In a time when information can't be relied on coming from other people we need a way to figure out the truth. After the truth is found we need the energy to act on it. The runes give us both of those things. If you feel it is time to take your life in your own hands (literally if you are using hand magic) then this course may be a gateway to a whole new future.

Who this course is for:
  • Those who want to learn how to get more information that is hidden to them
  • Those who are ready to take control of their lives
Course content
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+ Introduction
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What are the Runes?

They are more than just magic rocks that tell the future.

They are also more than just an ancient alphabet.

  • Energy streams

  • An ancient alphabet

  • Magic

    • Sympathetic magic

    • Doorways

What do they Tell us?

They don’t:

  • Tell us the exact future that WILL happen

  • Tell you what to do

  • Have just one meaning

They do:

  • Specifically communicate with the vitki

  • Communicate with you at the level you are at

  • Give insight into things you don’t already know

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What do the Runes tell us?

They don’t:

  • Tell us the exact future that WILL happen

  • Tell you what to do

  • Have just one meaning

They do:

  • Specifically communicate with the vitki

  • Communicate with you at the level you are at

  • Give insight into things you don’t already know

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All the downloads (Explained)
A Word about this Course
+ Elder Futhark (Definitions, numbering, and reading meanings)
25 lectures 56:11
Download of all the Runes

Bright Reading;

Wealth may be involved but it must be used with

wisdom and shared. It could also be inner wealth. Using

your inner and outer wealth will make it grow. This power

is from outside yourself and will take time to understand.

This could signify a person who works with finances

or someone who works with animals

Murk Reading;

Greed can make you an outcast and cause you to suffer inner alienation. Discord will follow abuse of Fehu. Excess of this power can cause you to burnout your creative energy and your physical body. Abuse of this power can attract offensive aggression. Blocking this energy will cut off your vital and life energy not just money. Failure and poverty will be result of this energy being abused or blocked.


Bright Reading:

This is a fountain of energy, when held onto and

controlled it will turn to strength. This strength is used best

as a defense for your home. It can also be used helpful

when working towards inner goals. When focused on this

rune is bringer of luck, understanding, and health. The

image of the lucky horseshoe was made from this Rune.

This can signify a physician or someone in the crafts

Murk Reading:

When misdirected protection can become possession. This can indicate this power used in the wrong way, or used by people who only wish to control others. With too much Uruz that is not controlled you will get chaos. Blockage of Uruz leads to ignorance, sickness, and weakness


Bright Reading:

Reactions to what you do might be aggressive.

When dealing with people outside your circle be careful.

Danger might come so engage with others with knowledge.

Intense erotic expression may be coming but may involve

pain. This rune involves crisis for good or bad. When used correctly

it can lead to change and regeneration and can be applied to protection.

It can represent an unskilled brutal person.

Murk Reading:

If used unwisely it may have extreme reactive forces working against it from the outside. It indicates unhealthy sexual relationships. Beware of betrayal. This is not a rune to seek wisdom from but to use its power with knowledge and wisdom.


Bright Reading:

Skills involving language are involved, including

persuasion, imitation, and manipulation. Much is to be

learned from Odin but do not worship him. Wisdom from the

ancestors and their ways is possible through this rune.

It is possible to bring different energies together making the

unexpected to be expected. Intelligence, inspiration are found in this rune so seek the best and highest. This may indicate an intellectual or priestly person.

Murk Reading:

An Uncomfortable situation may be coming. When misused delusion may come. Be wary of others trying to manipulate or confuse you. Misusing knowledge may bring danger from dishonorable people. Blockage of Ansuz can lead to boredom and intellectual death.


Bright Reading:

Ordered change from ethical deeds are indicated.

They require good judgement, planning, and preparation.

Gain experience from people outside your circle and take

Action. Your domestic situation may be changing soon.

Justice should be sought but use good reason and good

counsel. This may signify a person in legal or transportation fields.

Murk Reading:

Both physical and spiritual crisis may be coming due to unpreparedness. Boredom may come from stagnant routines and cycles. Look out for bad advice. If Raidho is blocked it can lead to stagnation, injustice, irrationality.


Bright Reading:

Creativity, aptitude, and natural ability are indicated.

Peace and rest are necessary to allow this to flow through

you. Creativity can be applied to your surroundings but must

start in yourself. It may be time for you to transform your

situation by enlightened insights. A child may be coming.

This rune may pertain to a person in the arts or crafts.

Murk Reading:

Not being able to contain it will result in physical disease or break-up in relationships. Problems with children may be coming. Blockage of kenaz leads to inability and a lack of creative skill.


Bright Reading:

Be ready to give and receive generosity with guests.

A physical or spiritual gift may be coming. You may expect

great honor, respect, or dignity; or you may need to give that

to someone else. You may have a magical exchange in sex.

A strange and synchromatic experience may be coming. This

rune may depict someone who works for a non-profit or charity, or someone in the hotel or restaurant business.

Murk Reading:

Don’t give away all you have and all you are. Don’t become dependent on gifts from others. Beware of using gifts to buy influence (bribes.) Beware of financial enslavement and unwise money decisions. Blockage of Gebo will lead to poverty, loneliness, and greed.


Bright Reading:

Social harmony can be expected along with a

separation from pain. Look to your higher ideals at this time.

Good health or the need to pay attention to it is indicated.

Organize different parts of your life and bring them into

harmony. Bring your inner and outer worlds into harmony.

New social relationships are likely and material prosperity may

come from business ones. A person in the social services can be signified by this rune.

Murk Reading:

Losing the individual inside the group is possibly which can cause a loss of ego and identity. Blockage of Wunjo can bring poor relationships, arguments, loneliness. It can also bring a loss of touch with yourself and from spiritual guides.


Bright Reading:

A change in you life situation may be coming quite

possibly in form of a crisis. The source of this crisis is most

likely unknown to you and out of your control. A call to self

ordering and inner harmony is called for. Look to your root

issues and prioritize them in the most healthy and ethical

Way. If responded to appropriately this crisis should bring

positive change in your life remodeling yourself into higher

archetypal patterns. This rune may indicate a mystic, magician, or priest.

Murk Reading:

The impending crisis may destroy some of your vital forces due to lack of harmony and preparedness. Blockage of Hagalaz will result in complete stagnation and inability to change. At first blocking all change and crisis may seem beneficial but chaos can’t be avoided completely.


Bright Reading:

Recognizing your need allows you to take action.

Stress turns to strength, resistance to strengthening.

Crisis forces ingenuity and original thought and salvation

comes from within. This Rune may indicate a crisis in your

current love life or an unhealthy affair. It can signify a either

a menial worker/bureaucrat or mystic/magician

Murk Reading:

Hostile external circumstances strip your freedom. The grind of life is wearing you down. You are overly infatuated with outer things and need to focus inward. Blockage of Nauthiz leads to lack of all friction in life and the “easy life” seducing your soul to apathy and atrophy.


Bright Reading:

Evolution of your true self and ego awareness.

Transition from one state to another is never easy, but

looking inward you can overcome present difficulties.

This might signal a time that you should isolate yourself,

especially your inner self, for meditation and soul searching.

Through your self control you have the ability to influence others.

Through this rune you see beauty where you didn’t before.

This may represent a mystic, scoundrel, or dead man.

Murk Reading:

Overuse of Isa can freeze you from all action, making you selfish and out of tune with the realities of others. Blockage or neglect of Isa may make you vulnerable to others manipulations and force. It can lead to inability to concentrate or focus on the actions needed.


Bright Reading:

A good harvest can be expected from correct action.

You may receive generosity from another. Peace and

comfort should come from material sufficiency. Have

patience to act at the proper time. This rune may show

a farmer or someone in the financial job.

Murk Reading:

You may become trapped in unhealthy cycles. Bad timing or actions leads to negative or non existent results, resulting in failure and poverty. Blockage of jera energy will create an inability to work with cycles or patterns wasting energy, time, and potential. Being ignorant of the ways of nature will lead to bad decisions and crossed patterns.

Preview 02:21

Bright Reading:

Mental control and flexibility are needed to learn from

all the realms as you explore the mysteries of this rune. The

inner flame must ignite through practice with this rune.

Work at becoming independent of the normal order of the

world and control changes through personal consciousness.

Understanding inner strength will free you from outer danger.

The rune may indicate a mystic or magician.

Murk Reading:

Eihwaz coming to early in someone's life or without knowledge of it can cause confusion or burnout. Blockage of this energy will cause deep dissatisfaction, boredom, and apathy. It will also lower your will power and make your self-discipline lazy.


Bright Reading:

This is generally a good luck rune. It embodies the

joy and feeling of being with loved ones in a place of

Celebration and safety. It also shows the evolutionary change

of all situations just as the people at the party come and go.

It may represent an entertainer or musician.

Murk Reading:

Over indulgence in this energy can cause addiction to it’s pleasure. It can cause chaos, weakness, and confusion. Unwise use of it can cause loss of money, self respect, and honor. A blockage of this will create stagnation, loneliness, and dissatisfaction with life’s pleasure.


Bright Reading:

This rune is complex and can bode danger for the

Inexperienced. Those who work with it know that you do not

grasp it but become it. This can bring awakening but must

not be barged into. Divine communication is at hand. This

force can be used both as a protection or can be pointed

outward and used as an attack on your opponents.

Often this doesn’t depict a person but divine beings.

Murk Reading:

Grave danger is indicated. Unwise use of this force and result in self injury (the power backfiring on you.) Blockage of this force can sometimes be a blessing for those unready, but it will cut the vitki off from his soul and connection to higher powers.


Bright Reading:

Hope has come and good advice is given. Those who

are lost will find a path. This is good rune for those traveling

especially over water. Listen to advice from others and within.

The sun burns away all that is fake and allows you to see

reality of the situation. This force can protect the vitki from

hostile forces. It may indicate a time of learning and growing

is coming. This rune signifies a sailor or teacher.

Murk Reading:

Bad counsel and pursuit of goals that others set for you. You may be looking outside yourself in gullibility. Blockage of the sun leads to unhealthy goal and life path. Failure and confusion of your plans come about from lack of direction.


Bright Reading:

With careful analysis of facts you should find good

judgement and justice to be found. Victory can be expected

if you act wisely and rationally but it may involve self

Sacrifice. Loyalty, truthfulness, and faithfulness must be

practiced and expected. Work with analytical methods and

scientific and mathematical processes.

This rune may indicate an academic, scientist or lawyer.

Murk Reading:

Your actions become stagnant due to over analysis and irrelevant details. You can’t see the picture through all the little facts. Self-sacrifice is necessary at times but over-sacrifice will destroy you. Blockage of Tiwaz will cause injustice, imbalance, confusion, and irrationality.


Bright Reading:

Gradual changes are coming based on old patterns.

Be aware of important new things no matter how small.

Positive domestic changes only happen in a peaceful home.

Prosperity is coming. Erotic relationships may come about

or new aspects to current ones. Forms of aggressive, crafty,

or dishonest means may be necessary to achieve your goals.

(Natural evolution rarely plays nice.) This rune may indicate a mother or a whore.

Murk Reading:

Being completely infused in the material world leads to confusion of self and awareness. Over emphasizing the beauty of things may make you overlook alternate uses. Danger in deceit may be at hand. Blocking Berkano can lead to a sterile body and mind and stagnation in all of life’s aspects.


Bright Reading:

Harmony with a partner is indicated, whether that is a

business, spouse, mentor, or friend. You can experience

teamwork without a loss of who you are. You can develop a

better relationship with your inner self or soul. Formal

partnership or marriage may be indicated where there is

Loyalty present. This rune may indicate a spouse or partner.

Murk reading:

Loss of self in a partnership. Being too close to something may result in a duplication and not a partnership. A blockage of ehwaz may result in dissatisfaction, betrayal, mistrust, or divorce.


Bright Reading:

This indicates the epitome of humanity. Of being born

of divine power and knowledge. You will find happiness in

social and inner life, stemming from your harmony with being

human. Fakeness and blinders will be removed and you can

see things for what they are. Awakening is happening.

This rune indicates any type of people who are seeking.

Murk Reading:

Depression from feeling hopeless and perceiving things that are not reality. Dwelling on mortality to much and becoming weak with fear from that knowledge. Bad relationships based on lies and misunderstandings. Blocking mannaz leads to living in an alternate reality, blindness, and selfishness.


Bright Reading:

You will be facing tests in your life but will find the

energy to overcome them. Your true self will evolve through

these tests. Water takes little effort to change from one form to

another. Controlling yourself you will find what you need. Do

not fear the journey even if you must “go under” to find your

goal. Personal growth will happen even if it comes through

uncomfortable situations. This may represent a sailor, or fisherman.

Murk Reading:

Fear of change and taking the journey will freeze you in place. There is a danger of walking in circles so that you don’t have to go down the right path. You may be failing a test of initiation in your life. Blockage of this force will dam up the power to grow and you will wither and come to poverty. Access to your deeper self will be blocked.


Bright Reading:

This is a time of rest and active internal growth of your

true self and energy. This allows things to gestate and be

ready to act when the time is right. Patience is require.

Listen to yourself and the rhythms around you. Things are in

a state of rest actively waiting to be unleashed for their design

and purpose. This may signify a farmer or priest.

Murk Reading:

Mistiming this force can lead to self-absorption and becoming bottled up, unable to take action. You may find yourself seduced to laziness, thinking this is the end and not a stage of preparation. Blockage of this stage may lead to running short of energy, power, or strength to make it through the journey you have started on. You may also find yourself moving but without the strength to change.


Bright Reading:

The Day brings light and awareness. Things that may

have seemed confusing spontaneously appear clear. It is the

ultimate source of hope and happiness. A great awakening

and vision can be gained. This rune also shows polarities in

life. It is the true vitki and seeker that will find the common

aspects of life both the light in the dark and the dark in the light.

This rune represents someone who is seeking.

Murk Reading:

Day is hard to see as a murk stave but sometimes it comes to soon in someone’s life who isn’t prepared for it. Just as we can spend to much time in the sun dwelling on only the day can burn you and make you only see a specific point of view. Blockage of Dagaz will lead to blindness, boredom, hopelessness, and death.


Bright Reading:

You will be experiencing stable living and family life.

Peaceful living with your family, friends, or work and a

continued growth. You must be vigilant to maintain the order,

structure, and defense of the group. Freedom and safety are

felt in the group or home. You may find that this is a time you

finally find a home or new dwelling to call yours. This rune may

about a leader or about an entire group.

Murk Reading:

Disruption and difficulty inside a group is at hand. Misuse of this power may lead to dictatorship or a ruling with force of a group or family. This will lead to disaster. A blockage of Othala will lead to homelessness, loneliness, and slavery.

+ Rune readings
9 lectures 46:19

Making your own runes will give you a better connection with them.

It is not important what you use. You can use many different things.




Making your own runes

In this exercise we look at the rune and how multiple runes work together and how to read their meanings when there are multiple runes in the reading.

Reading Exercise (See how runes relate to each other)
Single Rune Reading
Inner Readings by the Furthark Order

The runes have different meanings. We call them Bright and Murk.

It doesn't mean just being happy and sad, or good and bad.

We look at how to actually see if the rune should be read as a bright staff or murk staff in this section.

Reading Murk readings
Yearly Forecast

This works with the traditional Udhr Verhandi and Skuld rune reading.

Also for a more comprehensive reading it does the 9 rune reading the Valknutr ( the knot of the slain)

The Valknutr is a great reading if you want to get a better understanding and a deeper meaning about a current situation. Each set of three shows a fuller meaning of the root, current, and future or reality of the situation.

Traditional Reading Valknutr (both 3 and 9 rune readings)
+ Magic and working with the Runes
5 lectures 31:18
Learning to visualize the energy of the runes
Working Magic with Visualization

Bind Runes

  • Potent form of combining runes

  • Can be just multiple runes together or can be spelling something out (or both)

  • Similar to sigil magic

  • Pleasing to the eye

  • Will get more complicated as you learn more

    • Numerically significant

    • Specific to how the runes work together

    • Based on purpose

Bind Runes

Making a Talsiman

  • Talismans or tines are living beings

    • Has a purpose

    • Has a personality

    • Has a name (if given)

  • Connected to the Vitki but also separate

  • Can be very simple or very complex and long lived

  • Prepare your material, purpose, and rune formula

  • Open with your personal ritual

  • Draw the energy of the runes being used

  • Send the runes into the object while saying their names

    • Picture the purpose, time, and dissipation of the tine

    • If not attached to you finish loading it and cute it off from you

  • Give it it’s name(or not) and tell it it’s purpose


Hand runes are runes that we form with using our hands. We can do the same magic with hand magic as with the visualization exercise.

Preview 06:31
+ Conclusion
2 lectures 01:47
Where to go from here
BONUS Lecture