Route of Business Success for Students and New Grads

What does future buz look like? What is your focus point to develop? What do you prep before/after joining the company?
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Big picture of current business situation and future anticipated circumstances in business
Route of business success, career development and well-being general based on a lot of research incl consulting report, advisers' comments, practices, etc
Strategy and tactics which you should do for self-actualization when you are student and new grads employees before/after joining the company
Impressive quotes you can learn by heart throughout the future


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About this course & What you will learn

  • What does the future look like in business?

  • By 2030, half of today's jobs will be gone due to AI and robotics, Osborne from Oxford University said. Unpredictable times in Business.

  • How to overcome these business circumstances?

  • You will learn the route to business success

  • Route of business success includes Self-Awareness, Growth Mindset, and Capability Development

  • These 3 Steps will ignite Self-actualization, Business drive, Career Development, and Well-being.

  • Section 1: Introduction and the big picture of this course

  • Section 2: Seek your Self-Awareness including your Values, Strengths, and Purpose

  • Section 3: Develop your Growth Mindset, Create new habits by understanding Self-compassion, Grit, and Resilience

  • Section 4: Foster your Capabilities. Especially, Strategic thinking, Communication skills, and Digital skill.

  • Section 5: Wrap up and next step


  • University, high school* students: It's possible preparation before joining the company. After watching this video, could you decide on the next action like seeking your Strengths or reading recommended books? It will create your future.

    *Please Notice, Those under 18 may use the services only if a parent or guardian opens their account, handles any enrollments, and manages their account usage.

At a glance

  • Institution: Roy Ashizawa, Specialist of Business Strategy and Learning & Development with 20+ certifications, and 8 years of experience to educate new grads employees and internship students in the company.

  • Subjects: Providing knowledge that you should know before/ after joining a company

  • Target: University students, new grad employees, teachers in university/ high school, and instructors in the company.

  • Out of Scope: Experienced employees

  • Special Thanks: Memory, Roberto, Vasa, Zeyad, Gus, Jaidev, Rohid, Ankit, Aleksis, Maine, Ian, Wenica, Shanika, and Danna, a total of 14 teachers or university students across 7 countries.  Your valuable advice made this course. I'm happy to release this course with your collaboration.

Who this course is for:

  • University students and new graduate employees who would like to know the big picture of current business, future expectation based on curated information. Under 18 students may use the services only if a parent or guardian opens their account, handles any enrollments, and manages their account usage.
  • People would like to know route of business success, career development and wellbeing
  • People would like to know how to seek self-awareness, growth mindset and capability development before/ after joining the company
  • Students who have received a job offer from a company and want to prepare something
  • University teachers. Instructors who educate new graduate employees. They can diseminate this course as a self-learning.


Business Strategy, Learning & Development Specialist
Roy Ashizawa
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Hi, This is Roy Ashizawa from Japan. I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 20 years, and now, I work for a US-based pharmaceutical company in Japan.

I'm a Business Strategist, Learning & Development specialist, and generalist in all aspects of a business.

My Purpose is to contribute to others with curated learning and practices.

So, I decided to start a business course with an overall big-picture, curated, and practice-based materials for company workers who want time-effective learning.

I have more than 20 business certifications. Leadership, marketing, digital, data analytics, finance, coaching, career, negotiation, psychology, influence, and so on.

I am also a member of the Chief Learning Officer Business Intelligence Board.

ロイ アシザワです。現在、製薬会社にて働いております。




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