Rockstar Network Foundations - Free Edition

All new course designed to kick start your career in Computer Networking.
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Network Fundamentals
Computer Networking 101
How Computer LANs Operate
Understand the OSI Model and IP Stack
Host to Host Communication
Network Cabling and Media


  • Basic Computer Skills


Rockstar Network Foundations is a new course from WiFi Training / Rockstar Training designed to kickstart your career in computer networking. The full course is over 15hrs of HD Video, this is the Free Edition and includes over 2hrs of HD Video from Module 1, and a extra video designed to help people learn IPv4 Subnetting in only 20 minutes. This program is vendor agnostic and lessons learned to apply to any vendor environment. The extra video was a fun work challenge when the team asked if I could make a video to teach people IPv4 subnetting in only 20minutes, the videos on IPv4 in the full courses is almost 2hrs of content.

Rockstar Network Foundations - Free Edition was designed so everyone could get essential skills in understanding the basics of computer networking in a vendor-agnostic way. This program will help anyone in IT understand the basics of communication, and if you enjoy the course the full version will help you kickstart your career in computer networking.

We are new to working with Udemy, and are testing the waters with our new original digital course offerings. We would love to hear your feedback and experience with the platform as we decide the best mediums to release our content.

If you enjoy this free module check out the full 15hr version, that has  at WiFi Training and here on Udemy.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone in Information Technology (IT)
  • Computer Technicians
  • Technician

Course content

2 sections • 7 lectures • 2h 51m total length
  • Introduction
  • Computer Networking 101
  • Introductions to Local Area Networks (LANs)
  • OSI Model and IP Stack
  • Host to Host Communication
  • Network Cabling and Media


Principal Instructor @ WiFi Training
Chris Avants
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Chris Avants is the Principal Instructor / Author @ WIFi Training, a global Training, and Consulting company based out of Central Texas.

Chris Avants is a Principal Instructor / Consultant / Entrepreneur with vast experience in the information technology industry and a proven track record of success. With a strong 20 years’ experience as a network engineer with over a decade in a lead SME role and 6 years as Cisco instructor Chris has helped companies increase productivity, reduce costs and helped thousands of students earn advanced certifications and grow their careers. Chris has created dozens of jobs directly, hundreds indirectly. Chris has worked at the service provider/partner level throughout his career working with national and global clients to solve complex problems through the use of technology. For the past seven years, Chris has earned a name in the community as a trusted instructor and respected author working on both official and original titles. Chris is a wireless, and security thought leader and subject matter expert, with additional skills in Collaboration, R/S, and virtualization technologies earning over 50 certifications including multiple expert-level certifications from Cisco and CWNP.