The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Game Development with ROBLOX
4.2 (335 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Game Development with ROBLOX

Game development & design. Become a coding Ninja! Learn how to make your own Roblox games the fun way!
4.2 (335 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,852 students enrolled
Last updated 6/2020
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What you'll learn
  • After this course you will have a solid Roblox Lua understanding what can be used to create Roblox games.
  • You can use the game you created to further develop it and make it greater than ever before.
  • You will have a solid understanding of how to sell your products & ingame boosters so you can make Robux with your games.
  • You get a certificate on completing the course you can show to Roblox game studios when applying or a developer role.
  • You create professional Roblox Games and even have a bonus chance on learning how to create VR Games on Roblox.
  • You are capable of starting your own game studio on Roblox.
  • Create a several Roblox Games and get a understanding of the code and responsibilities behind them.
  • Learn how to build a community around your games.
  • Create a several Roblox Games and get a understanding of the code and responsibilities behind them.
  • Learn how to create custom server systems without the need of a VIP server.
Course content
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+ Introduction to the Course
6 lectures 19:35
A Note On Asking For Help
Lesson Plan
Introducing Our TA

In this short guide we talk about the official Discord server of the course you can join!

Official Learning Discord Server
+ Intro to Studio
7 lectures 59:12

Learn to interact online in a responsible way and protect your personal information. 

Preview 05:59

Create Roblox accounts and log into Roblox Studio. 

Preview 02:41

Learn about obstacle course games in Roblox and setup files to create your own. 

Project Intro & File Setup

Setup a blank world for an obstacle course and learn basics like camera controls and playtesting. 

Basics of Roblox Studio

Create a challenging series of jumps by learning to manipulate platforms in an obstacle course. 

Parts and Platforms

Visually enhance the obstacle course by changing part colors and materials to match a creative theme.

Colors and Materials

Learn how to share work on Roblox.

Publish and Playtest
+ Code Fundamentals
52 lectures 03:43:45

Learn the difference between scripts and code.

Preview 04:00
Create a Script (Documented)

Use string variables to say Hello World and test your code. 

String Variables
String Variables (Documented)

Learn how to change a part's properties with code and create RGB color values. 

Properties and BrickColor
Properties and BrickColor (Documented)

Create variables and while loops to change a part's color every few seconds. 

Preview 14:01
Loops and BrickColor (Documented)

Learn about Parent/Child relationships in programming to create multiple parts that change color over time. 

Reusing Code w/ script.Parent
Reusing Code w/ script.Parent (Documented)

You will be able to:

  • Create a function that prints a customized line of text.

  • Understand what code will and will not print when included in the scope of functions.

You should:

  • Know how to create a script (Watch Lesson Create a Script)

Create and Use Functions

Get introduced to functions and by creating one that outputs text of your favorite animal. 

Functions 1: Functions Practice
Functions 1: Function Practice (Documented)

Apply your knowledge of functions to replace a flaming part with one that sparkles. 

Functions 2: Instances and Particles
Functions 2: Instances and Particles (Documented)

Create a trap that removes any object that any object it touches from the game. 

Parameters and Events 1: Traps

In this documented lesson of Parameters and Events 1 you learn more about using Parameters and Events when creating traps.

Parameters and Events 1: Traps (Documented)

Use parameters and event listeners to create a button that makes a bridge appear in-game. 

Parameters and Events 2: Buttons

In this documented lesson of Parameters and Events 2 you learn more about creating buttons and using parameters and events for this. You do this all by writing code!

Parameters and Events 2: Buttons (Documented)
The script in the last lesson can also be used to keep doors that keep players out of specific areas.
Optional Code Challenge
2 questions
Multiple Parameters and Arguments
Can you give some examples of when a function might need to have more than one parameter.
Multiple Parameters Optional Discussion
1 question

As you make games, you will find yourself wanting to make cause-effect relationships like the following:

  • If a player scores 10 points, then they win the game.

  • If a player has a power-up, then they can run super fast.

  • If a player says “Happy Birthday” in chat, then sparkles appear.

All of these relationships need a conditional statement, lines of code that only run if certain conditions are true. One type of conditional statement is an if/then statement that checks to see if something is true before running instructions.

Using if/then Statements
In your script written in the last lesson Instead of using ==, complete these challenges using the Math and Comparison Operators.
Optional Challenge: Using Different Operators
2 questions

Learn conditional statements by changing a part in-game when a math equation is true. 

if/then Statements and Operators
if/then Statements and Operators

With if/then statements, you can make a trap that changes a player’s health rather than just destroying everything it touches.

Traps with if/then Statements

Create a powerup that increases a player's speed whenever they touch a specific part. 

Powerups with if/then Statements
Powerups with if/then Statements (Documented)

You will be able to:

  • Return values or objects from a function

  • Use and store the returned values of functions

You should:

  • Be able to use functions (see lesson Create and Use Functions)

  • Be able to create custom functions (see lesson Functions 2: Instances & Particles)

  • Understand parameters (see lesson Parameters and Events 1: Traps)

  • Understand if/then conditions (see lesson Using if/then Statements)

Returning Values from Functions
Create a calculator using functions and return. Start with creating a function to add two numbers together.
Challenge: Create a Calculator
3 questions

There are different ways to make code run over and over. If you want the code to only run a certain amount of times, use a for loop. A good example, would be when creating countdown timers where the clock ticks down one second at a time.

Repeating Tasks with For Loops

To practice for loops, you’ll create a lamp that gradually glows brighter and then dims over time.

Glowing Lights with For Loops

For this bridge, players will touch a button to make a bridge walkable for a limited time before it disappears.

Creating a Timed Bridge

Sometimes an if statement needs to be able to handle more than one possible outcome. Like in a race, you might want to give out different medals depending on how fast the player finished.

Multiple Conditions with Elseif and Else

This is your first coding challenge based on the last lecture!

Multiple Conditions with Elseif and Else ( Challenge 1)

This is the second challenge based on Multiple Conditions with Elseif and Else

Multiple Conditions with Elseif and Else ( Challenge 2)

This is your third challenge based on Multiple Conditions with Elseif and Else

Multiple Conditions with Elseif and Else ( Challenge 3)

This is your fourth and last challenge based on Multiple Conditions with Elseif and Else

Multiple Conditions with Elseif and Else ( Challenge 4)

This project will use conditional statements to create a part that will give or subtract points on a leaderboard depending on what color the part is when touched.

Creating a Point Giving Part

In this lesson you learn to create and script GUI Buttons.

Creating GUI Buttons

Nesting loops allows you to repeat tasks in batches.

Nested Loops
In the Rain actual cupcakes challenge it's your job to make it rain cupcakes in your game.
Challenge: Rain actual cupcakes
1 question

This is the solution of the Rain actual cupcakes challenge!

Solution: Rain actual cupcakes

Tables are a way to group multiple values together. Unlike variables that store just a single value, tables don’t have a fixed size and can hold a mix of different value types.

Creating and Using Arrays

Arrays can be combined with loops, such as while or for loops, to repeat the same code for each value.

Looping Through Arrays

A optional challenge for looping through arrays.

Looping Through Arrays: Optional Challenge

An array’s contents will often have to be changed, like when needing to remove an item from a player’s inventory.

Making Changes to Arrays

Dictionaries are tables that use a key to identify values instead of numbered indexes Values store data related to that key.

Intro to Dictionaries

pairs() and ipairs() are functions that can be used with a for loop to go through each element of an array or dictionary without needing to set starting or ending points.

pairs and iPairs

This is the first challenge for Pairs and iPairs where you will try to create a waiter NPC.

Challenge - Waiter NPC

Another challenge for pairs and iPairs where you will allow players to place orders.

Challenge - Allow Players to Place Orders
Create a restaurant simulator where players are the chefs! Players will have to put together ingredients to match the order given to them by the waiter.
Advanced Challenge - Make Me Some Soup Simulator
1 question

earch a table using pairs() or ipairs() for half of any table element, such as the key or value, to find and return the other half.

Returning Values from Tables

Abstractions in computer science provide a simplified representation of something larger.

Coding Concept: Abstraction

An algorithm uses a series of steps to determine an outcome.

Coding Concept: Algorithms
What are additional algorithms pickCloths() might use?
Challenge - Divide pickcloths() Into Additional Algorithms
1 question

Copying the same functions between multiple scripts can be time consuming and hard to manage.

Intro to Module Scripts

To apply your knowledge of module scripts, create a module script that allows players to pick up lockpicks and use them to open treasure chests.

Creating with Module Scripts
+ Game Design Basics
86 lectures 03:55:50

This guide will get you started with the beginner gameplay section.

Beginner Gameplay Student Guide
AdventureGame 1/8 (Documented)
AdventureGame 2/9
AdventureGame 2/8 (Documented)
AdventureGame 3/9
AdventureGame 3/8 (Documented)
AdventureGame 4/9 - Part 1
AdventureGame 4/8 (Documented)
AdventureGame 4/9 - Part 2
AdventureGame 5/9
AdventureGame 6/9
AdventureGame 7/9
AdventureGame 8/9
AdventureGame 9/9
Final Game

In this article we talk about the game we created and what's next!

Adeventure Game - Final Word

In this video you will see what you will be creating!

Preview 00:16

In Roblox Story Games, words are going missing and it’s up to players to fill in the blanks!

Word Games - Welcome to Your Library

Before coding, write the story you’ll use as the base of your game. The story can be about anything you wish.

Word Games - Writing the Story
In the last lecture you have read about writing a storage its time to get started with that now!
Write a story!
1 question

To create a word game out of the story, delete words from the story and create placeholders for them. In the game, players will answer questions to fill in the placeholders.

Word Games - Creating Placeholders

In Roblox Studio is a Story Games template that has everything needed for the game to work, except the code for the actual story.

Word Games - Opening the Template

In Roblox, code is typed inside of scripts using the coding language Lua. Games often have separate scripts for each thing the game needs to do.

Word Games - Opening the Script

The first thing to code is the placeholders for the words that the player will fill in. In a script, placeholders for information are called variables.

Word Games - Coding Variables

Test your knowledge and earn the first of three prizes by clicking the button below to open a Roblox quiz game.

Word Games - First Challenge

The variable you just created will be used to both ask players questions and to store their answer. The questions will show up in the middle of the player’s screen after they click on the large book at the front of the library.

Word Games - Asking Questions

Store Info Inside the Variable

Word Games - Add a Question

This is a good point at which to check your code and make sure it runs. Testing your code often makes it easier to figure out where you might have made a mistake.

Word Games - Testing Your Code

Save your work by publishing your game so it’s stored online by Roblox. It’s a good idea to save your game every 10-15 minutes.

Word Games - Saving Your Code

Test your knowledge and earn the second of three prizes by clicking the button below to open a Roblox quiz game.

Word Games - Second Challenge

After the player answers all of the questions, they’ll get to see their answers combined with the story.

Word Games - Write the Story

Combine the Story and Answer

Adding to the Story

To ask a second question, create a new question and keep adding to the same variable holding the story.

Add a Second Question

Keep adding to your game by adding more variables, questions, and concatenating strings.

Finishing the Story

Test your knowledge and earn the last prize by clicking the button below to open a Roblox quiz game.

Third Challenge

Congratulations, you just finished the latest Roblox Creator Challenge in the course!

Completing the Challenge

One of the most exciting features of Roblox is that it’s really easy to share your game with friends.

Share Your Game

Have you ever made your own levels or worlds on Roblox before? If not, we’ve got just the thing to get you started.

''Create and Destory '' Creator Challenge

Have you ever made your own levels or worlds on Roblox before? If not, we’ve got just the thing to get you started. Design your own tropical metropolis and compete to see who can smash the most buildings with the made possible by Roblox all-new “Create and Destroy” Creator Challenge, inspired by Godzilla: King of the Monsters!

Preview 00:19
Create and Destroy - What we will make!

Most popular games are made by teams of people with different skills working together. One role on teams is the world builder, sometimes also called the level designer. World builders shape the game environment. In competitive games, they make sure maps are balanced and fair for all players.

Create and Destroy - Designing a Balanced Map

The tile pieces on the palette are lined up on a grid so that they will snap together nicely. To have an easier time keeping them lined up on the grid, adjust the Snap to Grid settings.

Create and Destroy - Snap to Grid

Save your work-in-progress privately online by publishing your game.

Create and Destroy - Save and Publish

Test your knowledge and earn the Rodan’s Head avatar item and Drafting the Blueprints Badge! When you take the real challenge on the Roblox game.

Create and Destroy - Take the Challenge!
3 questions

Test your knowledge and earn the Rodan’s Head avatar item and Drafting the Blueprints Badge!

Create and Destroy - Take the Challenge!

With the SpawnLocations done, move on to designing the rest of the city.

Create and Destroy - Building and Testing

To build the first half of the map, you’ll need a lot more buildings than the number you see on the palette.

Create and Destroy - Build One Half of the Map

To test your map as it will look in game, playtest the map in Studio.

Create and Destroy - Playtest the Map

Next, duplicate the road tiles in your palette to create roads between the buildings.

Create and Destroy - Build the Roads

Once you’re happy with the roads in your city, start placing the medium buildings.

Create and Destroy - Medium Buildings and Props

When the first half of the city is ready, the next step is to use duplicate to turn it into a complete 4-player map.

Create and Destroy - Complete the City

A square map isn’t very natural or interesting to players.

Create and Destroy - Customize the Map Shape

You’ll use a variety of terrain tools to change the shape of the island, each step making the island slightly less square-like and a little more natural.

Create and Destroy - Terrain Tools

Test your knowledge and earn the Godzilla Backpack avatar item and World Builder Badge by clicking the PLAY QUIZ GAME Text in the next lesson to open a Roblox quiz game.

Create and Destroy - Take the Challenge!
3 questions

Test your knowledge and earn the Godzilla Backpack avatar item and World Builder Badge by clicking the PLAY QUIZ GAME Text to open a Roblox quiz game.

Create and Destroy - Take the Challenge!

This last lesson will put the final custom touches on your game by changing how many points you can get for each building, uploading a custom image for your game, and allowing other people on Roblox to play your creation.

Create and Destroy - Polishing & Publishing

Besides just the map, other aspects of Create and Destroy can be customized.

Create and Destroy - Change the Points Given

Before sharing your game, add a custom image for the game icon and thumbnail.

Create and Destroy - Create a Game Icon

For the game thumbnail, you can use the same screenshot or take another one.

Create and Destroy - Upload A Thumbnail

When you first publish a game, it’s automatically set to private.

Create and Destroy - Invite Friends to Play

Test your knowledge and earn the Ghidorah’s Wings avatar item and Architect of DestructionBadge by clicking the PLAY QUIZ GAME text to open a Roblox quiz game.

Create and Destroy - Take the Challenge!

In this Exam we test your knowledge over all the 3 topics that we have covered.

Create and Destroy - Take the Challenge! Exam
5 questions

Congrats! You’ve completed the Creator Challenge.

Create and Destroy - Finish the Challenge

In this tutorial series are we going to be creating our own galactic speedway racer!

Preview 01:53

The Galactic Speedway needs racers, and you’ve got what it takes to leave them all in the dust. Scavenge parts and create a custom driftspeeder of your own to take on all comers and outrace the galaxy. Earn limited-edition rewards inspired by Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker through January 6.

Preview 00:46

All of the parts for building your driftspeeder and the code for the annual Junker’s Canyon Race are included in the Galactic Speedway template.

Preview 00:46
+ Intermediate Game Design
7 lectures 39:45

This guide will tell you more about the Intermediate Gameplay section and what you can expect from it.

Intermediate Student Guide

(Lectures being made possible by EgoMouse) 

In the written lesson we will be talking about creating our very own filtering enabled friendly first person shooter (FPS) game.

The First Person Element Of A First Person Shooter

(Lectures being made possible by EgoMouse) 

One of the most common requests I get lectures are for a decoration placement system that saves.

Creating A Furniture Placement System

(Lectures being made possible by EgoMouse) 

Most people want to know how to do this for things like basketballs or cannon balls and so forth. Since this is such a popular question I thought it would be worth writing a lecture on it and talking about a few other things we can extend from our findings.

Modeling a projectile’s motion

(Lectures being made possible by EgoMouse) 

The trick to making a circular colour palette is knowing how to generate the colour palette image. Of course this can be done in many ways, but for the purposes of this lecture I used a shader.

Making A Circular Color Palette Gui

(Lectures being made possible by EgoMouse) 

Quaternions are always a tricky, but interesting subject. They are four dimensional in nature and provide an unparalleled usefulness when it comes to rotations. Unfortunately, they’re far from intuitive, and for most people they are avoided entirely in favour of just letting the engine do the heavy lifting.

How to think about Quaternions

(Lectures being made possible by EgoMouse) 

The main difficulty you will find in creating grass like this is optimization.

What I describe below is by no means something that takes performance into account, rather this is just an idea of the process.

How to create interactive grass
+ 3d Model Design
7 lectures 04:54:15

This is the Guide for all information about this section!

Model Design Guide

In this lesson we talk about why you should use Asset Forge, what it is, how to use it and how it could improve your current workflow for when you are already 3d artist in Roblox or Blender and how software like Blender could be a huge help to you.

Intro to Asset Forge

In this lecture we learn to create a wild west building and will we have a assignment of which we see the solution at: 28 February 2019.

Creating a old Western Building

In this lecture DieSoft will teach you how to build basic shapes in the Roblox game engine.

Building Basic Shapes

In this lecture will DieSoft teach you how to build a Roadblock Roof.

Build a Roadblock Roof

In this lecture DieSoft will teach you to build a complete house from Scratch.

Building a complete House

In this lesson we talk about extra art resources to keep learning art and get better in what we love.

Extra Art Resources
+ Animations
2 lectures 12:24

Animations truly bring a game to life.

Using Animations in Games

Roblox Studio features a powerful, built-in Animation Editor which allows you to design and publish custom animations.

Using the Animation Editor
+ Known Reports
1 lecture 02:47

In this lecture we briefly talk about how we can create trap that could kill the player both the the avatar is in R15 and R6.

I decided to create this lecture based on the many report of people finding issues with this lesson.

Parameters and Events 1: Traps (R15 support)
Oh no you just started working on your first Obby but the traps are not working! You need to fix this!
Get the Obby Traps Working Again!
5 questions
  • Access to a laptop with a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  • Basic understanding of using Roblox Studio
  • Interest and willing to learn!
  • A love for coding!

**2019 Roblox Featured Educator**

This Roblox course is 2019 Roblox Featured Educator.
Together we try to make it easier for starting game developers and dreamers to make there very own games and start earning there first bits of Robux.

is more than an entertainment platform. It’s an immersive educational tool where the opportunities for creativity and imagination are limitless.  
Anyone can build a game on Roblox. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to coding or you’ve never designed your own virtual world. With a little imagination and the right tools, you’re already well on your way to taking the first leap into game development. Join the course to start building your own worlds on Roblox today!

Why taking this course?

2019 Roblox Featured Educator
Deviac Education is one of the 2019 featured educational schools that got featured by Roblox.

Online support
Get help when you need it 5 days a week. Fast responses from the instructor team  

Support for Parents
For parents, we offer active support on how to block certain features on the Roblox platform to make sure your child stays safe and protected while being able to learn to create games.

Create your first games within hours
Follow the video tutorials step by step to make your own Roblox games.

Become a coding pro
Write real Lua code easy, quick and on a fun and easy to follow way.

Publish your games and play with friends
Learn how to share your creations with the world and earn Robux.

Create Commercial-Grade Roblox games
This course will make you able to create Roblox games of commercial quality. Games that have a minimum of +10k times played and 8 out of 10 ratings.

Most advanced Roblox course
This course is the first every created Udemy Roblox development course and with that also the most advanced Roblox development course ever created. The games you create in this game are not just easy & simple looking games no they are commercial quality games with a real player base and a community behind them.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee 
Together with Udemy we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee no questions asked. This means that you got nothing to lose but need to be aware of the case that when you dive too deep into the course that refunds are not possible anymore.

Features you'll love 

  • Web Exclusive

  • Cheapest Lua course among all on the web

  • Video Tutorials

  • Live Updates

  • Commercial-Grade Games

  • Real Lua Code

  • Easy & Fun

  • Exercises

  • Quizzes

  • Q&A Section

  • Publish Games

  • Build a Community

  • Earn Robux

How it works 

Watch the easy to follow videos teach you how to code step by step. Listen carefully to the instructor as not everything in the course is just about watching a video and writing down what he or she writes down.

Learn the Lua code to build & expand your own Roblox games. This won't always as easy as you would like to but it's important you keep pushing yourself to the limits to every time reach a higher level and become better every step you take.

Share your games with friends and publish them online. Start playing together with them, ask them for feedback and let them invite there friends to build your community. Host small events and expand your game based on feedback of friends and other Robloxians.

Robux thanks to what you learned and created during the course. Keep thinking about new ways of activating people to spend a little Robux on your game so you may start making a living out of your game business.


Who this course is for:
  • You are interested in coding.
  • You are able to invest time to get better.
  • You have a love for game development.
  • You would like to learn more about Roblox Lua concepts and normal Lua concepts.
  • You are able to run Roblox Studio on windows
  • You would like to learn more about networking and server replication
  • You haven´t found the perfect course for you and are looking for a constantly expanding course.