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  • I will guide you through creating your account if you do not already have one
  • Set aside one hour with an open mind to take this course
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The Goal of this lecture is to help you become great at just about everything on ROBLOX. I give you tips and tricks on how to Earn Robux, find cool games, and even how to Trade items. I also go over a lot of the basics and things you may not know about ROBLOX. You will finish this course loaded with an unbelievable amount of knowledge! I never have to buy Robux, you won't have to either.

Hexogen Studios is a popular group I run on ROBLOX and I give a ton of useful knowledge about the ROBLOX platform. This course stays updated but for the Latest tips & tricks I'll give you access to the group inside the lectures. ROBLOX changes is a very fast pace, the ones who stay ahead of the other users are the ones you see on the front page every time you get on. I'll teach you how I got a spot on the Popular games list and how you can do the same.

I have 11 Years of ROBLOX experience. That includes playing, developing, trading, etc. This is an excellent course for ALL skill levels! It's time for you to shave YEARS off of the learning curve and get serious about ROBLOX. Now's your opportunity to take this course and grow like never before!

Would you like to learn how to develop games? Let me know! If I get a lot of interest in the topic i'll create a pretty in depth course on my experiences creating front page games and how I got there. I recently changed this description up because I realized that people thought this course was about developing, which explains the poor rating. Sorry about that, I hope it's more clear now that this course is very valuable for new Roblox users and those who want to learn to make Robux, not developing games! Totally open to creating a course on that though! just sign up so you can message me and let me know you want it!

Who this course is for:

  • You should take this course if your new to the ROBLOX Platform
  • You should take this course if your Experienced on ROBLOX and would like to go over the basics again

Course content

3 sections14 lectures1h 11m total length
  • Join our community Discord to ask me questions directly
  • A Simple Introduction
  • Using the ROBLOX Website like a Pro
  • Customizing your Profile and Character
  • The Most Powerful Features on ROBLOX
  • Join my ROBLOX Group to Stay Updated on the Future Trends


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Benjamin East
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Around five years ago I was introduced to something that completely changed the course of my life. That thing was computer programming. Just the thought of being able to build stuff with abundant resources made my creativity explode. Since then I have made many discoveries and one of those were entrepreneurs. I have always been a little crazy so I think I fit in this category. My most recent discovery was that I had the possibility to give others my knowledge and hopefully change a large part of their lives through Udemy, and that is my goal today.