Rig & Animate Character Without Keyframes | Duik Bassel

Learn Duik Bassel to easily do character animation and Humanoid Character Rigging and improve your motion graphics.
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The easiest and fastest way to rig and animate a character
How to rig a human character in After Effects
How to prepare any character for rig
How to create a walking animation automatically using Duik Bassel


  • You DO NOT need any experience with rigging character. This course is for beginners and assumes you don't have any experience with the rigging.
  • No keyframe, you don't need any knowledge about animation.


You may have the same question that is it possible to rig a character and then create a walk cycle for it, in the shortest time and easiest way?

To answer this question I have to say: Yes, The Duik Basel script has provided this. With this script you can easily rig your character, just by one click and also you can create walk cycle animation for your character, just by one click. All the expressions and the actions that a person needs to spend hours to do for rigging and animating, the Duik does by one click and this feature makes it a powerful script for this purpose.

In this tutorial we're inside after effects looking at how to quickly and easily rig the character then animate it using walk cycle tool in the Duik Bassel 2 in the After Effects.

Here some of the techniques you will learn:

  • you will learn how to prepare your character for rigging.

  • you will learn how to create a proper skeleton for Human character.

  • How to match the skeleton with the character.

  • How to rig your characters using the auto-rig tool.

  • And how to create a walking animation automatically using walk cycle tool.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to Advanced Character Rigging & Animation in the After Effects


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