Rhythm Fundamentals - How to listen and count rhythms

Understanding how rhythm works and become a better musician
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (7 ratings)
1,455 students
Rhythm Fundamentals - How to listen and count rhythms
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (7 ratings)
1,457 students
basic concepts of rhythm
counting techniques
how to read notated rhythms
music theory


  • open ears and mind


In this course, we are going to learn the absolute basics of how to count rhythms, listen to pattens and be able to clap and count these rhythmic patterns back. We will first focus on simple short patterns and then slowly add in different note lengths, and syncopated rhythms as well

Each class will have the same format:

  • Introduce a new concept in rhythmic ear training

  • Give examples/exercises of how to listen, understand and achieve this concept

  • Take a guided quiz based on what you have learned

What makes this class somewhat unique is that we will start at the absolute beginning, and once you understand the concepts of basic counting skills, we then explore how these different rhythms work together quizzes and tutorials.

This is the perfect course for someone who want to learn how rhythms works, but feels overwhelmed by the fast pace of many "learn to play drum" courses.`

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner musicians who want to play by ear
  • Anyone interested in playing drums
  • People wanting to have a stronger sense of rhythm
  • People wanting to understand basic concepts of music theory

Course content

3 sections • 9 lectures • 1h 28m total length
  • 1. 1 Bar Patterns
  • 2. Quater and Eighth notes
  • 3. Introduction to syncopation
  • 4. quater and eighth notes... a little faster
  • 5. Syncopated eighth notes
  • 6. Sixteenth notes


Music Teacher, Performer and App Developer
Michael Emenau
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Michael Emenau - Is the creator of the award winning children's music education /ear training APP "EASY MUSIC". Since its release in 2016 EASY MUSIC (140,000+ paid downloads) has been selected as:

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Michael has extensive experience as a piano, drum and vibraphone teacher, as well as, a content developer and blogger for NY based electronic music school DubSpot.

He has worked professionally as a musician, composer, producer, and arranger for 25+ years, playing such diverse genres as, Jazz, Rock, Salsa, Electronica, Country, Hindustani, Baroque, Klezmer and Orchestral music. During this time he has recorded on over 150 CD’s, composed music for 7 films, toured internationally, and lived on 3 continents. As a recording artist he has released a series of highly acclaimed solo CD’s on the boutique record labels Hearts of Space, Daikini, Lucky Bear and Six Degree’s records.

Currently Michael is part of the world-touring ensemble “The Triplets of Belleville” with Oscar nominated composer Benôit Charest. He also is leading his own touring group “SUSSEX”, which blends Americana, Roots, and ragtime music.