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    Amazingly useful

    This course really helped me get in-depth insights when it comes to selling high-value projects, where the web design is no longer a commodity, but something to be valued.

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    Unimpressive! 2 courses from Dekker with incomplete videos

    In this course, Lecture 8 just cuts off. In "Boosting Web Design Profits", Lecture 11, the audio drops out part of the way through. This is two courses from Dekker Fraser that have defective videos. I would agree that it’s very unprofessional to market educational products that are incomplete. Clearly, nobody at Udemy checks these videos.

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    This course was very lengthy without having a lot of valuable content for me. I did come across the occasional nugget of information that I will definitely be applying to my business, but I ultimately I felt like this was a course aimed at beginners.

    There is so much in here that I would consider amateur. Starting with the quality of the videos which end abruptly, often mid sentence or the way the lecturer seemingly ignores requests for downloads of documents featured in the lectures. The quality of the advice in many of the lectures is also questionable. Such as issue tracking via a word document and password management in a spreadsheet. This had me scratching my head in confusion, as the lecturer advocates being a professional and having business processes but recommends tools not fit for the purpose.

    The notion that you should be building systems and positioning yourself as a specialist is good solid advice but something that I have personally known for some time now. It is repeated throughout the course but is never elaborated on, the software recommended is either common knowledge (like Google Drive) or poorly advised (or no longer valid such as In the end the student is left with nothing more than advice to build processes, without much in the way of specifics on "how" (though the course certainly does emphasise the importance well enough).

    Despite the odd piece of good and actionable advice, I unfortunately found this course to be pretty underwhelming.

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    Incomplete Course

    I have to say that this course is good, but in incomplete. Some videos finishes right in the middle of the explanation. This is very bad! Also, the material is not provided, and that's a shame. Thanks anyway

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    Tons of Useful Information

    I haven't had much experience with marketing and took this course in the hopes of learning a few things about marketing my (growing) skills in web design, as well as other skills that I've been honing for many years. It was hard to part with $199, but I have to say that the wealth of information in this course made the cost worthwhile. It doesn't matter whether your interests lie in web design, graphic design, IT, or something totally different, because the material in this course could be applied to just about any field.

    I will definitely have to revisit parts of the course to refresh my memory, as the sheer volume of material was quite a bit to digest! It's broken down into small topic chunks, though, which make it much easier to find specific information later on.

    Great course!

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    Covers a lot of ground

    This course talks about pretty much everything that modern web design business owners should be thinking about as well as a hefty dose of common sense that applies to all company owners. The first section was invaluable and I took notes constantly.

    The only reason I didn't rate 5 stars is because of some technical difficulties. A few of the videos cut out early which was really frustrating as I was hanging on every word. It'd be great if someone fixed those videos.

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    One of the top course on Internet for anyone in webdesign business!

    This is surely one of the best course on Internet for anyone involved in webdesign business. Dekker knows what he he talking about and his insight of 13 years surely shines through in the course. $200 is surely cheap for the amount of information one would get from the course.

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    The name isn't just creative: it's serious.

    I am a Senior Branding Expert and Digital Strategist with nearly 10 years of experience in creative direction, brand strategy, and internet marketing. After re-branding myself and changing business structures, I was looking for a resource that would provide me with not only more confidence in the direction I was heading, but new skills I could apply.

    Dekker's class surpasses the monetary value. He provides thousands of dollars worth of knowledge that you can apply right away to increase your rates and improve the value of the service you provide.

    I have applied many of the principles Dekker covers in this course, which has allowed me to triple my rates. Not only am I charging a BASE of $15K for a branding package, but I have seen an increase in business since doing so, as I'm positioned properly within the market I want to work with that can afford premium rates.

    If you are a creative entrepreneur that is passionate about your craft and values your brand, take this course.

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    Fantastic Course!

    There's a lot of solid information packed into this course! Not only essential for someone in web design, but for anyone interested in marketing. I feel better at my job already! Definitely a must-have for anyone in marketing!

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    If you want to make money with websites I recomend this course!

    Hi there, this is John Bura, one of Udemy's top selling individual instructors. This course is phenomenal! Everything you need to know about making money from websites is in this course. I would say that the best part about this course is that it shows you how to run a successful company. Most courses don't talk about this at all but it's really important. There is so much information in this course. If you buy this course you will not be disappointed.

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