Resume Secrets: Writing Resumes that Get More Job Interviews

Write a Resume (CV) and Cover Letter that Stand Out & Get Read – Avoid Mistakes and Use Best Practices from Top Resumes.
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (535 ratings)
15,230 students
Resume Secrets: Writing Resumes that Get More Job Interviews
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (535 ratings)
15,230 students
Understand the objectives of resumes
Learn resume basics and best practices
Follow proper resume writing guidelines
Write a resume that stands out
Create unique resumes instead of using resume templates
Write a cover letter that gets read
Learn from actual resume reviews
Avoid the most common resume mistakes


  • Nothing is required!
  • A current resume to update is recommended

Last Updated March 2018

Why the course is important: The hiring rate is very low, and there is a lot of competition - your resume needs to stand out instantly so it can get read and you can get an interview!


Why you should join the course:

  • You only have a few seconds to convince a resume reviewer to read on
  • Learn how to avoid common resume mistakes
  • Stand out from your peers
  • Make your cover letter more compelling
  • Transform your own resume to help get more interviews


What you get:

  1. Resume basics, objectives, and ideal structure
  2. Resume guidelines, common mistakes, and formatting best practices
  3. Cover letter basics and best practices
  4. Video examples of actual resume reviews
  5. Resume Review course with dozens of resume reviews completely FREE
  6. Interviewing Secrets course at a big discount
  7. Free book
  8. Access to closed Facebook group for people to review each other's resumes
  9. As always, lifetime access to the course and all future lecture additions
  10. 30 day money back guarantee


Who it's for:

  • Students looking for jobs or internships
  • Working Professionals who want a new position
  • Anyone who is struggling to get interviews
  • Everyone who wants to write better resumes


Who I am

I've written hundreds of resumes and been fortunate to get a lot of interviews from them. I've interviewed at big companies like Google, IBM, Caterpillar and Amazon. I've interviewed at the world's largest winery and the world's largest contractor. I've even interviewed with many global consulting firms including A.T. Kearney, Deloitte, and Accenture. I didn't get these opportunities because I was smarter than someone else - I got a lot of help preparing my resume from other people with experience and that made all the difference.

But I've also reviewed a lot of resumes so I have experience on both sides of the table. In this course I'll share with you what I've learned in my experience, and the things I've seen give a lot of other people success. And I've reviewed other folk's resumes so you can see common mistakes from people with all different backgrounds, all over the world, and avoid the same mistakes on your own resumes!

I want to see you improve your resume and get more interviews!


Why not take the course today and get a head start on all your peers who are trying to get the same job you are?


Who this course is for:
  • Students trying to get a job
  • Students looking for an internship
  • Working professionals who want a different role or position
  • Other professionals trying to change companies
  • MBA Students
  • Anyone interested in learning more about resumes
  • Everyone who is applying for jobs
9 sections • 37 lectures • 2h 22m total length
  • Promo: Why this Course is Important
  • Introduction the this Resume Writing Course
  • Course Overview: Structure & How to Get the Most
  • How to Use Udemy
  • Free resources**
  • IMPORTANT - Please Read
  • Resume Basics: Your Professional Advertisement
  • Resume Basics: The Purpose or Objective of your Resume
  • Resume Basics: How to Structure Your Resume - Pt 1
  • Resume Basics: How to Structure Your Resume - Pt 2
  • Activity: Transform Your Resume Structure Using the Goal
  • Resume Guidelines: Overview of Best Practices
  • Resume Guidelines: Key Watch-outs
  • Other Common Resume Mistakes
  • Resume Guidelines: Formatting
  • Activity: Transform your Resume or CV
  • Cover Letters: The Pre-Interview
  • Cover Letters: Key Components
  • Cover Letters: Important Guidelines
  • Activity: Transform your Cover Letter
  • Actual Resume Review - Video Example 1
  • Actual Resume Review - Video Example 2
  • Actual Resume Review - Video Example 3
  • Actual Resume Review - Video Example 4
  • Actual Resume Review - Video Example 5
  • Bonus Free Course - Get Dozens More Resume Review Examples
  • Bonus Course: Interviewing Secrets
  • Take Action: Write Your Own Resume and Cover Letter
  • Use the Tools: Get Help From Your Peers
  • Next Steps
  • Resume Writing Guides and Templates
  • Q&A: When is it OK to have a resume longer than 1 page?
  • Q&A: Is it a negative if I'm self-employed and job hunting?
  • Q&A: Why shouldn't I list all my key skills in a separate section?
  • Q&A: Why is it so important to show results/achievements instead of just tasks?
  • Are longer resumes okay for certain countries?

Founder at Rolespark
Andrew Tye
  • 4.3 Instructor Rating
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Andrew has experience in a broad range of industries and has been fortunate to work at Fortune 50 companies, large private companies, global consulting firms, and small businesses. His formal education began with a degree in Computer Technology and later concluded with a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA. 

Andrew's self-published books are Starting & Selling, 33 Professional Development Tips, and Resumes, Interviews & Careers.