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A Hatha Flow and Yin Yoga Practice
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Hatha Flow
Yin Yoga
listening to your body


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This is a free hatha flow and yin yoga practice. You can either take the courses back to back - starting with either practice - or taking them one at a time. Perhaps you would like to practice Hatha Flow in the morning and Yin Yoga in the evening - it is completely up to you! And you can repeat it as many times as you'd like!

This practice is very close to my heart. I love to practice grounding yoga, it is my go-to movement when I feel a bit stressed or anxious and I can really tell that it helps me find my way back to myself and ground again. In a busy world, taking even just a few minutes to yourself, can have huge benefits. This is not the only reason why yoga is becoming more popular these days.

It really doesn't matter what the poses and shapes look like. It is your practice and there is no need to justify it to anyone! Sadly, social media is portraying a certain "ideal" in terms of body and pose, but that is such a small part of the yoga world and I really hope that I could show you another perspective in my practice.

Who this course is for:

  • every body - from beginners to experienced yogis

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Teacher of Hatha, Yin Yoga & Mindfulness
Doris Müllner
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I'm a passionate yogi, feminist, environmentalist, animal lover and vegan. For me, yoga is much more than just a physical practice. This is why in my classes, physical, mental and spiritual aspects play an equally important role. In my everyday life, the yogic principle of "Ahimsa", of non-violent and peaceful behaviour amongst others and yourself, resonated the most, which is why I dedicated my practice towards that.

I know first-hand how it is to come across yoga without being physically, spiritually or mentally experienced. I know that there are a lot of advanced poses on social media and that it can be intimidating to join a yoga class when you feel like you don't fit in because of your physical abilities, shape, gender or skin colour. In my classes, I offer an inclusive practice that is open to all beings out there. and that will leave you feeling relaxed, peaceful and great about yourself. 

I am a 500h+ trained Hatha Yoga teacher with a great love for yin and restorative yoga, which is why I am currently partaking in a yin yoga training.

I look forward to having you join me on the mat some time. :) Namaste