Android app development, Restaurant App,Google Map apis

Android App development for beginners , learn how to create Restaurant Application, use Google map Api in android studio
English [Auto]
student will be familiar with programming languages
Google map API integration in android
Basics of android app development
student can create application without any dificulties


  • student must be willing to learn


Hi there,

In this course we will develop a restaurant application in Android app development. This is a very simple course and everything is describe one by one in very simple manner, a beginner can start this Course.  This is the app which we will develop in this course there are four type of category of foods Italian foods, Greek food, Chinese food and Indian food. In Every Category we can add multiple Restaurants of a particular area.

we can also get restaurant location when we click at a restaurant it navigated to map activity and you can see  the location of a restaurant.  so you are going to learn a lot in this course. We are using Google map API here and showing location using  marker.

You can add unlimited data on this Chinese restaurant in this these are Greek restaurant in this area so we have added restaurants of Canada in this application you can add any location address front of any location near after that if you are able click here Google navigate to map activity so we are going to learn about Google Map also and how to get Google Map API and how to enable that how to get a free Google Map API

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Topics we will Cover


Android Designing


Material Designing


Array Adapters

Model Classes (Setter and Getter Method)

Google Map APIs

Google Map Show Location.

Who this course is for:

  • University Students and all beginners who wants to learn programming
  • Those who wants to create their own app
  • Those who searching for jobs in android

Course content

4 sections10 lectures1h 53m total length
  • Introduction


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List of my skills that I will use to bring your project to perfection:

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• Java / Kotlin, C / C++;

• Android SDK;

• Android Jetpack (Room, Navigation, WorkManager, Lifecycle);

• Google AppEngine (Google Cloud Endpoints / Servlets);

• Databases: SQL / Room Persistence, Realm;

• Google API's (Maps, Drive, Tasks, Places);

• Firebase Cloud Messaging(Android / Java Server), Database, Remote Config;

• Google Cloud Storage / Database;

• Material Design;


• Retrofit 2, RxJava, Dagger 2, Koin;


• OpenCV;

• Gtk3.0 / Vala;

• Git;

• Gradle / Maven.

Also I can help you create technical and business requirements to the Android application if you don't fully understand which features you want.

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