Responsive Product Portfolio Management (PPM) Level 1

An Essential Framework for Outcome Focused Product Teams
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Master the basics of Responsive Product Portfolio Management.
Learn the 5 pillars of Responsive Product Portfolio Management.
Learn how to adapt and adjust your plan in real-time to best deliver customer delight and business outcomes.
Understand how Responsive Product Portfolio Management fits in the context of a product organization.
Understand the differences between traditional Product Management and Responsive Product Portfolio Management.
Learn the cadence and key roles in Responsive Product Portfolio Management.
Effectively apply the Responsive Product Portfolio Management framework to your organization's day-to-day.


  • Some product management experience recommended, no other skills or tools needed.


In the last two decades, we’ve observed a puzzling paradox – great product managers exist at both market-leading and market-losing companies. So what else does it take to build a high-performing product organization that propels companies up and away? What’s the secret sauce beyond having the best talent and great product craft?

The answer is – Responsive Portfolio Product Management

What is Responsive Product Portfolio Management?

Responsive Product Portfolio Management (“Responsive PPM”) is a framework for outcome-driven organizations. It dynamically connects objectives, customers' needs, products, and resources with execution, to accelerate outcomes responsive to the state of the organization and the market.

In contrast to the Traditional Project Portfolio Management which focuses on a basket of projects and centralized governance; Responsive PPM focuses on continuously evolving products, allowing portfolio leaders to adapt and adjust in real-time to best deliver customer delight and business outcomes.

Why Responsive Product Portfolio Management?

All product organizations, regardless of size, need to achieve multiple goals and delight multiple customer segments over multiple time frames.

A Responsive Portfolio approach enables product teams and product organizations to make data-based multidimensional product decisions and re-balance the portfolio over time to continuously achieve the best overall outcome.

What is the Responsive Product Portfolio Management Level 1 Course?

Level 1 certification is the most basic certification of Responsive PPM and will cover 5 topics:

  1. What is Responsive Product Portfolio Management

  2. What are the 5 Principles of Product Portfolio Management

  3. How does Responsive Product Portfolio Management fit in the context of a product organization

  4. The cadences and key roles of Responsive Product Portfolio Management

  5. How to bring Responsive Product Portfolio Management to your organization

These 5 topics will be covered in 45 minutes total. To reach certification you must get 100/160 on the 15-question Responsive PPM assessment.

Certified members will earn membership to the Responsive PPM, outcome-driven community and be able to add their Responsive PPM credentials to their LinkedIn and resume.

Who this course is for:

  • Established product professionals curious about Responsive Product Portfolio Management.
  • Those at organizations that are scaling, making the switch from traditional product management to product portfolio management.
  • Product executives who want to become more outcome focuseded.


CEO & Founder at Dragonboat
Becky Flint
  • 3.9 Instructor Rating
  • 3 Reviews
  • 553 Students
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Becky Flint is a veteran product and program executive with over 20 years of experience in building products and teams at fast-growing scaleups and Fortune 500 companies like PayPal, Bigcommerce, Shutterfly and Feedzai. During her career, Becky has led over 10 million hours of product roadmaps and worked with teams in over 100 countries.

Currently, Becky is the Co-Founder and CEO of Dragonboat - a smart product roadmap platform she created to solve the problems she experienced firsthand at scale.

Before founding Dragonboat, Becky has held multiple executive roles, including VP of Product Programs at Feedzai, CEO of Scaffold Consulting, VP of Strategic Programs at Bigcommerce, head of Product Programs for Tinyprints/ Shutterfly, and head of PMO for PayPal Global Payments and Credit.

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