Remove sleepiness from your life: coffee is a poor solution
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Remove sleepiness from your life: coffee is a poor solution

If you often find yourself sleepy at work for no reason and go for coffee to shake it off, I offer healthier solutions
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Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Last updated 5/2020
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What you'll learn
  • You will know how to remove sleepiness from your life long-term. This course is the collection of the best solutions that I have generated during a lasting period of passionate learning the nature of this problem while fighting this challenge in my life.
  • Except boosting your productivity due to removing sleepiness, you will also learn new ways to dramatically improve your health and immune system.
  • You will learn four main sides of the problem and understand that only multifaceted approach will work.
  • A pharmacy, grocery shop, supermarket should be around the place where you live or work.
  • Be ready to use your creative genius on the basis of the principles that I teach.
  • Be open-minded enough to consider the concepts which require change in your habits.

I used to have this problem when I was sitting next to a computer and felt sleepy. I had no reason to feel sleepy: I slept long hours, my sleep was of good quality, I did not have any intense physical activity, wasn't sick, even the weather was great!

I usually explained this with the infinite wisdom that I did not like what I was doing, "I just don't like this job. This is a natural reaction of my subconscious mind to let me know that I must get away from it and engage in something more exciting, in something that is worthy of my creative genius". Something of this kind of reasoning, pleasant to think but very harmful for actual results in life. After I changed a few jobs which were completely different by their nature, I discovered that the pattern took place everywhere. And then I thought, "There is something wrong about the whole thing".

I started looking for answers and found a lot of them, physiological and psychological. In this course, I want to make it really short and useful. I have chosen my favorite solutions for removing sleepiness. Why are these solutions favorite? Because they bring a lot of benefit to your health in general, apart from all this epic fight with sleepiness, and because they work.

Who this course is for:
  • Office workers who find themselves sleepy at work for no reason
  • Freelancers and employees working remotely who fight sleepiness with coffee harming their health
  • Students and workers who do not feel excited about what they do and connot avoid feeling sleepy during required activities
  • Any coffeine-addicted person who is chronically dependant on coffee to feel ok.
Course content
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+ Introduction
1 lecture 02:07

It is an introduction video where I explain what the course is about. I share the problem I used to have, and that I decided to solve this problem taking an integral approach. Now I want to share the solutions that really helped me with others.

Preview 02:07
+ Hygiene of sleep
1 lecture 04:04

It's not enough to sleep enough. We have to sleep in the right way. There is the whole discipline called Hygiene of sleep. This lecture is the presentation of what I think is the most important aspects of healthy sleep.

Preview 04:04
It might be another Mission:Impossible to follow all the rules of sleeping hygiene because we all have our own lifestyles and work load. For example, I just cannot sleep only during night hours because I love to work at night. Let's start from small improvement and choose the rule that we can follow
Choose and stick to one rule prefectly
1 question
+ We Have to Take Something Out From Our Bodies
4 lectures 11:11

In this lecture, I bring in the most comfortable solution for cleaning your body from parasites - taking a pill course - and criticize it. No, it perfectly works but if you want to change the potential of your body to resist parasites, then you had better go for this herb recipe. The ingredients for the recipe are very accessible, and they have positive impact on other aspects of your health.

The way of cleaning your body from parasites: pill vs recipe

This is the demonstration of how to prepare one of the most effective recipes for sustaining health ever.

The recipe preparation

Consuming the mixture is a challenge. To say that it is not tasty is to make the greatest underestimation in the history of herbal science, but your motivation must be strong to take it in. The awareness that my parasites die since I take it helps me go on.

Preview 01:25

If you want a program with its periods and amounts, I am happy to present it. After completing this plan of consumption, your body is freer from parasites than ever before. However, I advocate a bit different approach in this lecture.

The program of consumption
The practical task is a test of your internal strength and determination. You go and buy all the ingredients, make the mixture, and consume only one teaspoon instead of three or four like I am doing. When you try a microportion of it, you will know whether you are strong enough to go all the path.
Try a microportion of the mixture
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+ We Have to Take Something In
4 lectures 07:54

After you clean your room, you want to decor it with great interior items, paintings, flowers and lovely soft toys. The same with your body: you removed parasites, and now it's time to bring something in but not that pop vitamin C or something - to bring in really heavy artillery! I am explaining which 5 elements we need to feel that great alert the whole day long.

The list of the most important vitamins and microelements

In this lecture, you will find my selection of the foods that contain the signifcant quantities of the vital vitamins and minerals that we want. Nevertheless, you are not obliged to choose exactly these products to replenish yourself with the magic of health. It is to inspire you because I present extremely available products in our civilized world.

Preview 01:21

Let me play a chef a bit. Dear students, we have to cook these products in a certain way to achieve maximum results for our holy mission to kill sleepiness. Here we want to be perfectionists, here we want to be disciplined.

Cooking the recipe

While I enjoy my dish, let put it all together and remember what is really important in the culinary solution. It's the belief that everything is going to be all-right. Ha-ha, joke! It is something more practical.

What is really important in the diet side of the business
There was no way you could avoid it. I know you love to cook. Thus, you come up with your own ingredients and your own dish! It may be completely different from what I cooked. Yet it must contain lots of iron, potassium, magnesium, vitamins D and B12. Surprise your mom with a delicious dish.
Awaken your culinary genius
1 question
+ The Right Way to Workout
2 lectures 10:25

Intensive exercising works for your high energy level long term. It is true, and nothing is closer to truth. Notwithstanding, a session of a hero level workout is not going to help you feel great physically at work if you exercised at the beginning of the day. Your brain will naturally promote that disappointing feeling of sleepiness because it needs time off to regenerate your body after a heavy workout session. I believe that it is a great idea to have these intensive gym or yoga (swimming, running, cycling, etc.) sessions a few times per week but it is another topic.

Let's try together the method of easy sport which must be comfortable and (oh, yeah) enjoyable for people with any level of physical training and ability. It is a type of workout when you contribute little to nothing to your tiredness but run your blood in all the parts of your body to stimulate inner sources of energy. It is a kind of magic how little effort can provide great sensations for hours ahead.

Preview 01:53

Follow me in making the exercise set and observe how this less than 15 min session perfectly covers all the part of your body, and the movements generate the feeling of pleasure.

The exercise set demonstration
You have already enjoyed the creative culinary assignment. Time to do the same interesting job with the fitness solution. You have to create your own set - more than 10 min, less than 15 min. I believe that if we create something ourselves, we are more likely to continue with this.
Awaken your fitness genius
1 question
+ Final Word: Why I Made This Course
1 lecture 01:52

I made this course with love because it was the solutions that I really loved and applied daily or weekly in my life. I know if you take it seriously, it will not only help you feel better - it will take you to that state of mind when you want to progress more and more in your healthy lifestyle, and then neither sleepiness, nor other signs of bad health will disturb you.

Preview 01:52