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Chinese Freehand Painting
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How to paint daffodil flowers and butterfly
How to paint on a fan
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The Chinese Freehand painting enjoys a unique popularity in the world thanks to its expressive brush works and free flow of emotions. This is a painting style that allows us to be free from the rules of the physical world and create our own - a truly free space. In the learning of the Freehand painting, we become observant, we begin to intuitively capture the essence of an object and express it. The minimalistic lines also contain life philosophy.

The daffodil flowers are known as the "water fairy" in Chinese. Brought in from Italy in the Tang dynasty, these flowers have been widely loved and cultivated in china for over a thousand years. And now it is listed as one of the ten most famous flowers in china. These flowers in China represent the absolute love. The butterflies are great add-ons in the Chinese paintings, today we are going to take one and paint it together.

In our course, I will show you how to paint the daffodil flowers and butterfly in the freehand style. But if you do not have a fan to paint on, you can also use regular Sheng xuan rice paper. Brush-wise, you will need a small weasel hair brush and a medium goat hair one.

Look forward to seeing you in class!

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Hi there, I am an English speaking (fluent) traditional Chinese artist who has been trained in these arts since the age of 5. Now living in Europe, I find it aspiring to share my knowledge with you, especially if you are seeking to relax your mind in an alternative way.

The courses will contain plenty of detailed practical traditional painting / calligraphy techniques that will help you form a solid base, develop your skills or master these arts. In my courses, there will also be useful information in terms of cultural relevance. Additionally, thanks to my two Master's studies and business school work experience, there will occasionally be useful content related to the Chinese business culture from an international perspective.

If you are an old friend of the Chinese art, welcome to join our art family; if you are a future friend, why not have a try at it with me? Look forward to seeing you!