The Secret Law of the Magnet. Relationships, Sex and Money

Why some relationships works, when other don't?
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Get know how the law of a magnet works
Understand why one relationships works when other not
Learn about 7 levels of inner energy
Master how to be fulfilled and lovable women
Master how to be a responsible and powerful men
Discover 4 elements


  • No special knowledge or tools required.


A lot of the time people dream about making a lot of money or meeting that perfect beloved. But if they don't understand the law of the magnet, the law of the perfect vibrational compatibility - they're gonna be waisting their time in empty dreaming instead of doing what it takes to do to get their dreams come true.
In this course I'll reveal to you the 7 levels that man and woman goes through. After this course you will understand why some relationships works, when other don't.

Who this course is for:

  • Any pearson who seeks to build strong, lovely and happy relationship

Course content

4 sections21 lectures57m total length
  • About Cource
  • How the Energy works?
  • Secret Formula of The Soul
  • Feminine and Masculine energy
  • Alchemy of Love


Founder of Mystery School of Love
Yana Good
  • 4.8 Instructor Rating
  • 244 Reviews
  • 9,118 Students
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Yana Good is a Relationship Expert, Life Coach, author of unique "Womb Cleansing" Program which helped thousands of woman  to Feel and to be beautiful, peaceful, successful & lovedFrom the very beginning of her career she has been helping others achieve success in relationships and whether that be helping them reach happiness with their beloved.

The story…

A feminine girl, raised in Armenia by atheist parents demanding excellence in school and life 

Choosing to live in my own light bubble where a connection to the divine source was felt rather than understood…

 The Mind was filled up with information…desiring to be Smart and Successful in the “real” world…

Chasing one degree after another: M.A. from Baylor University in Educational Administration & Christian Theology;

J.D. from Thomas Jefferson School of Law…fluent in Armenian, Russian, Polish, English… learning French and German…

Led me to adapting the masculine flow of energy for survival, success, relationships...

 … left me disempowered as a woman…struggling to be happy.

The little girl inside was confused…feeling betrayed… looking for someone to blame for the disillusionment and loss of passion for life.

 Life seemed to unfold perfectly…

 After graduating from Law school, I joined a health and wellness network marketing company, Arbonne Int.

Quickly reached the top rank of National VP and enjoyed a generous residual income …

”Living the Dream” …tropical vacations with an adoring fiancée, a new Mercedes every two years, diamonds, designer clothes…

 I enjoyed daily meditations and prayed in church 3 days a week for the benefit of all mankind…yearly spiritual retreats…

Explored various spiritual personal development books and attended workshops…Always searching… Confused…

I have education, successful business, time and money, beauty and health, loving fiancée…

but Where? Where is the energy of Love?  The magical essence of Happiness?

 How do I heal the void, insatiable appetite for food…sacrificing my truth, my pleasure, feeling like a victim.

How to live in the Now? How to Be Happy? … Feel beautiful, peaceful, successful & loved?

How to feel safe? What to do with the fear, judgment and pain?

…Fear of my infinite powers…

…Judgment of my sensual and erotic nature…not being “spiritual” enough…

…Pain for being disconnected … disempowered … unfulfilled …unauthentic…

 Loving with all of my heart THIS Life…my man…all men…all women? Is this even possible?

 Ask and it shall be given unto you! The Enchantress emerged inside of me…

She unveiled the path… so delightful and authentic to me… Inspired, Empowered, in Love... she sent me into the world to meet You.

 Are you dreaming about awakening your enchantress? ... To discover Her flavor, Her magic, Her love…?

 I would love to share this path with you. Allow yourself to feel the true authenticity deep within.