Relationship Portfolio - Account Management Planning

Tracking progress and demonstrating value with stakeholders and creating a communication plan to achieve your goals.
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Managing Relationship Portfolios
Mapping the organisation
Managing and documenting expectations
Monitoring and communicating expectations


  • Students who will benefit most from this course will be those who already have had at least a couple of years experience working cross functionally and those who can appreciate the context of a technology department.


How many people must you speak to to get something done in your organisation? Who are your customers, and how do you manage their expectations? How do you know you are adding value? Indeed, how do you demonstrate your team is making progress? This course answers those questions by bringing together the elements in the Relationship Management framework of courses and providing concrete examples of it working in practice.

The course includes lessons on:

  • Managing Relationship Portfolios

  • Mapping the organisation's stakeholders

  • Defining the communication plan to achieve a goal.

  • Managing and documenting expectations

  • Monitoring and communicating expectations

This course is the sixth and final in a series of courses that cover our “VITAR” framework. Relationship Management is a core skill for anyone who needs to interact with people to get the job done. Different approaches, values, ways of communicating, empathy, ego and authenticity are all important considerations, yet in the bustle of our daily lives, we either forget, rely on our innate stock of skills because they have worked in the past or muddle through. We could get the job done far quicker, but we need to unlock the code of Effective Relationships to do so. Relationship Portfolio Management is one of the keys that unlock that code.

To understand where this course fits into the Relationship Management Series, Search for the FREE course in Relationship Management / Overview by Jon Baxter.

This course also includes bonus material that summarises all the different elements of the preceding Relationship Management courses and provides implementation and measurement guidelines for your organisation.

Benefits of applying the VITAR Framework for Relationship Management:

Become a Trusted Advisor

•Move away from taking orders to being called for advice

•Recognise the fundamental principles behind trust

•Check in with your influencing behaviours

•Understand AND practice "soft skills” of persuasion and influence

Enable Clearer Communications.

•Manage expectations consistently

•Adjust your style of engagement

•Start with your audience's challenges in mind

Early and Senior Engagement

•Access Decision Makers earlier in developing ideas based on trust and credibility.

•Inspire confidence to deal with Senior Stakeholders

Gain Role Clarity

•Best practices for enabling relationship management

•Clarify a colleague's contribution

•Hold people to account

Who this course is for:

  • Ideal for Junior Managers new to the role Typical roles include Customer Success Managers, Account Managers, Business Analysts, Service Managers, Product Managers, Project Managers, Business Partners and Solution Architects.


Coach & Advisor on Strategic Partnerships for Technologists
Jon Baxter
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Jon has been passionately leading change in the UK in Strategic Partnering for the past five years since recognising the gap of where most organisations currently work at and where they want to be. He has created the proprietary SDBP® certificate and training programme. He has led the Strategic IT Partner Forum, a bi-annual conference that provides thought leadership, CXO level insight and practical application to 95 delegates in the UK.

Jon continues to write about and research Strategic Partnering, especially in the context of Digital Transformation. He has a top tier global corporate client list who subscribes to his coaching and workshops - recognised for their integrated, practical and implementable approach. Well over 300 delegates have attended one of Jon's workshops and events over the past 4 years.

Delegates on Jon's workshops appreciate his candour in bringing to life his experiences of working as a leader and manager in sometimes very challenging corporate roles that help audiences reflect on how they work and what they could do differently in order to step-change their own performance and that of their organisation.

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