Relationship Astrology Essentials

Learn which signs of the zodiac you are compatible, and discover your own personal relationship needs
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Your own personal relating style - as shown by Venus in your birth chart
Which signs of the zodiac you are readily compatible with. And why...
The importance of the Four Elements - Fire, Earth, Air and Water - for compatibility


  • No prior knowledge of astrology is needed


I’m a Scorpio and my boyfriend is a Capricorn – is that a good combination? 
As a Virgo, which signs should I be dating? 
Why does my Aries girlfriend drive me crazy!?!

As an astrologer these are the kinds of questions I get asked all the time. By taking this free mini-course you will be introduced to the relative compatibility of all Sun signs - which signs you have great connections with and which signs are more complicated for you!

You will also learn about your own personal relating style -
as shown in your birth chart by Venus: The Goddess of Love. She describes what you need for a happy, fulfilling relationship.

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who wants to have more harmonious, fulfilling relationships
  • Anybody interested in greater self-understanding

Course content

1 section5 lectures1h 9m total length
  • Relationship Astrology
  • Venus: The Goddess of Love
  • The Four Elements in Relationship Astrology
  • Sun sign compatibility
  • Bonus Lecture


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Mark Flaherty
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Mark Flaherty is a consultant astrologer who has done personal readings for clients in over 50 countries, and who has students in over 60 countries. He has studied with Dr Geoffrey Cornelius, former President of the Astrological Lodge of London, and Bob Mulligan of the Astrology Company, Florida. He is adept at translating the astrological symbols into simple English so that everybody can use this information to better understand themselves and live happier, more fulfilling lives.

Mark is also a published author. His book, Shedding the Layers: How Ayahuasca Saved More Than My Skin tells the story of the many years he spent living in the Amazon jungle with shamans healing an agonising and supposedly incurable illness. It was while in the jungle that he received his astrological calling.