Addiction Recovery- Relapse Prevention Strategies that work!

Strategies that are truly EFFECTIVE have been created with honesty and specific details that has to be carried out.
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Apply evidence-based ways that I used to overcoming addiction
You will learn if you're seriously ready to quit.
You will learn what to do if you relapse.
Learn what works to recover from addiction
You will learn who to tell if you Relapses and how soon to tell them.
Learn about Avoiding Relapse Drift
How to get Motivation for Recovery
Learn about Total Abstinence and Trust
Twelve Step Programs (or Other Spiritual Groups)
Relapse Justification I & II


  • You should be self motivated and prepared to work through some hard stuff. The end result though will be so worth it!
  • This is a self paced course so you can work through it on your time in complete confidentiality.
  • You do not need any prior knowledge of addiction. This course is for those who are contemplating sobriety or those who have tried numerous times.


No one has to relapse. No one benefits from a relapse. Think about your recovery plan. Add some meetings. Schedule your time. See your therapist. Use the tools that have helped you in recovery to stay drug and alcohol-free through this stressful time.

Addiction (Substance Use Disorder) is a condition with far-reaching consequences. Families are torn apart and trust is often broken. The person struggling with a substance use disorder and friends and family suffer because of the actions of those struggling. The good news is that many people with a substance use disorder have been able to turn their lives around, begin a life of recovery, and Maintain it.

It all comes from making the right decisions and sticking with it regardless of the difficulties that come along in the journey. If you or a loved one are faced with substance use disorder, know that there is hope beyond the dark tunnel. The following Relapse Prevention Strategies in this course has inspired many to maintain a life of recovery for years and it has also inspired people to reach out for much-needed treatment.

Hopefully, it will help you do the same.

This course provides evidence-based ways to overcome relapse by using proper training strategies to manage cravings, triggers, and moods that lead to relapse. It also includes simple worksheets from "T H E  M A T R I X  M O D E L" that will allow you to understand.

©2005 by Matrix Institute All rights reserved. Published 2005 Printed in the United States of America Duplicating these handouts for personal or group use is permissible The Matrix Model is a registered trademark of the Matrix Institute.

All the worksheets provided in this course were things that I actually use to help maintain my 12 years of Sobriety, and I believe that if it works for me it will also work for you.

Who this course is for:

  • We are seeking students who want to learn life skills, motivation, and productive living and recovery.
  • We are seeking students who want to learn how to maintain their sobriety.
  • We are seeking students who may not have a substance use disorder but want to learn about it.


My Purpose is Greater than my struggles
Michael L. Williams, Jr
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Michael Mickey Williams Jr. is one of the most sought-after motivational speakers, ministers, and teachers when it comes to recovering from substance use disorders and criminal lifestyles. On the mission to change the lives of struggling ones, Michael himself has struggled with a substance use disorder and criminal lifestyle for 22 years. With his exceptional speeches and inspirational journey from substance use disorder to a 10-time Published Author, Certified Drug Counselor and Recovery Specialist, NJAPA Regional Director, and one of the Founder of the Minor Adjustments program, he has the evidence of individuals he has helped to bring extraordinary changes in their lifestyle.

Michael’s teaching and words of wisdom empower people to take the tough yet rewarding route to recovery. As many describe, his style of teaching touches the hearts and souls accrediting his personal experience and convincing skills.

As a father of seven and granddad of four, Michael’s speeches and manuscripts are making a difference in the lives of several struggling individuals. Verbalized with passion and inked with compassion, Michael is the real powerhouse of inspiration and motivation for the ones looking for a way out from substance use disorder and criminal lifestyle.

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