Reiki I, II and Mastery - A theoretical approach

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Knowledge about the three levels of Reiki
Will learn Sacred Geometry
Will know Master Mikao Usui's Original Meditation
Will know the Chakras and the Energy System


  • This is a theoretical course
  • These courses are not influenced by any theosophical or new age schools. We are free thinkers, so it is important that the student is open-minded.
  • We recommend having basic knowledge about chakras, aura and energetic definitions.
  • The tutor is not a native english speaker, we appreciate your patience


According to Masaki Nishina, Jikiden Reiki Master, Ph.D in physics and UK ITEC aromathearapist, there are many differences between Western Reiki and Japanese Reiki.

The war in Japan influenced the traditional Usui Sensei Reiki, it was spread to the US and it becomes a westernized practice.

In his book Reiki and Japan: A Cultural View of Western and Japanese Reiki, Nishina has explained the reason why the westernized Reiki is not the traditional Reiki Usui, he tells us that the Dai Ko Myo symbol didn’t exist in the Japanese Reiki both technically and culturally.

In this theoretical course, we follow important Reiki Masters references to approach the technique as near as possible to the traditional Reiki.

Understanding that this practice has a strong base on Qi Qong, the Chinese practice that works with the physical body energy.

The chakras are an Indian practice NOT JAPANESE OR CHINESE PRACTICE that was later added to the westernized Reiki. Also, the Dai Ko Myo and the attunements where the Reiki symbols are implanted to the student’s chakras are a later addition.

Join our Reiki course where we demystify the myths that people have built over this technique.

This is a Reiki without myths and secrets!

Who this course is for:

  • Holistic therapists or people who wish to become therapists
  • People who desire self-awareness

Course content

5 sections9 lectures53m total length
  • Introduction
  • About the instructor Karen Prieto


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About the instructor Karen Prieto

“I'm a holistic therapist starting my experience since 2008 when I got a spiritual initiation in Fusagasugá - Colombia, a sacred city of Indians named Sutagaos that means Sons of the Sun (same as the god Viracocha - the Sun god for our Peruvian Inca Indian neighbors).

I have knowledge in Shamanism, Reiki, Phytotherapy, Acupuncture, Astrology, Sacred Geometry, Kabalah, Akashic Records, Numerology, Chromotherapy and Crystals therapies that I use for healing and I share this magical knowledge through a project I have since 2015 called Alien Meditation.

I realized that the ancient gods are the same beings that nowadays we know as aliens. They are our ancestors, and there are positive and negative races to humanity. In my initiation I received the mission to teach my brothers and sisters how to activate their Starseed DNA, through the alien codes that our ancestors gave us, this is the secret for being free from the matrix and get to know our true origin and mission in life.“

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Sobre la instructora Karen Prieto

“Soy terapeuta holística. Comencé mi experiencia desde 2008 cuando recibi una iniciación espiritual en Fusagasugá – Colombia, una ciudad sagrada para los índios Sutagaos, que significa Hijos del Sol (igual que el dios Viracocha – dios Sol para nuestra vecinos Incas peruanos).

Tengo conocimiento en Chamanismo, Reiki, Fitoterapia, Acupuntura, Astrologia, Geometria Sagrada, Cabala, Registros Akáshicos, Numerologia, Cromoterapia y Terapia con cristales que uso para la cura y comparto este conocimiento mágico a través de un proyecto que tengo desde 2015 llamado Alien Meditation.

Me dí cuenta de que los dioses antiguos son los mismos seres que hoy en dia conocemos como alienígenas. Ellos son nuestros ancestros, y existen razas positivas y negativas para la humanidad. En mi iniciación recibi la misión de enseñar a mis hermanos y hermanas cómo activar su ADN de semilla estelar, a través de los códigos alienígenas que nuestros ancestros nos dieron, este es el secreto para liberarse de la matrix y conocer nuestro verdadero origen y misión en la vida.”

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Sobre a Instrutora Karen Prieto

“Sou terapeuta holística. Comecei minha experiência desde 2008 quando recebi uma iniciação espiritual em Fusagasugá – Colômbia, uma cidade sagrada dos índios Sutagaos, que significa Filhos do Sol (igual o deus Viracocha – deus Sol para nossos vizinhos Incas peruanos).

Tenho conhecimento em Xamanismo, Reiki, Fitoterapia, Acupuntura, Astrologia, Geometria Sagrada, Cabala, Registros Akáshicos, Numerologia, Cromoterapia e Terapias de Cristais que uso para cura e compartilho esse conhecimento mágico através de um projeto que tenho desde 2015 chamado Alien Meditation.

Percebi que os deuses antigos são os mesmos seres que hoje conhecemos como alienígenas. Eles são nossos ancestrais, e existem raças positivas e negativas para a humanidade. Em minha iniciação recebi a missão de ensinar meus irmãos e irmãs como ativar seu DNA de semente estelar, através dos códigos alienígenas que nossos ancestrais nos deram, este é o segredo para ser livre da matrix e conhecer nossa verdadeira origem e missão em vida.”