Introduction to Unit Testing

Unit tests and test-driven-development exist to help us manage expectations of our functionality.
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Course Goal: Learn the basis of unit testing and test driven development
Test Driven Development
Unit Testing with Jasmine


  • Introduction to HTML
  • Introduction to JavaScript Development
  • Intermediate JavaScript Development


Testing and debugging are places where developers spend a lot of their time. Code doesn’t always perform as expected and, with complex applications, it’s very easy to break code with minor changes. Unit tests and test-driven-development exist to help us manage expectations of our functionality and to ensure that other developers working on our code are aware when a change they made affects already existing functionality. This is very important when working on large projects with many collaborators as well as small projects with few developers.

We’ll be pre-writing tests in code that we can run whenever we make updates to our application. This will ensure that no new logic breaks old logic, and that we are certain that our programs are executing properly when given different inputs.

Course Includes:

  • 11 videos with over 90 minutes of lectures and explanations.
  • 1 external resource file.
  • 4 exercises to help you master testing concepts.

What You'll Learn:

  • What is Unit Testing?
  • Test driven development
  • Using Assert
  • Jasmine testing framework
  • Additional Resources
  • Exercises
  • And More!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to become familiar with unit testing and test driven development concepts
  • Intermediate JavaScript Developers
  • Advanced JavaScript Developers

Course content

7 sections11 lectures1h 25m total length
  • Introduction


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