Recruitment: 10 main recommendations for team building

Learn how to work with human resources
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How to properly work with human resources
How to put together a team
How to be a leader of the team


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Recruiting adequate personnel for the positions in your team is definitely not an easy task and not everybody is capable of.

Fortunately for you, this course will teach you all the basic information needed in order to effectively pick out the right candidates for the job, and this will only take up about 30 minutes of your time!

You’ve put in a lot of work but now you are ready to start up your own company or team, but you don’t really know how to recruit….

Well, that’s not a problem because in just 30 minutes we will teach you all the simple aspects of becoming a good recruiter.

You will start of this course by talking about who a recruiter is and what kind of responsibilities he has.

You are not just looking for people that will fill in the empty spaces in your organization. You are looking for a team!

You will learn about how to make an enticing job offer that will catch the attention of any individual.

You will also learn how to extract vital information out of these individuals and identify what exactly you need in order to achieve success.

Another great and fun thing you will learn are some mind games that you can play with other people in order to determine what positing each person wants in the team.

Who this course is for:

  • Someone who wants to lead a team
  • Someone who wants to work properly with human resources
  • Students or young professionals

Course content

4 sections10 lectures39m total length
  • Introduction


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