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This course will take you from the absolute beginner to an EXPERT in Real-Time Systems.
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Basic understanding of Real-Time Systems (RTSs).
Principles of Real-Time Computing (RTC).
Key knowledge about Real-Time Networks (RTN) and Time-Sensitive Networks (TSN).
Differentiating between Real-Time Computing and High-Performance Computing.
Understanding key parameters in RTSs such as Load Numbers, Latency and Jitter.
The N-queens Problem, the Knight's Tour Problem and the Rat in Maze Problem and their Solving Algorithms.
Improving Single-Board Computer (Raspberry-Pi) to run Real-Time Tasks.
Attacking Problems in an incremental way with Backtracking algorithm and solving problems with Warnsdorff's algoritm and the Naive algorithm.
Basic Understanding of WebRTC, its Functions and WebRTC Signalling.
Most common usefull Linux commands for system perfomance information.
Introduction to Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS).
Improving your machine to have Real-Time behaviour.
Most typical scheduling algorithms.
Performance Test for your machine for categorization.
System classification based on Real-Time compatibilty.
Kernel Patching for Real-Time Properties.
Tools for Real-Time Tests and Measurements.
Running Cyclic Test and Understanding its Parameters.
Hybrid Real-Time Systems.


  • Computer with internet connection
  • Basic linux knowledge
  • Using a Real-Time Test Suite to Test the Latency of your System.
  • Basic


This course is about Real-Time Systems (RTSs), Real-Time Computing (RTC) and Real-Time Networks (RTN). In addition, you'll learn about Time-Sensitive Networks (TSN), WebRTC, 5G and Real-Time Containerized Applications using Docker.
You’ll learn the usefull theory to be able to understand these topics, in addition you'll learn how to analyse the real-time behaviour of your machine or your system, to categorize the machine based on the level of its real-time compatibilty and also to design and improve your machines to be Real-Time Compatible. You’ll also learn how to run containerized apps on your real-time environmet.

The RTSs Course from the Pretual School will teach you as few theory as you need and as much practice to be able to play with Real-Time Systems in Linux environment and to enable your devices to run real-time containerized applications.

The course is designed for Devleopers, Researchers and Managers and anyone who is intereted to learn RTSs and to learn many common usefull tools for enabling normal computers to be real-time compatable.

To join us and the other students in this course you will need:

  • a Computer with internet connection

  • Basic Linux knowledge (optional)

  • Something to drink ;)

Give yourself just 2 hours and watch the videos in the lectures, and we'll teach you exactly what you need to know about Real-Time Systems in theory and practice.

If you want to learn Real-Time Systems because it is a hype topic or because it's a good skill to have or because RTSs will help you get better career opportunities, or for any other good reasons, Join us & the other students in this course today :)

Who this course is for:

  • The course is designed for Devleopers, Managers and Researchers
  • and anyone who is intereted to learn Real-Time Systems and enabling normal computers to be real-time compatable.


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