Real-life Ruby on Rails App From Scratch In 14 Hours (RSpec)

Start writing code and automated tests parallel like commercial Ruby on Rails developer.
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Writing real-life application with automated tests
Writing code & specs in Test-driven development (TDD) flow
Writing model and controller specs in RSpec
Writing service objects (design pattern)
Debugging and fixing bugs in real time
Looking for solutions on your own


  • Basic knowledge of Ruby
  • Basic knowledge of Ruby on Rails framework


After two years of working as a Ruby on Rails developer, I decided to remake my first Ruby on Rails application.

This time I didn't forget about providing decent test coverage, so you can see how I'm writing specs. You can find a lot of tutorials on how to build different applications quickly, but many are written with any automated tests. Believe me, you don't write specs for your boss, you write specs for yourself to sleep well while you know that the features you provide are working as expected. If you don't like specs I'm pretty sure you will change your mind after this course. To be honest I love Ruby on Rails same as RSpec!

I didn't skip any part when I was looking for solutions using Google or trying to fix bugs I encounter, so you should get a better understanding of how writing Ruby on Rails application looks like in real life.

It's not always so easy, sometimes looking for the answer takes some time.

Are you ready for the challenge? Ready to become the next RoR & RSpec master? I hope so.

Please check the Course content section to see how many steps this tutorial has to develop the application you can see in Course Preview. These steps are not maybe so well planned as you may see in other tutorials but that's simply how programming looks like, you can't plan everything and often you need to improvise and be flexible.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Ruby on Rails developers curious how to write real-life Ruby on Rails application with decent test coverage


Ruby on Rails Developer
Hubert Jakubiak
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I'm a Ruby on Rails Developer coming from an online advertising background.

I started my professional web developer career in January 2017 at age 27. I've worked on several commercial projects since then.

In my projects I always pay attention to details, so the quality of my solutions is very important to me. That's one of the reasons why I never forget about automated tests.

Have some questions? Find me on Twitter.

Happy Coding!