Ready Storytelling slides in Business corporate presentation

No more preaching. Obtain the ready 140+ "picture book type" slides along with the useful case study. Impress your boss.
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This course is not about how to develop your storytelling abilities, but about utilizing the readily available creative slides in your work or project
Create stories from 140+ ready creative slides and templates in your business and corporate presentations along with the methodology of creating such creative presentation.
Storytelling methodology in the live projects with the ready creative slides, developed by the 25 years industry veteran.


  • There is no specific requiement or perquisite to attend this course. It would be extremely useful in case you have to make presentations to your customers or colleagues or seniors.
  • Be enthusiastic.


Content: - Go to end section. 140+ ready slides with either images, pictures, messages or templates. 100+ Bonus images.

Tagline: - "Be creative while creating stories from ready slides and templates in your business and corporate presentations"

In the contemporary world, most of the presenters have already acquired skills to present their reports or presentation using Excel, PowerPoint, Graphs, Chart, Infographics, etc.  Many a times, such presentations are successful with your audience . However, at some other time, you may find it very difficult to connect with your audience, as they may be looking for "reading between the lines" from your presentations, or in other words, they may be looking for a true story behind your presentation.

Welcome to this course of "Ready Story-making slides in Business and corporate presentation". This course complements those presenters with a science of "new methodology  and resources" in developing an interesting story out of those routine presentations.

It is important for presenters to generate enough interest in the way you describe any business happenings or real life events. A new wave is thriving within the business or a corporate world and also in a general life, where presenters can complement their routine power points, excels, graphs and charts with an interesting story while presenting these routine presentations.

AND THE GOOD NEW IS - this course gives you 100+ ready slide with royalty-free images and correlated ready messages on each of these slides. In addition, the course also gives you ready 40 title templates from Microsoft.

Impress your boss, colleagues, customer, students, management in either corporate sector, your office, at customer place, school, college or any other stakeholder's place. This is a great way to have ready answer to a question such as "how to impress your boss" "how to make good presentation" "how to engage your stakeholders" "how to tell a story" with ready pictures.

But do we stop at merely offering you the free ready slides? :-

Well, the Answer is -NO.

Along with various ready images, messages and pictures in this video lecture sessions, this course also guides you on - "how to create such slides with pictures and messages?", "where can you acquire  such free images or pictures?", "basics about the copyright on the images", "design idea automation available with Microsoft Office Intelligent services esp using MICROSOFT OFFICE 365", etc.

This course complements your own intelligence while generating great stories, along with the real life examples in the business world as well as life-in-general.

Do I need to be a creative person as a prerequisite before developing Storytelling presentations using "ART  OF STORYTELLING" methodology?  :- 

Well, the the answer is -NO.

You need not necessarily possess any inbuilt creative or artistic or literary skills, but you can learn the techniques of developing creative presentations from this course. Moreover, nature has already given various positive in-built strengths to a human being which he or she can  extrapolate.

Once you go through this course, it may open your mind and your natural insticts can help you to become - a good presenter, a good storyteller, a person who can engage his audience throughout the presentation journey.

In addition to various learning videos in this course, we have created a simulated case study for better understanding of utilizing the resources such as slides and methodology given within the course.

For example,  a case study within the course describes as to how  COVID19 pandemic has become a "blessing in disguise" for an Oxygen concentrator manufacturer,  so as to potentially grow it's business as a true global player as against just a regional outfit. This Story describes as to how a proposal was made by the company's top management to its board of directors and investors, using "ART OF STORYTELLING"   methodology and resources.

The following is a detailed description of the course

1. Introduction to this Storytelling course.

2. Art of storytelling which includes

• Human Nature of story-telling since early childhood and creating "the best"  out of that positivity.

• Replace those "boring, number crunching or mere descriptive presentations" in the business world or in an office environment,  with a "story creation" theme.

• Importance of storytelling in the corporate, business or any office.

• Design your ideas for various pictures and images using automation , provided by Microsoft Office Intelligent services and Office 365

• Copyright basics

• Royalty-free Images

• How to create good messaging correlating to each picture or an image.

3. Navigating the difficult terrain with ready slides and messages on topics such as

• Competition

• Difficulties or encumbrances or hurdles

• Deadline

4. Managing the journey with ready slides and messages on topics such as

• Focus

• Travel or destination

• Pro-activeness

5. Technology and Innovations with ready slides and messages on topics such as

• Technology

• Innovation

6. Positive results with ready slides and messages on topics such as

• Team Work

• Money

• Achievement

• Success

7. Microsoft 365 ready templates 

• 40 ready slides - Ready Title template from “Microsoft Office Intelligent services”

8. An illustrative case study of how top leadership team such as Chairman, CEO, and CFO of an Oxygen concentrator Manufacturing company  have used "Art of storytelling" methodology in presenting  an investment proposal to the Board of directors and investors, especially, when COVID19 has become a "blessing in Disguise" for them.

Downloadable slides

A. 100+ ready slides with pictures/images and messages on 16 different topics such as

• Competition

• Difficulties or encumbrances or hurdles

• Deadline / Work pressure

• Focus

• Travel / destination

• Proactive

• Technology

• Innovation

• Team Work

• Money

• Achievement

• Success

• Listening

• Meetings

• Work From Home

• Opportunity

B. 40 ready slides - Ready Title template from “Microsoft Office Intelligent services”

C. Bonus Download for you: - 100+ ready Bonus slides for this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Any corporate sector employee at all levels whether top, middle, junior management level, any individiual contributor in organization, any businessman presenting to his or her customer, any business or management course student
  • School or college or academic presentations by students or teacher, who can make impressive presentation for "college presentation" "school presentation" or any other academic presentation to the board of studies or senior school or college management

Course content

7 sections8 lectures56m total length
  • Introductory video of this course
  • Introduction to the course - Ready slides for "Art of storytelling" methodology


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