React JS with TypeScript Crash Course 2022

A Practical Guide on React JS with TypeScript
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This will give a practical knowledge on React JS with TypeScript
It makes you a better understanding of React JS applications.
You will be able to develop new applications or projects using React JS with TypeScript
This course will gives you a confidence in attending interviews in React JS and also developing your own React JS applications


  • Basic HTML , CSS are Required to start learning React JS
  • Bootstrap knowledge is an added advantage to learn this course
  • Basic programming knowledge in JavaScript language is required
  • Basic React JS knowledge is required


This course will explain the React JS with TypeScript. This course will help the beginners and professionals to gain practical knowledge to clear interviews and also to survive in the software development as an  React JS developer.

Myself NAVEEN SAGGAM , I am the owner of UiBrains Technologies YouTube channel. This course is designed to help you in learning the complete JavaScript programming language. This course suits to both the beginners & professionals. This course is unique and it contains each concept with a practical example to make understand in a better manner and this will also provides you a hands on experience. All the concepts explained here are by me are the best of my knowledge and experience in the subject.

This course is a quick jumpstart on the most popular JavaScript framework called React JS with TypeScript. This course will boost your interest in learning React JS with fun and interesting examples on each topic which will improve your confidence in React JS application development. This will also provides a hands on experience on React JS.

This Course will cover the following concepts of React JS.

1. Introduction to React JS with TypeScript.

2. How to Create a project with React & TypeScript

3. Folder structure & Control flow with React JS

4. Configure CSS styles with React JS

5. How to configure Bootstrap , Font Awesome Icons , Google fonts with React JS

6. Props Concept with React JS Functional components & Class based components.

7. State Concept with React JS Functional components & Class based components.

8. How events handling works in React JS applications.

9. How Form handling works in React JS.

10. How conditionally render the content on React JS

11. How to render and iterate the list of items in React JS.

12. Server Connection with React JS application and API calls using Axios.

13. How Routing works in React JS with TypeScript.

Who this course is for:

  • An absolute beginners and professionals who wants know React JS with TypeScript
  • Everyone who is just curious to learn a popular JavaScript Library called React JS with TypeScript


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NAVEEN SAGGAM has 10 years of Experience in various software companies like HCL , NTTDATA and Infosys. He has been implementing his passion in teaching for almost 5 years. He is the owner of UiBrains Technologies, a web development YouTube channel. He teaches any complex topic in a simple manner and can be easily understandable even to a non technical person. He teaches almost every technology of Web Development from HTML5 to front end frameworks like Angular as well as server side technologies like Node.js and Java. Invest in your time in gaining knowledge in Web Development by watching NAVEEN SAGGAM's courses.

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