React 101 in 60 minutes

Getting started with React fundamentals
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What is React?
Why learn React?
What is a React component?
How state and props work in React?
How events are handled in React?


  • Understanding of programing using Javascript


I would like you all to welcome for React 101 - Getting started with React
In this course we will be learning React. A JavaScript library for building user interfaces

React is one of the most popular Javascript library. You can build web application, mobile application and even desktop application using it
We'll be using version 16.12.0 which is the latest stable version at the time I'm creating this course

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner javascript developer interested in learning Reactjs

Course content

6 sections13 lectures56m total length
  • Introduction


Full stack javascript developer
Ashutosh Bhardwaj
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Hi there, my name is Ashutosh Bhardwaj.I'm a full-stack javascript developer. I've been using React for more than 2 years professionally. I have created several production applications using React as a library for building UI components.

When I'm not busy writing code to solve business problems. I like to share my knowledge and play modern video games