Leading in a Pandemic: Five Key Leadership Traits

(In English and ASL)
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Insights for leading well in the midst of a pandemic, particularly suited for those in ministry or leading non-profit organizations.


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Dr. Rick McClain and Dr. Bob Ayres of REA Leadership Resources first presented this content for a webinar hosted by Deaf Millennial Project. These two instructors are well-known in the Christian Deaf Community in the U.S. and co-authored "DEAFCHURCH 21: Vision for a New Generation" in 2019. Many leaders in ministry and non-profits have become uncertain of how to move forward during this pandemic. Drs. McClain and Ayres have practical advice with a Christ-centered approach to leading well through difficult times like the ones we are in.

Who this course is for:

  • High-potential leaders (Deaf/HH and others)
  • Board members of small and middle-sized non-profits
  • Directors of non-profit organizations
  • Pastors and others leaders in ministry
  • Instruction provided in English and American Sign Language simultaneously.


Dr. Bob Ayres and Dr. Rick McClain
REA-L Leadership Resources
  • 4.7 Instructor Rating
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  • 764 Students
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REA Leadership Resources

Leadership development, especially for younger generations, is an excellent return-on-investment for churches, non-profits, and businesses. Rev. Dr. Bob Ayres, Rev. Dr. Rick McClain, and associates provide excellence in leadership coaching/mentoring and instruction in both English and American Sign Language.

Dr. Bob Ayres is the founder of REA Leadership Resources and has a proven track record of non-profit management and ministry. Dr. Rickey McClain is a senior consultant associate in REA Leadership Resources.

Leadership coaching is often intertwined with personal, relational, and spiritual issues. Being able to engage in emotional and faith-based conversations in a safe environment, often enhances professional success. Issues like low self-esteem, unproductive behavior patterns, poor support systems, fear of failure or frustrations that arise from communication barriers, affects the workplace. Dr. Ayres and Dr. McClain bring a wealth of insight and sensitivity to deeper, personal issues and encouraging of clients to seek professional counseling as needed.

Contact Dr. Ayres (bobayres123@gmail.com) or Dr. McClain (rev.rick.mcclain@gmail.com) or to schedule a complimentary, 30-minute assessment of your personal/professional needs.