What to Teach little Children. Course for Parents & Teachers

Future of the world depends on how the school & pre-school children are moulded today. Newborn babes are like angels.
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You will understand why some children misbehave
You will understand why some children repeatedly make the same mistake
You will be able to maintain discipline at home and in school without punishment
You will make the children happy
You will be the happiest in the world
You will appreciate how Mother Nature is controlling the animal and plant life on Earth
You will realise that humans, like the "prodigal son", have left the protection and guidance of Mother Nature and strayed beyond the point of no-return
You will realise that Humans are no longer controlled by Mother Nature's Program. Humans are programmed after birth, by parents, teachers and other adults
You will be able to imagine the trauma that a newborn baby undergoes and how to provide relief to such babies
You will know how to prepare a baby for early education
You will learn as to why children become angry and violent as they grow up.
You will understand why children become naughty


  • Able to understand English
  • Ability to show love to any child
  • Some knowledge about Nature
  • Ability to lead by example
  • Ability to think independently
  • Desire to adopt new systems without blindly following others
  • Familiarity with day-to-day general terms of computer usage


This course is the first of its kind so far. It will make you aware of the reasons for the sorry situation of the world today. Why humans kill other humans. Animals kill other animals through hunger and not through anger. How babies who are like angels drop their wings as they grow. You are required to think carefully about what is given in the course. You are also invited to contribute your ideas to make this infant course a mature and growing one.

After following the course, you will start the project jointly with other students, to make this world free of violence and to make the next generation live a happy life. You will be a happy person too.

Good luck

Who this course is for:

  • Every adult including parents and school teachers
  • Every parent with a newborn baby
  • Every person hoping to be a parent in the near future
  • Every school principal
  • Minister of Education in every country


On-line Guitar Teacher, who loves to teach beginners.
Carlo Fernando
  • 3.8 Instructor Rating
  • 103 Reviews
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I started playing the guitar when I was about 20 years old. Having played the rhythm guitar for a beat group for a short period, I started my own band. I played the lead guitar for my own band. This was 1974. 

I followed Introduction to Guitar by Berklee College of Music on Coursera. Certificate earned on February 21, 2016. 

I love to play the guitar and sing. I have been teaching the guitar at home for more than ten years. 

I have composed about 10 songs in English and Sinhala (Sri Lankan native language)

I have developed a method of testing whether you have a musical ear or not. It also helps to develop a musical ear for those who do not have "an ear".

I will be adding lessons to make this course the best guitar course for a beginner, one day. 

In the mean time,  you can meet me online from 7.00am to 9.00pm Sri Lanka time for on-line assistance. I hope to be with you until you learn to progress on your own. Please let me know a convenient time for video/audio chat online. I am in Sri Lanka (GMT/UTC +5½ hrs).

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