Raw Chocolate Making With Chocomama
4.0 (28 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
124 students enrolled

Raw Chocolate Making With Chocomama

Learn how to create delicious, healthy, vegan, raw chocolate in your own kitchen
4.0 (28 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
124 students enrolled
Created by Sue Frisby
Last updated 2/2020
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What you'll learn
  • To make delicious, healthy, vegan, raw chocolate.
  • How to make raw chocolate from scratch.
  • The equipment and ingredients you'll need to make raw chocolate at home.
  • How to prepare for a chocolate making session.
  • How to make untempered raw chocolate - a basic recipe that you can use as your creative foundation.
  • How to temper chocolate, making sure it remains within the parameters of what is considered 'raw'. Tempering enables you to create stable chocolate and opens up the possibility of a raw chocolate business if that is your wish.
  • To make delicious inclusions for your chocolate to inspire you with flavour and texture.
  • How to make sweet treats using natural ways of sweetening.
  • What the common chocolate making problems are and how to avoid them.
  • The theory, philosophy and values behind raw chocolate.
  • What is meant by raw chocolate?
  • The nutritious food that is raw cacao and how to bring that nourishment into your sweet treats.
  • Why making handmade, homemade chocolate is significant.
  • What is the Raw Chocolate Culture? Why is it so amazing to be a part of it?
  • The significant differences between raw and conventionally made chocolate.
  • What is cacao or cocoa percentage and how do we calculate it?
  • The variety of ways that the chocolate we make can be sweetened, including help for those on a low or zero-sugar diet.
  • How to progress further on your raw chocolate journey.
  • A love of chocolate!
  • No previous knowledge required.
  • Basic kitchen equipment, including a coffee grinder or similar. A dehydrator is useful but not essential if you have an oven.

Do you love chocolate? Do you love healthy food that is full of vitality? Raw chocolate maker, Sue Frisby, invites you to discover how to make deeply satisfying chocolate. This wonderful food that gives us so much pleasure, has its source in the raw cacao bean. A sensual delight, chocolate is fascinating to work and create with. What could be more tempting?

Sue has been making chocolate from unroasted cacao professionally for many years. In this course she will show you how to make handmade, homemade, real chocolate in your own kitchen, using simple equipment and high quality natural and organic ingredients. She will show you how to make chocolate from scratch, giving you a strong and solid foundation from which you can go on to create a myriad of variations.

Who this course is for:
  • Anybody wishing to create delicious, natural and healthy chocolate at home.
  • Vegans and those on a dairy-free diet.
  • Those who eat a raw food diet.
  • Those who want to create treats with unrefined and natural sweeteners.
  • Parents looking for healthy treats for their children.
  • Anybody who likes to experiment.
  • Those who want to learn how to temper chocolate at raw temperatures.
  • Those who want to make food with natural, organic ingredients
Course content
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+ Introduction
2 lectures 12:27

This video describes step by step how the course is arranged. Unit 1 covers the practical side of making raw chocolate. Sue will share with you her prime recipe which you will use to make basic untempered raw chocolate and then use it as you learn how to temper raw chocolate. She will show you how to create delicious inclusions for your chocolate that showcase raw, slow food preparation. Unit 2 takes the concepts behind raw chocolate and looks at them in more detail. For instance, is it possible to make chocolate that is truly raw? Do you want to find ways of sweetening your chocolate with raw sweeteners and can you make chocolate for a diabetic? Why was cacao named theobroma cacao - Food of the Gods? This video will give you a clear overview of everything that you have to look forward to on the course, Raw Chocolate Making With Chocomama.

Preview 06:52

In this video, we will consider the simple but important requirements in order to be able to do the course. This course is for anyone who wants to explore real chocolate. That is, chocolate that is as close as possible to its source ~ the raw cacao bean.

Preview 05:35
+ UNIT 1 The Practice
12 lectures 01:16:27

You will need some basic equipment in order to make a start creating your very own raw chocolate. Most of it you will be able to get your hands on easily. This video sets out clearly everything you will need and some optional extras.


Learn about the special ingredients you will be working with as you make your raw chocolate. In particular, we will look at the cacao tree and the valuable products derived from it. We will look at how to sweeten your chocolate as well as ways to flavour your creations with quality additions. You will be inspired to be working with these lovely ingredients. 


Creating amazing chocolate requires a certain state of mind. Really enjoying making chocolate is a big part of that. The environment you work in can uplift you and help you to easily move into the frame of mind that you want. Preparation is an important precursor to your chocolate making session. We'll make sure you are ready for chocolate!

Preparing Your Chocolate-Making Space

Before you begin mixing and melting those lovely ingredients, they first need to be prepared. And it is no exaggeration to say that the secret of great chocolate making all lies in the preparation. Here Sue will show you how to properly prepare your ingredients, so enabling you to get the very best out of your chocolate making session.

Preparing Your Ingredients

In this lesson we make our first batch of raw chocolate. There is something so special about the first one. You may already be eager to add flavours that complement cacao, like the peppermint I use in this lesson - but it's very nice to make a pure chocolate first. That way you can fully experience the essence of this wonderful food we are working with. Sue will be sharing with you her prime recipe that she uses for her brand, Chocomama.

Simple Raw Chocolate - How to make untempered raw chocolate

Join Sue as she shows you how to create sweet, aromatic, preserved orange peel. Then sit back and enjoy while she makes another batch of chocolate, using the orange as an inclusion, reminding yourself of the raw chocolate making process at the same time. When you make these for yourself, you may very well find you're eating these delights even without the chocolate. They create a rather pleasing zing in the mouth and are very moreish!

Maple-Candied Orange Peel - And how to use it in chocolate

Congratulations on your progress so far! You are now ready to move onto a new level of mastery.

From Untempered to Tempered Raw Chocolate

You may have heard about chocolate tempering. It may have come over as a little mysterious, or difficult to do, or requiring special equipment. In this lesson, Sue explains what tempering is and why it's considered essential in the professional chocolatier's world. After this lesson you will be inspired to improve your chocolate even more by learning how to give it those qualities that people expect from chocolate.

Tempering - What is it?

This lesson will enable you to make your first batch of hand-tempered raw chocolate, in your own kitchen.  Sue will take you through the process, step by step, to give you the very best chance of success.  After mastering this, you will then be able to make chocolate that looks good, will keep well and may well be the beginning of a new chocolate business!

Tempered Raw Chocolate

There are wonderful combinations of flavours and textures that you can put in your chocolate and in this lesson Sue shows you how to make Coconut Crispies, candied with maple syrup. And again, your kitchen and maybe your whole home will be filled with the most amazing aroma as they gently dry out. Watch as Sue shows you how to use them as an inclusion to make the most heavenly chocolate treats!

Coconut Crispies - And how to use them in chocolate

Such a useful lesson! Things can go wrong, or unplanned, with chocolate. Here, Sue gives you tips to help ensure a trouble-free chocolate session. She also looks at the causes of common tempering problems and how to avoid them. But be assured ~ chocolate is SO forgiving. If you do make mistakes, you may very well go on to create something just as good or even better than what you originally had planned.

Chocolate Trouble!

Very well done! You've completed Unit 1 that covers the practice of making raw chocolate. Now sit back and enjoy a series of videos that showcases just what a wonderful way of making chocolate this is.

From The Practice to The Theory and Philosophy
+ UNIT 2 The Theory, Philosophy and Values Behind Raw Chocolate
8 lectures 43:50

There is much debate amongst the raw food movement as to what qualifies a food as being raw. In this video, Sue considers what this means for raw chocolate. What qualifies chocolate as being truly raw? Is it even possible? Preferring to follow the spirit of the law, (of what is raw chocolate), here Sue discusses what she considers to be the important qualities of real raw chocolate.

What Do I Mean By Raw Chocolate?

The wonderful nutritional properties of the raw cacao bean have been recognised for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. In this video we will see why, in modern times, it has often been lauded as a superfood. What an inspiration to maintain its nutritional integrity as much as we can, as we use it to make our own chocolate at home, with our own hands.

Raw Chocolate Nutrition - Why Raw Chocolate is so good for us to eat

There is something very special about making any food by hand and chocolate is no exception. In fact, handmade chocolate is extra special because it is so rarely done. Most chocolatiers, whether professional or hobbyists, use ready-made couverture for their work. Those of us who make chocolate from scratch, using little machinery (is a coffee grinder a machine?) are bringing a gift to ourselves and those who are lucky enough to share our chocolate.

The Beauty of Homemade and Handmade Chocolate

There is nothing quite like the raw chocolate community. Who would have thought that a common interest in this food would inspire so many people to such high standards of creativity and production? This video is an insight into the culture, ethics and ideas behind the raw chocolate culture.

The Raw Chocolate Culture

We know we want to make raw chocolate but it's great to have a reminder of the key differences that distinguish raw chocolate from conventionally-made commercial varieties of chocolate. Presented as a clear list of comparisons, you will find this list useful when you are explaining to others what you are creating and why.

Comparing Raw Chocolate and Conventional Chocolate

This useful little video clarifies how you can work out how to make, say, a bar with 80% cacao solids or how to work out the cacao percentage of a customised recipe for labelling purposes.

Cacao / Cocoa Percentage - What does it mean?

This is a fascinating area of discovery and experimentation. Healthy ways of creating sweet treats are out there in abundance and more are appearing all the time. This video will inspire you to play with different and delicious sweeteners, to the delight of those around you! Do you, or a loved one, require a zero sugar option? Are you diabetic or want a keto-friendly chocolate? Do you want everything in your creations to be raw? This lecture will start you off on your adventure to find the best options for you.

Other Sweeteners For Raw Chocolate

Well done! Sit back and enjoy this video as you feel the satisfaction of having completed the course Raw Chocolate Making With Chocomama.

+ UNIT 2 The Theory, Philosophy and Values Behind Raw Chocolate
1 lecture 05:26

Now that you know how to make both tempered and untempered raw chocolate, enhanced through the use of a variety of inclusions, you have now embarked upon a wonderful journey. Join Sue as she explains what you can look forward to on the Level 2 course of Raw Chocolate Making With Chocomama.

Where To Next? A Look Ahead At Level 2